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Mutua Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open, a tennis classic

Next year I’m not going to miss it. This time I wasn’t able to go and had to settle for watching it on TV, but during the Mutua Madrid Open in 2018 I will be one of the live spectators in the audience. This magnificent sports event, a true tennis classic, deserves to be experienced in person at least once in a lifetime.

 In 2017 the attendance record was broken and the brilliant final between our own Mallorcan Rafa Nadal and Austrian Dominic Thiem has made me even more keen to go, even if other greats will be playing next year in this Spanish Masters 1000.

 In order to get the planning started, I’ve already began to check what accommodation options there are in Madrid. The excuse of the Madrid Open suits me perfectly; I’ll be able to use it as an excuse to enjoy a trip to the Spanish capital as well: a city that is beautiful and very much alive during the month of May.

 Even if the tournament is held at the facilities of the Caja Mágica, in the Usera district, I’ve decided that I’m going to stay to stay in the centre of the city. It’s going to be more comfortable for me to be near all the shopping and leisure on offer. There are several interesting possibilities there, but one of them caught my eye, and then especially if I end up going there with my partner.

 The hotel  Petit Palace Triball is a very cosy place. It’s located in a charming 19th-century building and just a stone’s throw from the Gran Vía I love. If in the end I decide to stay at this establishment I might even consider renting one of their bikes so I can go to the matches feeling that I’m keeping ‘in shape’.

 After I had seen this hotel on-line, I saw that the same chain offers another two very central hotels. The question is still whether I go with family or with friends. If I go with the little ones, I’d stay at the  Petit Palace Opera, which is another very cosy hotel that’s been recently renovated. It’s also very near the Puerta de Sol and Plaza Mayor, where there is good food to be had for sure, as well as entertainment that will suit all our tastes, because it’s impossible to walk far with the kids in tow.

 Another possibility is the Petit Palace Plaza de España, not far from the square with the same name, or the mythical Callao. The choice will fall on this full-featured four-star alternative if I can convince a couple of friends or my brothers-in-law to join us. That way it’ll be cheaper to rent a car between us four and we get to see the other parts of Madrid between matches. Mutua Madrid Open 2018, bring it on!


Petit Palace Triball, much more than a city hotel in Madrid

Can you imagine sleeping in a king-size bed with the whole of your Madrid spread out before you and the best hotel services you can imagine? Well, leave other to imagine it because this is a possibility. Where? In the Petit Palace Triball, one of the urban jewels the Petit Palace Hotels chain has in the heart of the capital Madrid.

Those who see the photos in our article and are loyal customers of the chain will see that we are not talking about a new hotel, but the old Petit Palace Italia. With a new new name, with improved services and the best location in the entire city, the Petit Palace Triball is the best choice for those who are on the hunt for deals in the Gran Via in Madrid.

A hotel with a myriad of services

Located next to the main artery of the city ( Madrid’s Gran Via) and situated in a beautiful mid-nineteenth century building, this charming hotel Petit Palace is much more than just accommodation as shown by the many services the brand offers its customers. Beyond what is normally offered in any hotel, what is there to delight visitors? Let’s review:

Rooms designed for families

If you have chosen this hotel for a romantic weekend with your partner don’t be scared off by the title. No, the Petit Palace Triball is not just for a hotel for families, but families can book one larger room instead of needing to book two (as they used to in the past). So, in addition to spending days off with their children nearby in the room, Dads can keep a closer eye on their little ones.

Free iPad in every room

In addition to the free WiFi available in the Petit Palace Triball, this hotel (as in almost every hotel in the chain) offers customers a free iPad in every room during their stay. This is a perfect idea to enable us to surf the net in our moments of relaxation or to share our holiday photos on social networks.

Free bikes for all

For anyone who wants to visit the city by bike (to get to know the center of Madrid on two wheels is a perfect choice), this hotel offers free bikes to all its customers. Isn’t that just great?

Welcome pets
Yes, We no longer have to leave our pets alone or depend on our long-suffering neighbor to care for our pet. Why is this? The hotel Petit Palace Triball is a pet friendly hotel so you can travel with your pet and enjoy the rest with her at your side.

Change of name at the Petit Palace Italia: now it is Petit Palace Triball

The funny, different, personalised and modern Petit Palace Italia, in the centre of Madrid, changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball. It keeps being a 4-star hotel offering a perfect stay to families and travellers with pet. In addition, now it offers a 25% discount for reservations made through the website.

Petit Palace Hotels has become so famous that when somebody tells us that he has booked a vacation in one of the hotels of the chain, we turn green with envy. And we are not sucking up to the chain, we are just being honest. At few hotels in Madrid like those of Petit Palace you can enjoy rooms with a design worth of Instagram collections or an iPad for yourself.

We must praise the chain for this and much more. That is why when we heard that the hotel had changed its name we decided to announce it here: the Petit Palace Italia does not disappear, we have not lost it, it simply changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball.

It is a hotel of modern and functional design, with minimalist touches and details for every guest. You will always find somebody at reception looking forward to helping you: whatever the question is, a smile and kindness are guaranteed (at least that was our experience when we stayed there).

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

The hotel has a great architecture: a large building with diaphanous spaces, high ceilings, large windows… In fact, it was built in a building from the XIXth century and it has the classic layout of the old and majestic Madrid.

For friends, couples, children and pets

This hotel with rooms in the centre of Madrid, near Gran Via, has always been one of our recommendations for trips with friends and for couples who travel to Madrid, but even more for family trips, as it offers many services to children.

And the most important thing: it is also a perfect hotel for those who travel with their pet everywhere: the Petit Palace Triball admits pets. In addition, the hotel offers special beds for dogs and bowls for free, so that our pet enjoys a stay as pleasant as ours at the hotel. It is a wonderful detail, isn’t it?

Free services

The Petit Palace Triball (before Petit Palace Italia) keeps offering very interesting services that will allow you to make the most of your stay in the  capital:

  • Free bike rental for you to make a tour to Casa de Campo, El Retiro, La Latina…

  • Free Wi-Fi for you to connect in any area of the hotel and in the rooms (in this case with computer included).

  • Internet in the entire Madrid… Yes! Petit offers MIFI to all its clients, that is, mobile connection so that you move, see, walk and visit Madrid without spending your mobile data.

  • Gifts and games for children: leave their stuff at home, as the hotel will offer you entertainment for everybody. And free stroller!

  • Complete buffet breakfasts. You will wake up eager to try all the delicacies of the breakfast we serve in the dining room. In addition, now breakfast is free for reservations made on the website.

Reminder: make your reservation in advance, as the hotel is normally fully booked during spring. In summer you will have more options to get a room, but do not wait until the end if you want to choose one of the hotel’s best rooms. You can choose a room for two, three, four, five or even six guests! And everything in the heart of Gran Via.