A walk around Barcelona’s ‘Barrio Gótico’ –the Gothic Quarter

A walk around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is one of those not-to-be-missed things that ought to be part of all visits to Barcelona. Not just because a lot of the most interesting and beautiful sights the city offers are found here, but also because it is a unique environment that offers fun bars, shops and outdoor cafés and restaurants.

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is full of history and enchantment. This was Barcelona’s old city centre, the original settlement that grew within protective city walls and remained practically intact until the 19th century.

Making your way around the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona will be a comfortable experience if you are staying in a hotel on the Ramblas, next to ‘Plaza Catalunya’, as this is the ideal starting point for your walk. In the past the Ramblas was actually located outside the Medieval city walls, and the great street was a well-nourished stream channeling water down to the sea.

Little by little Barcelona grew and the Ramblas became integrated into the cityscape in a natural manner. These days it forms an essential part of the circulation in the city centre and is one of the most popular tourist spots within the Catalan capital.

If you follow the Ramblas down from the Plaza Catalunya you will reach what has been one of the main entranceways to Barcelona during hundreds of years: the ‘Portaferrisa’. After that, criss-crossing narrow streets, continue to the square ‘Plaça del Pi’ with its beautiful church Santa María del Pi. It shares its name with the area around it: one of the most typical and animated parts of the Gothic Quarter.

Resuming your walk, discovering streets and corners seemingly belonging to the past, you will soon find yourself on the square ‘Plaça de la Catedral‘ where apart from the majestic cathedral you will also be able to see remains of what were the old city walls.

Walking along you can in one single morning have time for ‘El Call’, ‘Santa Ana’, ‘La Merced’ and ‘El Palau’ and then return to eat here at the restaurant in our hotel in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the best cities of the world. Discover Barcelona! Sleep in the Hotel Royal Ramblas’ rooms.

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