The mystery of Cofete beach in Fuerteventura

Cofete Beach is located in the northern mountains of Jandia, on the peninsula of the same name, which occupies the southern tip of the island of Fuerteventura. It is a unique spot due to its spectacular contrast of textures, colours and vegetation, and offers those who visit it for the first time a sense of peace that very few places in the world can boast.

It is one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura, with a length of 12 km extending from the feet of the mountain range of Jandia to Pico de Zarza (the highest peak of all this “Majorera” peninsula ) rising above, overlooking the horizon.

Iberostar Fuertevebntura Palace

In this spectacular setting, hidden away in a strategic location, you can see what is known as Villa Winter or Casa Winter, a large mansion located in the small village of Cofete owned by a German by the name of Gustav Winter, an engineer who accomplished numerous projects on the island. For many years, it was speculated that he was really a Nazi spy. Others argue that many parties where held at the mansion, where many military men of all ranks assisted and some claim that it was a secret hideout for many relevant figures of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Making a trip to Cofete without hearing any of those stories is almost impossible. Wherever you go, you will hear all kinds of myths about this piece of land that sits on overlooking the beach of Cofete and that, word says, has the same shape as the island of Fuerteventura.

Hotel in Fuerteventura

Hotel in Fuerteventura

One after another, just like them, a thousand stories and legends have been passed mouth to mouth about this spectacular villa, that in fact, looks incomplete.

Similarly, the history of Cofete and its beach never ends, changing constantly. What remains is its natural beauty, virtually untouched by human action. The beach, as well as having fine golden sand, has a little island in the centre, to which is connected by a short stretch of sand and goes by the name of Islote. Another of its peculiar facts is the large vertical rock that emerges in the middle of the beach and that locals call Roque del Moro.

Historically, it is a quiet beach as this area of the sea has strong currents that make it dangerous at times for swimming. If you are thinking of organising a holiday to Jandia with your partner or children, a visit to this area is essential, but you much be aware of the strong waters.

If your hotel is in Playa Jandia, one of the areas with greater services and better adapted to tourism, the best is to rent a car ( a 4X4 would be ideal) and visit the small village of Cofete, eat at its delicious seafood restaurant, stop at the Mirador de la Degollada and enjoy the beautiful views of this part of Fuerteventura, and if you have time, get a closer look a the mysterious Casa Winter.