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Petit Palace Triball, much more than a city hotel in Madrid

Can you imagine sleeping in a king-size bed with the whole of your Madrid spread out before you and the best hotel services you can imagine? Well, leave other to imagine it because this is a possibility. Where? In the Petit Palace Triball, one of the urban jewels the Petit Palace Hotels chain has in the heart of the capital Madrid.

Those who see the photos in our article and are loyal customers of the chain will see that we are not talking about a new hotel, but the old Petit Palace Italia. With a new new name, with improved services and the best location in the entire city, the Petit Palace Triball is the best choice for those who are on the hunt for deals in the Gran Via in Madrid.

A hotel with a myriad of services

Located next to the main artery of the city ( Madrid’s Gran Via) and situated in a beautiful mid-nineteenth century building, this charming hotel Petit Palace is much more than just accommodation as shown by the many services the brand offers its customers. Beyond what is normally offered in any hotel, what is there to delight visitors? Let’s review:

Rooms designed for families

If you have chosen this hotel for a romantic weekend with your partner don’t be scared off by the title. No, the Petit Palace Triball is not just for a hotel for families, but families can book one larger room instead of needing to book two (as they used to in the past). So, in addition to spending days off with their children nearby in the room, Dads can keep a closer eye on their little ones.

Free iPad in every room

In addition to the free WiFi available in the Petit Palace Triball, this hotel (as in almost every hotel in the chain) offers customers a free iPad in every room during their stay. This is a perfect idea to enable us to surf the net in our moments of relaxation or to share our holiday photos on social networks.

Free bikes for all

For anyone who wants to visit the city by bike (to get to know the center of Madrid on two wheels is a perfect choice), this hotel offers free bikes to all its customers. Isn’t that just great?

Welcome pets
Yes, We no longer have to leave our pets alone or depend on our long-suffering neighbor to care for our pet. Why is this? The hotel Petit Palace Triball is a pet friendly hotel so you can travel with your pet and enjoy the rest with her at your side.

Change of name at the Petit Palace Italia: now it is Petit Palace Triball

The funny, different, personalised and modern Petit Palace Italia, in the centre of Madrid, changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball. It keeps being a 4-star hotel offering a perfect stay to families and travellers with pet. In addition, now it offers a 25% discount for reservations made through the website.

Petit Palace Hotels has become so famous that when somebody tells us that he has booked a vacation in one of the hotels of the chain, we turn green with envy. And we are not sucking up to the chain, we are just being honest. At few hotels in Madrid like those of Petit Palace you can enjoy rooms with a design worth of Instagram collections or an iPad for yourself.

We must praise the chain for this and much more. That is why when we heard that the hotel had changed its name we decided to announce it here: the Petit Palace Italia does not disappear, we have not lost it, it simply changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball.

It is a hotel of modern and functional design, with minimalist touches and details for every guest. You will always find somebody at reception looking forward to helping you: whatever the question is, a smile and kindness are guaranteed (at least that was our experience when we stayed there).

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

The hotel has a great architecture: a large building with diaphanous spaces, high ceilings, large windows… In fact, it was built in a building from the XIXth century and it has the classic layout of the old and majestic Madrid.

For friends, couples, children and pets

This hotel with rooms in the centre of Madrid, near Gran Via, has always been one of our recommendations for trips with friends and for couples who travel to Madrid, but even more for family trips, as it offers many services to children.

And the most important thing: it is also a perfect hotel for those who travel with their pet everywhere: the Petit Palace Triball admits pets. In addition, the hotel offers special beds for dogs and bowls for free, so that our pet enjoys a stay as pleasant as ours at the hotel. It is a wonderful detail, isn’t it?

Free services

The Petit Palace Triball (before Petit Palace Italia) keeps offering very interesting services that will allow you to make the most of your stay in the  capital:

  • Free bike rental for you to make a tour to Casa de Campo, El Retiro, La Latina…

  • Free Wi-Fi for you to connect in any area of the hotel and in the rooms (in this case with computer included).

  • Internet in the entire Madrid… Yes! Petit offers MIFI to all its clients, that is, mobile connection so that you move, see, walk and visit Madrid without spending your mobile data.

