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At the gates of summer

Do you know what summer means in Mallorca? It means hours and hours of sunlight. It means Mediterranean in its prime. A drink on the beach. The softness of the sea breeze. Endless nights accompanied by the best live music. A trip along the coast. An unplanned breakfast on the terrace of a bar. A moment to yourself while the waves lap at your feet. A magical place. An impromptu hug. A look. A smile. An unrepeatable moment. Can you imagine it?

Summer is getting closer and at Sol Hotels we have set out to make your holiday in Mallorca an unforgettable experience. Because what would be your holiday be without a good dose of exclusivity? Relax in an exclusive environment, with the best entertainment for families and groups of friends at our Sol Katmadú Park.

This year we have worked hard to offer you the best services at our hotels in Mallorca. Because quality lies in the small details. Because we want you to enjoy the best holidays, whether you are travelling as a family, as a couple or with friends, we provide the most exclusive facilities and plans to suit your type of holiday. Thus, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment and fun for all ages at our themed hotel in Calviá, or relax on the seafront in our adults-only hotel near Palma, Sol Beach House, located in the beautiful surroundings of Cala Blanca

Furthermore if your desire is for music until dawn, we have the best recipe to ensure that your fun does not stop from the moment you land. Come to the Sol House The Studio, the adults only hotel in Magaluf, one of the most lively areas in Mallorca and dont stop dancing the night away. Because the best plans start with a pool party on the beach with the best facilities.

Enjoy summer with Sol Resorts! Come and discover the wonders of Mallorca and enjoy exclusive services and the best accommodation on the beach. Because you choose the destination and we make sure you enjoy an unforgettable stay. Look forward to your Mediterranean holidays, they are getting closer and closer!


Mallorcan Easter

Mallorca is transformed in Holy Week. The island is filled with tradition and celebrations in one of the most important and most solemn religious festivals in Spain. At Sol Hotels we want you to discover the alternative charm of this festival in which emotion and passion come together in the form of religious processions and representations. With the recent opening of our hotels Sol Katmandu Park and Sol Beach House, we want to invite you to give yourself the treat that you have been waiting for with us.

Get to know a totally different side of Mallorca at Easter with . At this time of year, the island looks completely different as it celebrates one of its most important and different festivals. The streets are filled with processions in a celebration that pays homage to the Passion of Christ.

This traditional festival has its origins in the fifteenth century, when lay groups came together to re-live the Passion of Christ as a way of experiencing the pain that Christ suffered during the last years of his life. From that time, these groups took to the streets and organized processions in which they paraded showing religious figures and representing biblical passages such as the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. Over time this custom began to acquire a theatrical quality that spread throughout the country with the intention of expressing the faith and spreading the Christian message.

The celebration begins on Palm Sunday, the week before the official start of Holy Week, in a procession in which children and families carry palm leaves. The festive atmosphere becomes solemn on Good Friday, when Christ’s Crucifixion is represented in La Seu, Palma’s Cathedral. The processions cover the main streets of the capital and the towns, the most important being Crist de la Sang – Christ of the Blood – celebrated on Holy Thursday, the Holy Burial, Good Friday and the Holy Encounter, a very emotional procession in which the risen Christ meets with his mother Mary.

‘Santo Domingo’, or ‘Domingo del Angel’, is reserved for the well-known “pancaritats”, a traditional ritual when, in the past, bread was distributed amongst the poor. Today, lots of families and groups of friends get together in the imposing Bellver Castle to eat together and enjoy a full day of outdoor activities.

Get to know this festival’s whole tradition and its delicious cuisine, with us. Stay in our hotels and enjoy an unforgettable stay while you get to know the very different side of ‘the island of calm’.

Beach accommodation options for 2016

New beach accommodation options for 2016: new hotels, more complete resorts in the traditional destinations and in original nooks, rooms at cheap prices and plans for every type of traveller beyond the traditional All Inclusive. One month before the FITUR (the tourism fair in Spain by excellence) many hotel chains are taking the opportunity to renovate their portfolio, invest in new destinations, improve their products and design fabulous early booking offers. Do not miss the direct channel purchase if you want to book a hotel at reduced prices.


