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Three magical ways of getting married on Mallorca

May is the greenest and prettiest month of the year and temperatures stay around 26, 27 degrees. These two facts, and much more besides, have led to the number of people getting married on one of the 31 days available getting higher and higher every year. A wedding in May might be a guarantee for success (because good weather during the event is basically inevitable), but there are other crucial decisions that have to be made. The most important one? The choice of destination.

Contrary to what used to be populars some years ago, more and more couples decide to leave their towns and cities to celebrate their wedding in a warmer destination, on the beach, or somewhere they can get that ‘special something’ they are looking for. Looking for the ideal location takes time, so how about choosing a destination where any kind of wedding can be accommodated? If the answer is “yes” then start packing, because we’re going to Mallorca to get married.

Son Marroig, Mallorca

A wedding at sea

Mallorca is an island and as such it features numerous little bays, many of them extremely beautiful, so why not get married on a boat with the island at its most beautiful as a backdrop? Even if it might sound like something out of a film, or a marriage for the wealthy, the truth is that the number of boats on offer on the island is that extensive that you can find boats for 20 or 30 people (with skipper) at a very affordable price.

You could just go by what your wedding planner recommends, but keep an eye out for locations such as Cala Figuera, Es Trenc, Calvià Bay or perhaps Palma Bay itself (with the spectacular cathedral in the background).

With the Tramuntana Mountains as witnesses

The Tramuntana mountain chain is without a doubt a winning choice, and an ideal recommendation for all those who would like to pronounce their “I do” in an arcadian, intimate and very special atmosphere: fields of green as they can only be seen here on Mallorca, and grand Mallorcan estates where you can celebrate a high-quality wedding. The second option is getting increasingly popular (and it’s actually cheaper than setting up everything for a wedding on the beach, from scratch).

The beach, the most sought-after location

Everyone knows how beautiful Mallorca’s beaches are, so this is the favourite setting for more bohemian couples. The fact that most of the island’s beaches are public makes this option slightly more expensive than the others. But if you choose to get married on the beach and accept the associated charges, you will (for sure) experience the most beautiful event of your life.

Perfect hotels to accommodate your wedding guests

The fact that guests pay for the trip and the hotel when attending a wedding isn’t a reason to look for something low quality to get a low price. Mallorca has hundreds of quality hotels and it’s also a location where there are hotel chains of the highest level, able to offer high-quality accommodation.

Our recommendation for your wedding guests? Choose a chain with pedigree, such as Garden Hotels. This chain not only offers accommodation alternatives such as Garden Holiday Village, it also has true gems on offer such as the beautiful Playa Garden Selection Hotel Spa.


Marítim Galatzó, A different hotel in Majorca

We began our hotel reviews for the summer 2015 and we have a special guest: the Maritím Galatzó Hotel, A hotel different from what we have so far. On one side, it’s located in the exclusive Costa de la Calma, close to Puig Galatzo, one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Calvià, and on the other hand, because of its services, an all audience hotel that managed itself very skilfully.

It combines diverse offers and accommodations like the traditional family hotel in Calvià, with services especially adapted to children and adults, or like the hotel for events in Majorca, with one room for every kind of celebrations, weddings included, or like the golf hotel close to the beach or the spa hotel. This way, each traveller have the opportunity to live a unique experience, choosing the one that suits you, and enjoying the most personalized holiday, a dreaming experience.

Hotel in Costa de la Calma, Majorca

Hotel in Costa de la Calma, Majorca

The multi-purpose hotel concept is a tendency in touristic areas like Majorca, the Andalusian Coast or the Canary Islands. However, this isn’t an easy trip. In the case of this hotel in Costa de la Calma, its great advantages are the location and the high quality standard, although it’s not a deluxe hotel, noticeable in the accommodation price, one of the most affordable in Majorca, it may seem like thanks to its ideal of giving the guest a warming new experience by customized service and not by quantity.

Therefore, each traveller will find the services that will make his holiday memorable, sweeten with little details and spend the most amazing days in the island, there isn’t large buildings or different activities, only the best experienced staff, that listen to its guests  and give them everything they need.


The Marítim Galatzó is located in Costa de la Calma, on an elevated area where you can contemplate the Santa Ponsa Bay and visit some of the best beaches of the Southwest of Majorca, Cala Peguera, Santa Ponsa, Cala Fornells.

All the beaches are really close to the hotel, even though you will need to rent a cart to get to some of them.

This privileged location guarantees one of the most spectacular views to the Mediterranean Sea from almost every bedroom, and the surrounding gardens, as well as its pools and other facilities.

Amenities and services

The Marítim Galatzó Hotel offers outdoor and indoor swimming pools, children play areas, lounge areas between the gardens, and sunbeds areas with deckchairs, Bali beds, picnic tables with umbrellas. It also offers wedding services, meetings, etc.

The gastronomic menu is varied, it has a main buffet restaurant and a gourmet restaurant for the special guests that like to taste different things, a bar, and a snack bar in the pool area.

Another special features are the free Wi-Fi, the spa and wellness centre, the sport area, tennis court, gym, a near golf course, the personal assistance in several languages, with the best quality as always.


Everything has a modern design and furniture, as much in the guest rooms as in the bathrooms and terraces. You can choose a room in Costa de la Calma: Standard, family, superior suite and bedroom, they also have spacious bungalows, for those who want more intimacy and independence


You can make a reservation through its official website, without agents, and enjoy the offers and interesting packages. Actually, some bedrooms (such as the suite) can only be booked this way.