  • Gifts and games for children: leave their stuff at home, as the hotel will offer you entertainment for everybody. And free stroller!

  • Complete buffet breakfasts. You will wake up eager to try all the delicacies of the breakfast we serve in the dining room. In addition, now breakfast is free for reservations made on the website.

Reminder: make your reservation in advance, as the hotel is normally fully booked during spring. In summer you will have more options to get a room, but do not wait until the end if you want to choose one of the hotel’s best rooms. You can choose a room for two, three, four, five or even six guests! And everything in the heart of Gran Via.

Best options for a business travel to Madrid

Business travels are becoming really popular in this globalized world. Business opportunities are increasing in different cities, neighbouring countries or crossing the Atlantic.

Madrid economic growth is the perfect example. It’s a city which attracts business from all over the world.

Its services and business attributes make it the perfect meeting point for businesses. If you are planning to travel to Madrid to make business, or organize a meeting with your partners or customers, here’s a list of the best places for business meeting:

Business accommodations in Madrid: best options

Accommodation is a key factor if you are travelling to Madrid for business. You can easily find direct flights to the Spanish capital from any Spanish or European city, as well as from the most important financial capitals in the world because many airlines offer flights to this destination at several times and at affordable prices.

In reference to accommodations, you should choose the best combination of comfort, relax and work. There are many hotels in Madrid, but some of them stand out for its business facilities and services. Three of the best value hotels of Petit Palace:

●      Hotel Petit Palace Embassy Serrano

●      Hotel Petit Palace Lealtad Madrid

●      Hotel Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía

Each hotel has its own characteristic attributes which assure you a nice stay for your business travel. Quiet and easy access locations, big meeting rooms…these hotels offer you everything you need for a successful business travel.

Why choosing Madrid hotels?

The Spanish capital is not a quiet city, but a crowded big city, where arriving on time to business meeting can be really difficult. For this reason, these hotels are located in quiet areas, easily accessible and close to transport services and big avenues, so arriving to meetings either by car, taxi or public transport is easy and fast.

The quietness of the rooms allow you to easily organize meeting topics and material without stress and noise, assuring an effective business meeting with your partners or customers.

Final considerations

Madrid is a city full of opportunities, details and good decisions. In reference to accommodations, undoubtedly Petit Palace are your best choice, a guarantee for a successful business travel in Madrid.

Posada del Peine: An historical hotel

If you’re one of those who seek new experiences and travel to know different cultures, we have the right place for you. This charming place will show you a piece of Madrid’s old city, located in Plaza Mayor, La posada del Peine, is the oldest hotel still open in the capital.

It began as a road inn in the centre of Madrid, hosting travellers coming from Alcalá Street, Posada del Peine is a hotel that made his way through time and grew with the city without losing its unique essence.

Warming rooms, with highly detailed furnishing, history and mystery hidden behind a colourful decoration, elegant amenities, with the modern and bohemian touch it always had.

The changes made by the Petit Palace hotel chain, praised by the hotel architecture industry, because it keeps the antique sensation but it also became into a comfortable, versatile and sweet remembered.

It’s true that some rooms are a little bit small, but it compensates with its location and unique design, plus, it has the best 4 star hotel service in the city: bedrooms with free Wi-Fi in Plaza Mayor, iPod and device connection, hydromassage shower.

To book in Posada del Peine, we suggest to visit the hotel website, since it guarantee the lowest online price, and also made unique offers often, like free breakfast, free iPad, or flexible schedule.

Don’t forget your camera, take as much pictures as you like, you will discover a timeless spot, the hotel worth the experience, trust us.


Madrid Hotels on their way to conquer a high quality tourism

There are two ways to run a business: the hard way, large investments, low prices, small profit barely noticeable when selling large quantities, or the easy way, which is improving the product quality, offering a high standard or more exclusive service or product, therefore more expensive, making a small sale significant in capital recovery and even make a profit. The second option is the one that some hotels in Madrid are applying, especially the hotels in the historical centre of Madrid, that used to rely on a tight market with rates lower than the ones in Barcelona, they have begun to realize that giving the guests a few amenities, with a more customized services and furnishings, they can be more efficient and earn the customer’s fidelity.