Modern Hotels

Modern Hotels

More and more modern

The beach hotels and resorts in areas like Tenerife, Majorca or the coast of Andalusia are getting ready for a 2016 full of novelties which, in many cases, imply a fully renovation of their facilities and, in other cases, of their holiday products. Incorporating state-of-the-art services is essential for the new tourist season. Hotels with free Wi-Fi, with rooms with a functional design, with hydro massage showers, thematic television channels, special leisure services and care services for children, Adults Only services, personalised wellness… The main aim is to tend to all the travellers’ needs, who are becoming more and more demanding and who have nothing to do with the already traditional All Inclusive traveller.

Personalised all inclusive

However, these changes do not imply the extinction of the All Inclusive. The beach hotels in Majorca, the coastal resorts in Lanzarote and the large accommodations in Huelva, Almeria, Cadis and Malaga keep the All Inclusive option, but they improve it considerably. The All Inclusive is not what it used to be. Fortunately, it is much better. More included services, of higher quality, with extra and personalised details, different levels (Premium, Golden, Plus…), everything with the idea that the travellers can pay their holidays in advance without worrying during their stay but without giving up exclusive services and luxury.

Choosing an All Inclusive Hotel for families is a really comfortable and complete option. We could even say it is an exclusive option: there are 5-star hotels and resorts in Almeria, Marbella and Huelva which offer high quality All Inclusive accommodation options, with experiences and plans that make the difference. The low cost All inclusive has had its day, a quality All Inclusive has been born, which offers the traveller the possibility to make a full reservation, pay everything in advance and enjoy a guaranteed personalised holiday.

Swimming pools for children

Many of the beach hotels in Fuerteventura, like the hotels in Jandía beach, devoted to a family public, have made an investment for this 2016, improving the services for children: children are the protagonists and adults get more free time, more freedom and calmness during the holidays. Hotels with miniclub for different ages, babysitter, thematic parties and shows specially created for children, exclusive facilities and the famous splash pools.

Swimming pools with games and water attractions have become popular and have been incorporated in some of the renovations of the main beach resorts in Spain. Some have even applied this model to different facilities of the hotel, creating authentic water parks in the resort, as it is the case of the hotels for children of Sol Hotels, Picapiedra Hotels or the Katmandú Park Hotel in Magaluf, Majorca.

Local gastronomy

Gastronomy is another of the key elements in the beach hotels for the next 2016 season. A bet for healthy menus, growing alternatives for coeliac people and other travellers with other allergies, special dishes for children, diet products and a stronger link between the menu and the hotel’s buffet with the local cuisine. Some luxury hotels in Tenerife, like the Adults Only hotels in Costa Adeje, and the most exclusive resorts in Huelva, Malaga and specially Marbella offer exclusive options such as the ecogastronomy, the cuisine d’auteur and a selection of snacks, cocktails and special dinners for the most demanding palates.

There is a wider offer of local products for this 2016 season. Many hotels have signed agreements with local producers to improve their gastronomic service and give it an authentic touch. Such is the case of Garden Hotels, which have signed an agreement with Majorcan farmers to offer autochthonous products in their buffets.

Golf Hotels

Golf Hotels

The democratisation of golf

Although it is still considered a sport for high classes, golf is a tourist attraction that the beach hotels in Majorca and Andalusia have incorporated in their portfolio in recent years to bring it closer to the common traveller. Offering special golf packages at reduced prices, including discounts and direct green fees managing or creating specific services in the hotel (academies, personal trainers…) these type of hotels have democratised golf and have offered it to all types of travellers, amateurs and curious.

