The best flamenco in Madrid

Some of the best flamenco tablaos of Spain are situated in Madrid. Visiting the Spanish capital is a stupendous occasion for experiencing a show of this centenary art and live the emotion transmitted by every guitar chord and foot-tapping.

If you stay in a hotel in Madrid, we recommend you to visit some flamenco tablaos, they offer shows every night, where besides enjoying the music and dance, you can taste some of the most traditional dishes of the Spanish cuisine or a good glass of wine.

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Besides, there is a wide offer of accommodations close to the centre of Madrid, from where you can visit the most important flamenco tablaos of the capital. Here you have some of the most traditional tablaos in Madrid.

–        Corral de la Morería: It is a tablao located in Calle de la Morería, number 17, whose decor reminds the first flamenco tablaos. It was opened in 1956 next to Palacio Real and since then it offers to the visitor the best flamenco of the country.

–        Torres Bermejas: This tablao is placed in an incredible room which is a reproduction of Torres Bermejas in The Alhambra, Granada. The great artist Camarón de la Isla performed here for 12 years. Calle Mesonero Romanos, 11.

–        Café de Chinitas: The most representative flamenco artists have performed in this important tablao in Torija street, (number 11). It is located in the ground floor of a XVII century palace in the historic centre of Madrid. It is worth visiting just for its decor.

–        Las Carboneras: This tablao is placed in the ground floor of an old palace of the Count of Miranda and located in MIranda street, number 1, in Madrid. Here we find an exquisite combination of the traditional and most modern flamenco.

–        Las Tablas: Located in Plaza de España, number 9, in this tablao you can feel the emotion transmitted by an authentic top quality flamenco show.

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If you are looking for a hotel in Madrid for a business trip or for pleasure, we recommend you to check the shows schedule to take the opportunity to live the emotion produced by the flamenco.