Madrid is a getaway trip, break holiday, business trip or touristic destination, many people enjoy the city during their flight layovers.  The touristic offer has gone further than the historical heritage attraction or the fact of being the Capital city. When we see Madrid as a destination, it has become more interesting and attractive nowadays, not only thanks to the public sector investments, but the private sector concern as well, that reads between the lines and realizes that people is willing to pay for something that really worth, despite the current recession.

Therefore, while you can make a reservation in a cheap second or third class hotel to spend a couple of nights, the hotel tendency, especially in the centre of Madrid, is to provide a place to live new experiences beyond resting. We are not talking only about high category hotels, but hostels, inns and guesthouses as well, they’re remodelling their premises, giving a new air, more functional, more of Scandinavian style (still trendy year by year).

However, the leading voice are the big hotel chains, the 4 star accommodations in Madrid (included some 3 star hotels, some boutique hotels and some business and luxury hotels that have grown in this quality tourism in the capital).

Within the improvements being made by the hotel industry in Madrid, we must highlight the reuse and restoration of antique buildings in landmark spots around the city that were abandoned or misused. The Petit Palace chain outstands with its proposal. The Basque company we’ve been talking about recently in the matters of hotel design since it’s a country pioneer that bets into turning every hotel a living experience inside the building, not excluding the facilities but making it the leading part in this whole new experience.

Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

One of the most interesting examples is the Petit Palace Posada del Peine, which presumes of being the oldest one in Madrid, a city legend from past times with the perfect location in the Plaza Mayor square. With an innovating modern design that make the most of the structure, since it’s not very spacious due the antique design, a national heritage jewel.

Within the recent openings, one of the design hotels in Madrid under the label of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, it’s their first bet for an urban hotel in Spain. This Majorcan Company is specialized in beach hotels, Caribbean family resorts, but they also have some deluxe hotels in the centre of the main capitals of Europe, they never lean towards to this segment until now, and according to the customer reviews they’re not bad at all. The IBEROSTAR Las Letras Hotel named after the neighbourhood where is located, in the Gran Vía, is close to the Spanish congress and the Paseo del Prado, boasts a beautiful design and a gastronomic menu for which is listed in the gastronomic hotels of Madrid, and of course, a wonderful terrace view.

These terraces are, precisely, one of the main hotel delights here in Madrid, aside from the best accommodation. Hotels are also trying to get the attention of the most sybarite travellers though their culinary menus, bars, chill out areas and even spa and wellness services. Years ago the hotel services were strictly reserved to guests, but now these are open to everybody that comes to Madrid, they’re trying to reduce costs in staff, furnishings and others, gathering more customers this way.

These new open services are not a regular thing. They all are high cuisine restaurants, and trend bars destined to become city hot spots for the best of Madrid, and the most exclusive travellers, creating a unique lovely environment that worth visiting, new places to visit that any traveller should enjoy here.

The magic of the Boqueria Market

The Mercat de Sant Josep, better known as  La Boqueria Market, is one of the most desirable places to visit and enjoy during a trip to Barcelona. Colours and smells combine in a spiral of sensations that exhales a unique Mediterranean fragrance that transports the visitor to a different time and space, where what really seems to matter is the essence of things, the soul of the most authentic products.

Stepping into the spectacular building and walking down its aisles with your eye set on every post, tasting here and there, buying some fresh fruit or stopping to take a break and savour some good tapas… The visit to La Boqueria Market is a ritual for many who visit Barcelona and to those who return from time to time to the city. It’s a way to feel once again a part of it.

The history of the market is well known in Barcelona. Originally, it was like every other market of its time: a great whirlwind of street vendors, wooden boxes, bags and cardboard exposed outdoors, in the so called Pla de La Boqueria. In this pla was exactly where once stood the convent of Sant Josep. Later, they built the current structure, work that casually finished the day of St. Joseph, which now gives its name to the market.