For example, hotel chains like Fergus Hotels have made an effort to offer golf as one of the key elements in their holiday offer in Majorca. Also hotels like the Vincci Costa Golf or the Iberostar Isla Canela have bet for this service. The greatest golf accommodations are mainly located in Majorca, Andalusia and Tenerife, as these are the tourist areas with the greatest number of golf courts and national and international championships, which makes them a reference in the golf sector.

However, some areas like Ibiza and the centre of the Peninsula are working hard on this, making their way in the golf hotel sector. Data are positive in this sense and golf hotels are expected to keep growing during the 2016.

Hotels, children and competitive economy

Hotels for children are gaining ground to the traditional family hotels. More specialised in the little ones, with services conceived for their fun, entertainment and even learning, this type of hotels are attracting those parents in search of an accommodation where children can really make the most of their holiday. The advantage of these hotels for children is that they also provide spaces for adults, in a more independent way than family hotels where everything is mixed and more impersonal.

This model has been created in order to open a business sector and reactivate the competitive economy of the hotel trade, which has been at a standstill with beach and urban hotels until some years ago. Now, small and huge accommodations have understood that focusing on a specific public profile is more profitable than being a Jack of all trades.

Being competitive in a trade as developed as this, where innovating is difficult because almost everything has been invented, has led hotel chains’ managers to create spaces more and more adapted to a specific traveller model. In the case of hotels for couples travelling with children, the clear tendency is to offer attractive services for the little ones, since it is the key of the choice parents make when opting for an accommodation. If hotel has pools with water games, if it offers specialised instructors with different mini clubs according to ages; if it is an all-inclusive hotel for children with spaces for adults, then that’s the one.

The big losers are those hotels who have opted for remaining in the past: they have opened a spa, they have improved the gastronomy… but concept is the same: a beach hotel where guests, with children, alone, with friends, with couple, share a space, services and life during a few weeks.

Such a mixture of profiles leads often to a dissatisfaction from all the guests: couples look for a quiet space that families with children cannot guarantee. A perfect example of a successful All-inclusive resort that hasn’t lose its essence is the chain Olé Hotels, which has renovated its portfolio and is offering an interesting option of accommodations specialised in children: Galeón Ibiza, Tropical Tenerife y Olivina Lanzarote are a few examples of this.

Melià has been one of the pioneers, dedicating its line Sol Hotels to some very specific travellers segments: hotels for friends, hotels for children and hotels for couples and adults. Although they also have hotels for seniors and other minority profiles, the most successful project has been the Flintstones Hotels, famous all around the world because of their concept, which seems more a theme park than a fashionable family accommodation.

They are not expensive accommodations, nor luxury hotels, but they allow hotel managers to charge higher rates according to this type of hotels: Do you want to find what you are looking for?  Well, you have to pay for it. Competitive economy raised to the highest power. The concept of being in the club where all people like you is, where you get what you really want, just that. No more, no less.

In hotels for children this concept has worked as well as in Adults Only hotels, their natural antagonists and eternal competitors.  It was criticized because people said that couples escaped from noisy children… but it is not just about that, it is about the possibility of being in a place where you enjoy all the services and facilities you need. You pay for it. It’s that simple and that complex, because not all the hotel managers can lose a part of their public in order to get a more specialised one: it requires a considerable investment in services, refurbishing and, of course, marketing.

It is not easy for urban hotels in Madrid and Barcelona which have to find room for a specialization that usually don’t fit in their essence of accommodation for business people or for all types of tourists that want to spend some days in the city. Limited spaces, incapacity of giving up the rest of public to turn into hotels for children and how unnecessary it is: urban travellers, with or without children, don’t want a hotel to spend many hours, but a space to rest after entire days discovering the destination. Undoubtedly, this is a very different perspective from coastal hotels.

Nevertheless, there are chains trying to achieve this successfully. Chains specialising in boutique hotels, such as Petit Palace, that has created accommodation spaces for children in some of its hotels in the centre of Madrid: rooms with bunks in Gran Vía, ideal to share with parents, adjoining rooms, laptops, games, internet connection, iPad, video games, welcome gifts, children’s breakfasts…

Combine everything is complicated.  Being successful and competitive, is even more difficult. But it seems that this sector is still trying and this is just the beginning. We have to be attentive to see its development and glimpse the ending.

