Travelling Child free : A new business

Today’s society is rapidly changing. The pace of life, the increase of women working away from home and their incorporation to management and leadership positions, has led to the general implementation of a new lifestyle: the Child free Life, as labeled by Time Magazine, that just a few weeks ago surprised the world with an interesting report about the new family model that decide not to have any children.


The subtitle of the article is a perfect summary: “When having it all means not having children,” a philosophy with which many young people identify themselves as well as the most active professionals. They choose not to have children because they want to enjoy what they have without them.

A way of life that many industries have clearly identified with a new business idea: To provide these people (that responds to a profile of successful professionals and a medium high purchasing power) with products, services and spaces free of children.

Fergus Style Mar Mediterranea

Several airlines have created silence areas on their planes for those passengers that do not travel with children and would like to enjoy some peace and tranquility, that is not always guaranteed when the younger ones are close.

The hotel industry, and also restaurants, have decided to be part of this tendency and are designing products that suite specifically every audience. This has reflected on an increase of hotels for children, created like real theme parks or summer camps, and the adults only hotels where access is restricted to those over 16 years.

Well known chains such as Sol Hotels, Iberostar, H10 or Marina Hotels have developed a complete concept of adults only hotels in Spain and Europe, where the guest can enjoy activities and services especially designed for their lifestyle. They include a spa and wellness area, chill out terraces, gourmet restaurants, expositions and concerts within the hotel premises.

They are usually hotels with high quality services, luxury accommodations, hotels with suites located on unspoilt beaches, quiet and far away from family destinations. The adults only hotel is a journey in itself, an experience that offers the Child Free traveller a few days of relaxation, away from work, the city and routine.

Adults only hotels in Spain

Adults only hotels in Spain

In this sense, they are a client that invests money at the hotel, that spends money within the facilities, searches complementary experiences and extra services, such as a cava bottle in the room, bedroom with bathtub or jacuzzi, gym or even a static bicycle in the room. It is clear that they represent a profitable segment for hotel chains.

Although many people associate the adults only concept to that of travelling with a partner. The adults only hotels are not designed specifically as romantic hotels but are also part of this concept some hotels for youth in Majorca and Ibiza, hotels for friends and even certain hotels for athletes.