Today, the structure remains the same, with its beautiful porches, but the seller and their posts have become rows of multicoloured meat, vegetables, fruits, teas and spice stands… All meticulously organised, where the products on display seem to be there more to be photographed and admired than for purchase.

For a weekend trip to Barcelona or a group trip, we leave a selection of some hotels close to La Boqueria Market:

Hotel Petit Palace Opera Garden

Hotel Petit Palace Boqueria

Hotel Petit Palace Museum

Apartments Flats Club

Petit Palace Guide of Seville


These monuments are the heart of Seville and the essence of his Almohads roots. The Cathedral, with Giralda’s minaret, is the largest Gothic building in Europe.  Raised on an old mosque, which still retains the Patio de los Naranjos, the Royal Palaces are a Moorish and Gothic art example in Seville.  The Archive of the Indies, which was the old fish market, has unique documentary resources of the Spanish colonies. Petit Palace Marqués de Santa Ana Hotel is the perfect accommodation for any trip to Seville.


Santa Cruz district is the most charming district of Seville. It was the old Jewish quarter of the city, which housed the second largest Jewish community in Spain.  Its narrow streets are perfect for walks in the shade and its many squares are full of life, tapas and music.  Don’t miss Plaza de los Venerables, Santa Elvira and Santa Cruz Squares. The Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel is located at Santa Cruz typical district.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a must for painting lovers.  This building, built in 1835, is one of the most representative Spanish art centers of Baroque and Sevillian seventeenth-century paintings, with works by artists such as Velázquez, El Greco, Juan de Valdes Leal … and especially Murillo and Zurbarán, who have devoted some few of the museum’s 14 rooms.

Flamenco is floating in every corner of Seville.  Its sounds fills the streets of the old center, painting its facades and squares. The best places to enjoy its essence are the Tablaos, typical bars where tables surround a stage offering performances every single night.  Scattered throughout Seville, one of the most emblematic is near the Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel: Tablao Los Gallos. Enjoy Seville booking the Petit Palace Canalejas Hotel.

The trip of the month: A guided bike tour of Madrid

You have probably visited Madrid a thousand times. Or maybe not, and it is one of those destinations that you have on your travelling must visit list. Well, wether you have visited or not the capital of Spain, this month we recommend a fun trip to Madrid, like you have never imagined. A guided tour of Madrid, on bike!

Walking through Madrid, strolling and watching people come in and out of the metro, discovering its shops, bars and taverns, its markets, park next to a terrace and enjoy a drink in the sun… All this without leaving your bike. To some, it may seem almost impossible to move around Madrid freely on bike, in a quiet and relaxed manner, in spite of traffic and the crowds of people that swarm the streets and avenues. Madrid is a beautiful chaos, but very accessible on bike, as odd as it sounds.

Bicycle tour of Madrid

Bicycle tour of Madrid

Proof of this, are the tours proposed by Tourism Madrid that, leaving the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, offer the possibility of visiting famous landmarks such as the Park of El Retiro on bike or biking to the Casa de Campo.

In total, there are currently available 4 cycling routes from the Tourist Centre of Plaza Mayor, with an average duration of two hours :

· Historic Madrid on bike. – It is scheduled for Sundays at 12 pm (Saturdays at 12 pm in English) and it is the perfect tour to discover the centre of Madrid, the very heart of the city, on two wheels. From the Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Oriente through the square of Santa Ana, the neighbourhood of Las Letras, the great promenade of El Prado, El Retiro, Puerta de Alcala and then back to the Puerta del Sol.

· El Retiro . – Biking through the park on Monday evenings at 18.00 pm. A visit to the Retiro park that aims to provide the opportunity to do a little exercise while you learn the story of Spain’s most emblematic “green lung”.

· Casa de Campo. – The visit to what once was royalty’s country house is programmed for Tuesday afternoon, at 18.00pm. Starting at Plaza Mayor and with a 2 hour tour, it is the perfect evening of cycling and history, through one of the closest natural areas to the centre of Madrid.

· Madrid Rio. – This is a tour of the so called environmental axis, which crosses the city from north to south connecting the neighbourhoods on both sides of the river. A nice route with which to experience different aspects of todays’s Madrid.