The most fun and unique hotels in Majorca

Is there is a holiday paradise where you will find almost anything you’re looking for, that would be Majorca undoubtedly.  Being one of the homes of tourism in Spain, where the hotel industry is one of the most innovative, adventurous and varied of all the Mediterranean coast and a good part of Europe as well. Because of this, we can easily find the most unique hotels in Spain and some of the funniest accommodations in the family category.

On this occasion, the Your Hotel Destination team has prepared a small selection with the Majorcan most recommended hotels, for those who like to try a different type of holiday in Palma, take a trip to one of its beautiful coves or having fun with their children in a theme park. Some of them have been reviewed before, the reasons are no other than since the hotel open until nowadays these unique hotels are revolutionary concepts and they really worth a try, come and live the most authentic summer this 2015!

Katmandú Holiday

Are you ready to start your adventure? The Sol Katmandú Park & Resort accommodation is the right place to begin, an authentic theme park in Magaluf that will lead you to a magical and funny holiday that you have never seen before. The best place for a holiday with family or with friends, since it’s next to the Magaluf beach, where you will find bars, malls, restaurants and all the activities you need to complete your holiday: sailing, surf, diving, bicycle routes, enjoy the local gastronomy, minigolf field, beautiful crystalline coves, etc. This accommodation is an innovative idea from the Melià Hotels International during the past years, and it’s part of a family resort chain called Sol Hotels. With a good value for money, a whole new experience, without a doubt.

Brunch, golf, wellness…

This hotel is like a Christmas gift: it has it all, more and better. In fact, is one of the most famous deluxe hotel in Majorca despite not being a traditional beach resort, we talk about the IBEROSTAR Son Antem. An original resort, located in the Majorcan countryside, surrounded with 2 of the best golf fields of the island (both with 18 holes) and with spectacular gardens, and roads between the typical Mediterranean vegetation. The moment you enter you feel like if you go to another dimension, disconnect yourself from all the city noise and the crowed beaches full of tourists. An oasis in the middle of Majorca. Just 15 minutes away from the centre of Palma by car and just a few steps from the the best coves of Llucmajor, a town that belongs to the zone of Son Antem. Recommended for a relaxation break (it has one of the best spa centres of the island), business and social events, golf tourism and family holiday services, to cover all the children needs as well as comfortable accommodations for the whole family. The price is very competitive, turning it into one of the most affordable deluxe hotels in Majorca, thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, many locals come to enjoy the brunch, the spa, the pools and a lot of different activities.

A hotel in the wave crest

We’re still in Magaluf, browsing through the Sol hotels portfolio. On this occasion, we will dive right into the pool of the Sol Wave: A hotel across the sea in Magaluf where you can practice surf with a view to the sea without even having to leave the facilities. Its artificial wave pool is a singularity in the whole country, it gathers many travellers who love surf but want to enjoy the best amenities in a festive and relax environment in Majorca. In addition to that, the hotel is part of a large complex with other services such as the Majorcan Café del Mar, a sunset spot just like the one in Ibiza, where you can enjoy the moment with a drink. Ideal for those who travel with friends, stag and hen parties, and couples who look for a cool place to spend their holiday in Majorca.

Relax & Love

Speaking of couples looking for a summer oasis…the Sol Beach House Cala Blanca, next to the Sol Wave, is your destination. A design hotel in Magaluf, created to host adults only here in Majorca, next to the ocean, colourful, a unique environment, relaxing music, modern chill out zones and everything else you will need to enjoy the most cool holiday in one of the most animated spots of the Mediterranean summer. It might not be cheap, but it worth its price if you’re looking for a new experience, with all the Majorcan glamour and a varied list of adult services. Plus, the Sol Hotels official website offers you interesting packages if you book beforehand. Last note: They just renewed the room’s decoration and changed the whole food menu to a healthier, ecologic and hipster style. A modern hotel for modern people.

