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Friends’ getaway: 2 idyllic destinations

When your friends tell you that they want to plan a friends’ getaway in summer…the first thing that comes to my mind is the film “The Hangover”, in which 4 friends travel to destinations like  Las Vegas or Bangkok, where they enjoy crazy parties and in the morning they cannot remember what happened the night before.

What happens at night should stay at night. We don’t want you to experience the same issues, but we want your group of friends to live the most entertaining holidays. If you choose an entertaining destination and a comfortable hotel offering you a wide range of activities and services, car rental to explore the place and cold beers at sunset, your personal The Hangover could be your best year plan.

Friends’ getaway destinations in summer

friends getaway


BIO: two and a half hours flight from Madrid. Older sister of Fuerteventura. Impressive beaches. Quiet atmosphere. It’s perfect for relaxing, chill out and exclusive getaways. It’s a trendy destination for cool people.

If you are a  bit of a freak, you would love to visit the places in the island where some scenes of movies like “Journey to the centre of the Earth”, “Doctor Who” or “Mararia” were filmed. … You will feel like an astronaut visiting the Moon.

Travelling with your friends to Lanzarote and forget daily routines, stress and responsibilities is a fantastic idea. The island has lots of secret spots where to get lost and just sunbathe, swim and drink a beer at a small island like La Graciosa with unspoilt beaches.

lanzarote with friends

You should go to the typical taverns and bars to taste the traditional gastronomy of the Canary Islands: gofio, papas arrugas, fried fish, cheese… Beach clubs are also a great option (prices are a bit more expensive) as well as chill outs and trendy terraces offering DJs sessions, live music and theme parties by the sea.

What to do in Lanzarote by day or by night?

Lanzarote is full of culture apart from beautiful beaches. If you are looking for sun and beach holidays, you just need to find the perfect place in Lanzarote with excellent tourist services, great nightlife, leisure activities and entertaining atmosphere at any time.

1.- Choose the best beaches. Playa de Las Conchas in the small island of La Graciosa and Playa Papagayo will amaze you.

2.- Bike tour across La Graciosa and then return to Lanzarote.

3.- Enjoy nightlife at Arrecife, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.  No limits 😉 You should go to bars like: Blue Mar, Manhattan and Heineken Harbour. Dance at La Ola or Lanzarote Palace until the early morning.

Group accommodation in Lanzarote?

You will find the most comfortable and affordable hotels for friends’ groups in Puerto del Carmen. You will be close to all trendy places in Lanzarote. There are a lot of hotels in this area, but we suggest you choose a fabulous 4-star hotel in Puerto del Carmen like Ole Olivina Lanzarote, an All Inclusive hotel with 4-star rooms for up to 5 people near the beach of Pocillos.


BIO: less than an hour flight from Madrid. Older sister of Formentera and one of the most beautiful islands of the Balearic Islands. Secret coves with entertaining beach clubs. Shops, craft markets and hippy clothes. The best electro music discos in the world. Amazing sunsets. A trendy summer holiday destination.

ibiza with friends

Entertainment is a key factor in Ibiza. You must visit this land of Mediterranean salt flats with your group of friends at least once in a lifetime. Train for the endless parties before you go. You will always find a place with great atmosphere to dance and enjoy excellent music.

Its secret coves are one of its main attractions where to relax with friends. Their beach clubs are fantastic, offering exclusive cocktails and typical food. Some of them even offer vegan food.

What to do in Ibiza?

1.- Visit and swim at crystal water coves and beaches like Las Salinas, Saladeta or Cala Bassa.

2.- Dive and explore. Take a diving class, put on your snorkel glasses and practice diving. You will be amazed by the crystal waters.

3.- Go out and enjoy the party. Ibiza is world-famous as a meeting point of the best DJ’s in the world. The best discos in Spain are there:Amnesia, Space, Privilege or Pacha.

4.- Try your luck at Ibiza Casino. You will have lots of fun.

Accommodation in Ibiza?

Choose a well-connected place so you can reach any interesting point in the island, but avoid nightlife areas. The north of the island is a great choice: it’s not too crowded and you will love its natural beauty. You will then combine amazing parties with relax on your holiday break.

We recommend you to choose hotels offering activities you can enjoy without leaving it, so you can combine them with your plans outside the hotel. A great example is  Ole Galeon Ibiza, a hotel with rooms at the beach of San Miguel  by Ole Hotels offering All Inclusive board and usually oriented to families who want to have fun and forget daily routines.

Top 5: sun and beach destinations in Spain

Summer is coming to Spain before any other country in Europe. For this reason many tourists arrive to the country looking for beaches and sunny weather.

Scandinavians, Germans and British like to sunbathe on Spanish coasts. Would you like to escape to any of the top 5 sun and beach destination in Spain?

1. Lanzarote

This volcanic island is the oldest one in the Canary Island and its attributes makes it a marine tourism popular destination. It’s also the perfect place to practice windsurfing and diving as it’s full of amazing beaches like La Graciosa, Pocillos or Playa Blanca. There are many nightclubs where you can dance and enjoy exclusive parties as the disco Lanzarote Palace.

If you are travelling to Lanzarote, the best option is staying at beach hotels, both Adults Only or family hotels with excellent guest services and affordable prices. For example, Ole Olivina Lanzarote Hotel, in Playa de Pocillos. A 4-star hotel with a volcanic garden full of cactus, pools and direct access to the most beautiful beaches in the island.