Bike tour of Madrid

Bike tour of Madrid

How can you sign up to these bike tours in Madrid? Simply, visit the Tourist Centre in Plaza Mayor or contact them directly by email. The capacity is limited to 20 people, so the best is to book in advance. Be aware that children under 8 years are not allowed and those over 8 have to skilfully manage the bike.

You have to bring your own bike so, you either use a rent a bike bike service in Madrid or you ask at your hotel: there are many hotel chains in Madrid that have strengthen their active tourism offer and provide guests with a free rent a bike service. Some of the hotels that offer a free bicycle service in the centre of Madrid, close to the Plaza Mayor are:

La Posada del Peine. A historic hotel in the heart of Madrid.

Mayor Plaza Hotel. On Mayor Street, just steps away from the square.

Puerta del Sol Hotel and the Petit Palace Arenal, both in Calle Arenal, between Sol Square and Plaza Mayor.

Much more than a hotel

The experience of travelling may be perceived in different ways by different people. For sporadic travellers, travelling is a complete adventure: the destination is usually new and the illusion and eagerness to spend some days far away from routine make everything perfect. For the expert globetrotter, travelling is always an adventure, but it is necessary to search for new stunning destinations that crown that special trip or, if we are talking about a business trip, a hotel which is much more than… a hotel.

Petit palace museum barcelona

Business trips abroad are a complete penitence for the traveller who, on the one hand, does not enjoy the calmness of finishing his day at home with his beloved ones, and on the other hand, is so tired that he cannot make the most of the leisure and relax advantages of the destination. 

Because of that, the hotel becomes an essential part of the trip. Choosing a good business hotel in Madrid or a business hotel in Barcelona may be relatively easy as the demand has increased the options for those who travel for business, one of the most important tourist sectors nowadays.

However, it is hard to find a good business hotel in Sevilla or other destinations with a ludic or festive connotation, like Malaga or Salamanca. However, the tourist sector has made an effort to create a whole range of special services for this type of client.

Petit Palace Madrid Embassy Serrano

À la carte restaurants, gym, wifi and free computers in the rooms, massage service, stationary bikes, safe-deposit box for your laptop and documents, business centre and meeting rooms. Business hotels in Valencia, Bilbao and many other Spanish cities which understand their clients and have a professional staff.

Hotels which are much more than a hotel because they have the capacity to transform and offer an exclusive business service and an immaculate personal attention for their guests to enjoy their holidays.

Who is Luke Durden?

Petit Palace, the firm of the urban hotels

The Basque hotel firm High Tech has decided to give its backing to its firm Petit Palace, making it the leader and symbol of the urban hotels in Spain.

Habitaciones High Tech Petit Palace Hoteles

Modernity, elegance and personal attention: these are the values this firm has cultivated and showed around Spain, in each of the hotels which has been incorporated in its portfolio in recent years.

Its hallmark is the refurbishing of old buildings and noble palaces which have represented a vital element in their society. These buildings have been turned into unique accommodations especially thought for those travellers who are searching for something more than a simple hotel to stay at.


One can visit some of these jewels of the Spanish hotel industry in almost any part of the national territory of Spain, from the beautiful city of Salamanca, with its emblematic Petit Palace Las Torres Salamanca Hotel, to the lively city of Malaga, where the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga Hotel lies.


In the Basque Country, native town of the firm, we find one of the most recommended Petit Palace hotels by travellers: the Petit Palace Tamarises Hotel, which stands out for its excellent cuisine and that unique atmosphere one can only feel in the beautiful Ereaga beach, in Getxo.

Nevertheless, most of the Petit Palace hotels are located in Madrid: they are all located in the most central streets in the capital, close at hand from the most universal places of interest in Madrid, from Puerta del Sol, to Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor and Serrano.

Among these hotels, we highlight those designed to offer the guest a unique experience which is more than relax and rest, as it is the case of the Petit Palace Embassy Serrano Hotel, the Petit Palace Londres Madrid Hotel or the Petit Palace Alcalá Torre Hotel, located in the first skyscraper in Madrid.