Things to do in Seville

Visiting Seville is always a pleasure for the senses. For the senses and the soul, because the joy of this Andalusian capital rubs off on every visitor. Maybe it is the nature of its people, the way of life or the beauty of the city, but the truth is that most of the people love to go back there.

If you visit it, the best option is staying in a hotel next to the centre of Seville, because this allow you to comfortably visit the main places of interest. There are many things to see or do in this city, so a short trip could not be enough to see all Seville offers.

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In any case, there are some must visit sites if you stay in an accommodation in Seville. In this post, we have some recommendations for you:

    • Go up to La Giralda: One of the emblems of Seville is La Giralda, so you cannot miss the opportunity to go up to it and contemplate the views of the city from the top.
    • Go in the Alcázar: From outside you see a stunning building and from inside is even more stunning, so it is recommended to visit the oldest inhabitable royal palace in Europe.
    • Watch a flamenco show: In the entire city, especially in the centre, flamenco shows are organised at night. You can get tickets in many hotels in Seville.

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    • Go for a walk by the Triana and Santa Cruz neighbourhoods: Seville has several neighbourhoods with own personality, such as the Triana and Santa Cruz neighbourhoods, where it is worth getting lost to discover the authentic corners with charm.
    • Sit on the banks of the Guadalquivir: In the lovely sunny days is really fantastic to sit a while on the banks of the river to rest and enjoy the landscape. Many people from Seville visit this place in their days off to enjoy the free air.
    • Visit the Maria Luisa Park: It is the green area of Seville and there you can contemplate a large variety of species of flora and relax going for a walk.

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    • Walk by the Sierpes street: It is one of the most emblematic streets of the city, ideal for shopping or going for tapas.
    • Go for tapas: No one should visit Seville without going  for tapas at least one time, and the thing is that it is a real gastronomic and cultural tradition. Fried small fish, marinated fish, gazpacho… Cuisine for all tastes.