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Colombia is the buzz word at the moment

Colombia is in vogue. Colombia is taking advantage of the fact that it is the protagonist of one of the series in vogue about the controversial Pablo Escobar to get rid of its bad reputation and promote itself as a destination of stunning landscapes, of a thousand-year culture, an intense gastronomy, idyllic nooks; of cities with history and colonial villages; of magic music, happiness and humble people. Colombia is much more than what we see on television, it is the alive and lush nature of its jungles, the vitality of its “cafetales” and its sugar cane fields, the craftwork made by the elders and by talented youngsters, the life in the streets, its museums, its theatres… Colombia is its past, tough and real, but it is also its welcoming present and its encouraging future.

4 or 5 years ago Colombia tried to break with its past: with the insecurity, with crime and violence. “Colombia, the risk is that you want to stay” was one of the most famous tourist promotion slogans. A courageous campaign that wanted to promote the idea that an unsafe country is a country that does not evolve. Thus, the campaign was accompanied by videos that showed all the virtues of Colombia that have traditionally been overlapped with other less attractive issues.

Adventure, huge beaches, good weather, heritage and culture, music, modernity, comfort… These are the values that were celebrated in the videos and that have also inspired the new promotion campaign, aimed at promoting the country as the cradle of magic realism, offering unique experiences in its incomparable landscapes. Thanks to both campaigns, tourism in Colombia has not stopped growing, and it has earned different awards for being the first international tourist destination chosen by travellers from all around the world.

Discovering the charm of the so-called Eje Cafetero, the beauty of the famous Garden City of Colombia (Fusagasugá), the eternal Cartagena, San Agustín, the Colombian Caribbean… The tourist attractions in the country are endless, like the hospitality of its people and the magic of its nature.

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