The Palma centre at your feet

Book in a hotel in the Passeig de Majorca is very distinguished, but doing it at a very affordable price is to brag big time. And this is possible in the next accommodation, we’re talking about the Palladium Palma Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel next to the Jaime III (town’s most commercial street) with rooms with a view to the Passeig de Majorca, special features for business travels, events and meetings, but also with comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy the free time: patio, sauna, gym and personal service 24 hours.


Adults Only hotels and destinations

In the last years, tourism has been looking for new markets and this is how, a few years ago, Adults Only hotels appeared. This is a sector with fans and detractors. Nevertheless, among the customers of these hotels we find many parents escaping during a couple of days from children.

Adults Only hotels are a trend which is rapidly gaining in importance worldwide and hotel chains have not fallen behind in this respect. This types of hotels without children were created in the Caribbean in 70’s, because of the increase of romantic trips and honeymoons that boosted the creation of all inclusive hotels for couples.


The term “Adults Only hotels” was not very known until the last decade when accommodations specialized on this type of public began to appear, hotels focused on couples enjoyment, relaxation, luxury and quietness.

These hotels are designed to go beyond the destination, since they offer a different selection of products and provide added value to couples, groups and honeymoons. It is worth mentioning the hotel chain Sol Hotels which offers a wide range of hotels specialized in romantic trips.

These hotels are recommended to adults and couples wanting to enjoy the holiday without children. Their location is usually in paradisiacal beaches and places offering special attractions such as clubs, spas, discos and futuristic infrastructure, so they become the perfect option for enjoying leisure time with quality services.


Those who use to visit these hotels can also choose charming hotels without many rooms located in diverse and dispersed areas, in contrast to the resorts which are more focused on beach tourism.

The minimum age to stay in these accommodations is generally 16 years old.  These hotels are characterized by the quality customer service: ideal to plan a holiday as a couple or to enjoy a romantic escapade. The quietness, the paradisiacal locations, the rooms with beautiful views and the gastronomy will make the moments in these Adults Only hotels an unforgettable memory.


Menorca, the last oasis of the Mediterranean

Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is one of the few oasis of peace and tranquility that remain in the Mediterranean. Full of history, heritage and long lasting traditions, this island of 702 km² offers a unique landscape, almost untouched, with lush Mediterranean nature, that has been declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Discreet and quiet, Minorca is one of the few Spanish islands where you can still find completely unspoilt beaches, far away from civilisation and hidden away between the deep blue of the sea and the green shades of this characteristic landscape.

Playas de MinorcaPlaya Galdana Minorca

As a tourist destination, Minorca is famous for attracting a high middle class traveller, with a taste for tranquility, natural spaces, quality services and gastronomy and of course, security.

British, Spanish, Nordic, and recently, Russians with high purchasing power, seek refuge in the Minorcan coasts and in its charming inland villages.

If you are travelling with the family, Minorca is the perfect island since it has a hotel infrastructure, that as well as having a great respect for the environment in which they are located, they offer services adapted to the specific needs of those travelling with children and expect the maximum relaxation.

Hotel Sol Falco in Minorca

Playa den Bou and the beach of Son Xoriguer, in Cala Bosch, are some of the resorts especially suitable for holidays with children. In this area, we can recommend the Sol Falco All Inclusive hotel and the Sol Milanos Pingüinos hotel, both belonging to the Sol Hotels brand, that include children’s entertainment and special menus for kids.

On the other hand, Cala Galdana and the beach of Santo Tomas are two ideal places to relax with your partner and enjoy a few days of sun with every desire. Among the Adults Only accommodations and hotels for couples in the area,  the Hotel Sol Menorca and the Hotel Sol Gavilanes stand out, the only hotel located on the beach of Cala Galdana.

Who is Luke Durden?

