Travels and experiences: the fashionable Christmas gift

What Christmas present to give this year is the eternal question we repeat every early December, when the letters to the North Pole are still only half finished and Father Christmas himself is working day and night in his workshop in Lapland.

For some there have been a long stretch of Christmas socks and ties and there are no new smart phones to try out.

The service sector has managed to see this niche in the market and for a couple of years they have taken advantage of these dates to commercialise packet holidays: hotels with experiences that you can give your partner, friends or even parents.

A trip to an adults-only hotel on Mallorca, a weekend in a boutique hotel in Bilbao, a weekend escape to a golf resort in Marbella, a wine route in Rioja, or a shopping route in Barcelona with accommodation in an appealing hotel on Las Ramblas…

This is to give moments, unique experiences, unforgettable events for you to enjoy as a couple. And the ideas and combinations are endless: hotel, experience and destination are combined and matched to offer a personalised gift down to the last detail.

The big hotel chains in Majorca, such as Sol Hoteles, Iberostar or Marina Hotels, as well as the urban hotels in Madrid and in other Spanish cities are some of those who offer the most variety for these gifts, because their services are especially designed for adults and go further than just offering accommodation.

Many of these packets can be found consulting the hotel offers for couples found on the official web pages of all the hotel chains, depending on what destination you prefer and the travellers’ needs.

It is common to find promotions for a romantic hotel in Mallorca, a luxury hotel with spa in Marbella or even a gourmet hotel on Tenerife. It is only imagination that sets the limits.

The prices are affordable, because there is competition for this gift market. This is, above all, a perfect choice for group presents such as for example giving a holiday on one of the Canary Islands to the grandparents, at a hotel for seniors, from the entire family.

The offers cover all kinds of experiences as well as the hotel: excursions to get to know the surrounding area, bikes to explore the city centre, the sale of tickets to museums and shows… And destinations all over the world: resorts in Greece, 5-star hotels in Santo Domingo, hotels in Cuba and so on and so forth, only limited by the budget for the gift itself.

The dates are normally limited, which is what allows for better prices. These packets are normally for low season holidays or with offers that are specifically detailed and where the services are limited in certain ways. This is the only problem with the experience gifts. But it does not have to be a problem: at the end of the day, it is a gift and it is the thought that counts.


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