The funniest hotel pets

The best family hotels in Majorca are ready to start the summer holiday. New facilities, new activities and educational games, dining room for the children with healthier menus, playing grounds with professional care, pools with children’s play area and ¡the funniest pets! There are these pets from a very unique specie, little animals that will be in each hotel, and will share with your children this summer.

We have a new pet this year: Woogi, from Garden Hotels, who has several family hotels in Majorca, the name was chosen by the younger guests last summer, it’s a furry animal with a pink nose, with a T-shirt and trainer shoes, always ready to play and entertain the children staying in the hotels in playa de Muro, Port d’Alcudia and Cala Ratjada.

Next to Woogi, we have the famous Smiley, the pet of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts, one of the most traditional pets during holiday: the Smiley dog, is the pride of the Playa de Muro, Alcudia and Playa de Palma resorts and every summer they organize a lot of activities for the children, leaving the parents the opportunity to enjoy their holidays without worrying. Workshops, dances, and sunset parties, karaoke, gymnastic course, team games, and everything that will stimulate children’s creativity.

Proty, Protur Hotels official pet

The Sa Coma hotels from Protur Hotels is home of another famous pet in Majorca: Proty the castor, what travel to the island with its family during summer to play with the children staying in these exclusive beach resorts.

For those who chose to stay in the Calvià coast, will have the opportunity to meet Pongus from Fergus Hotels, an adorable pony full of energy and always ready to make people laugh. In order to do that it created a club inside the hotels in Majorca, (the famous Pongus Club) where children will have a great time with all the workshops, games, sports, trips, and even beach and pool parties.

If you’re travelling with your kids, always choose a hotel with playing grounds and pet, they will love it, and the care and babysitting system tend to be better than those who hasn’t. The price is barely the same, since it’s an included service in this type of resorts.