Hotels for everyone

The hotel chain Sol Hotels, owned by the Meliá Hotels International group, is a company that has innovated with their hotel portfolio, without losing its essence: comfortable hotels, fun, designed for relax and enjoyment, ideal for families or to enjoy with friends or with your partner… In one word, the perfect combination to continue to lead sun and beach tourism in our country, without neglecting new travellers that are seeking different experiences and accommodations that offer something new.

Flinstone Hotels

This is the reason behind the family hotels brand, well known for their Flintstones Hotels that have, in just a few years, become a model for hotels for children in Spain. In them, the traveller finds an accommodation designed for travelling with children with special services, just for them. From nursery and mini club to a real amusement park, recreating the famous cartoons after which the hotels are named.

Some of the most famous Flintstones Hotels include the recently renovated Sol Antillas Barbados, in Magaluf Beach, Sol Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen, Sol Pelicanos Ocas in Benidorm, Sol Milanos Pingüinos, located in the beautiful cove of Son Bou, Menorca.

Hotels for young Majorca

But, while Sol Hotels stands out as a brand for family beach resorts, the hotel chain has created new and very complete proposals, transforming some of its most popular hotels and in popular destinations such as the Sol Ibiza hotel, a hotel for friends on the white island, designed to enjoy the summer in good company, or the Sol Katmandu Park & Resort, an accommodation which will premier this summer in Magaluf.

Hotel Magaluf theme park

They have not forgotten to include, in their portfolio, those travellers who look for a relaxed and intimate destination, which to enjoy quietly as a couple. For them, Sol Hotels has 2 different brands: hotels for couples, with special services for two, and adults only hotels, which only accommodates persons over 16 years of age. In both cases, the objective is to provide a more sophisticated and quiet accommodation with entertainment and facilities specifically designed for those who want to relax, by the sea, without any sort of worries.

Among the most prominent Adults Only hotels from the Sol Hotels portfolio, are the Sol Cala Blanca in Palma Nova, Majorca, the Sol Costablanca, Benidorm, and the Sol Menorca.

Calvia Beach Resort Sol Hotels in Magaluf, Mallorca

Sol Hotels proposes a different summer

Sol Hotels is preparing a summer 2013 focused on surf, music and chic ambience in the ever wonderful island of Mallorca. Its brand new Calvià Beach Resort complex, in the emblematic area of Magaluf, promises to be one of the hot spots this summer, a meeting point for young people wanting to have fun, sports fans, house music and designer chill outs ehnthusiastics.

Calvia Beach Resort Sol Hotels in Magaluf, Mallorca

Reservations are now open and demand, if it matches last summers (the year in which the new hotel complex opened) is expected to be sold out completely for all the summer months.

The secret? A complete renovation of the hotel industry that the brand Sol Hotels had in the area: 4 Hotels for families, under the brand Sol Hotels, were reconverted into  places of worship of design, fashion and sport.

Sol Wave House hotel in Magaluf, Mallorca

The main dish and most differential is the Sol Wave House Hotel, the first surf hotel in Mallorca that has a huge pool just steps away from the sea, with artificial waves created especially for surfers. The facility has been valued by professionals of this intense sport and well received by tourists and residents of the area.

Beside it stands the Hotel Beach House, a hotel designed with the philosophy of bringing together all those who like to get the best out of life, sun, leisure, body care, good music and friends.

Sol Wave House surf hotel in Mallorca

The Sol Antillas Barbados Hotel, located next to these two new concept hotels, is the family option, ideal for those who do not want to give up on exclusivity and are traveling with children: completely renovated facilities, first class equipment, open spaces and a whole range of proposals for young and old to enjoy their days in Mallorca.

Outside the resort, but only a few meters from it and in the area of Palmanova, Sol Hotels offer for this summer one of the best adult only hotels: the Sol Cala Blanca, which combines design, style and a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Below is a video of the Sol Wave House Hotel in Magaluf where you’ll get a better idea.