2. Ibiza

The island that never sleeps. The white island. Ibiza is known for its nightlife, shops, pubs, restaurants and discos, but the island has a lot more to offer like a beautiful coast and crystal waters where to practice diving, sailing or kayak. It’s full of exclusive beach clubs where you will enjoy amazing sunsets at the Mediterranean Sea. You must visit beaches like Cala Conta or Cala Salada.

If you want to enter to famous discos like Amnesia or Priviledge, you should choose an All Inclusive hotel with 24 hours reception, comfortable rooms, relax and rest areas, pools, beaches nearby…Ole Galeon Ibiza offers you all these and much more.

3. Tenerife

Tenerife is the perfect gastronomic destination in the Canary Islands offering sunny weather throughout the year and paradisiac beaches. The capital, Santa Cruz is a popular destination where to taste the delicious Canarian gastronomy with typical dishes of fish, seafood, mojos and papas. There are many beautiful beaches like Los Cristianos or Playa Las Gaviotas. We suggest you a hotel by Ole Hotels in Tenerife: Ole Tropical Tenerife, an All Inclusive 4-star hotel in Costa Adeje specially designed for couples or families.

4. Majorca

Majorca is a popular sun and beach destination where we can admire beautiful coves and beaches on the West Coast of Palma (Calvia and Andratx) and across the island. It’s also full of charming towns, squares, churches, streets…

The West Coast of the island offers great modern hotels like The Fergus Resort, Sol Beach House and Sol Wave House.

5. Catalan Coast

The coast of Catalonia is just amazing with incredible beaches where to swim or sunbathe at the beaches near the Mediterranean Sea. There are secret beaches like Platja Sa Tuna or idyllic ones like Playa de los Eucaliptos.

If you are looking for a quiet hotel in the Catalonian Coast, a hotel by Fergus Hotels is your best option. Fergus Montemar is a great choice in Pineda de Mar.

Beach hotels for children and adults alike

The tourism sector is still in phase of deep specialization, adjusting their products increasingly to a specific type of traveller and improving all services, activities and special facilities for this specific segment. One of the clearest examples that exist today is the transformation of the family hotels in hotels for children: promoting more attention to children, allowing parents to enjoy more free time, more holiday at their own pace.

A good example of this new type of hotel (which, in reality, has always existed, but somewhat vague, since the accommodations for families covered too much without specifying) are those who make up the Ole Hotels portfolio. Ole Olivina Lanzarote or Ole Tropical Tenerife represent a perfect holiday accommodation for those who travel with children and want a hotel that gives them a complete and special service for the little ones.

Paying attention to children is, almost indissolubly, gaining time to give to their parents. In this way, a family that choose a hotel specialized in children in destinations such as Majorca, Ibiza, Canary Islands or Andalusia will always have a better and personal that in a generic family hotel where services are more general and more aimed at pleasing everyone without giving specific solutions to specific issues.

It is truth that mini club service is preserved in both types of hotels, however, in a hotel for children, schedules tend to be more flexible, groups tend to include more ages, facilities are more prepared for kids to comfortably enjoy them and, in a differentiated way, certain areas are dedicated to adults, to provide them relax while the children have fun.

More teams of instructors, more activities inside and outside the hotel, fun and special menus, games rooms and nursery with babysitting even for nights… Entertained children, and happy and relaxed parents. Little by little the services provided are taking shape and the result, for now, is a real success.

In addition, as you can see in the following video of the hotel in Puerto del Carmen Ole Olivina Lanzarote, hotels for children are not exclusive, moreover, those travelling as a couple or with a group of friends can enjoy much better spaces and quiet moments, without having to constantly share different parts of the hotel with the little ones. In this way, there is privacy for adults without giving up care and fun that younger guests need.

Hotels, children and competitive economy

Hotels for children are gaining ground to the traditional family hotels. More specialised in the little ones, with services conceived for their fun, entertainment and even learning, this type of hotels are attracting those parents in search of an accommodation where children can really make the most of their holiday. The advantage of these hotels for children is that they also provide spaces for adults, in a more independent way than family hotels where everything is mixed and more impersonal.

This model has been created in order to open a business sector and reactivate the competitive economy of the hotel trade, which has been at a standstill with beach and urban hotels until some years ago. Now, small and huge accommodations have understood that focusing on a specific public profile is more profitable than being a Jack of all trades.

Being competitive in a trade as developed as this, where innovating is difficult because almost everything has been invented, has led hotel chains’ managers to create spaces more and more adapted to a specific traveller model. In the case of hotels for couples travelling with children, the clear tendency is to offer attractive services for the little ones, since it is the key of the choice parents make when opting for an accommodation. If hotel has pools with water games, if it offers specialised instructors with different mini clubs according to ages; if it is an all-inclusive hotel for children with spaces for adults, then that’s the one.

The big losers are those hotels who have opted for remaining in the past: they have opened a spa, they have improved the gastronomy… but concept is the same: a beach hotel where guests, with children, alone, with friends, with couple, share a space, services and life during a few weeks.

Such a mixture of profiles leads often to a dissatisfaction from all the guests: couples look for a quiet space that families with children cannot guarantee. A perfect example of a successful All-inclusive resort that hasn’t lose its essence is the chain Olé Hotels, which has renovated its portfolio and is offering an interesting option of accommodations specialised in children: Galeón Ibiza, Tropical Tenerife y Olivina Lanzarote are a few examples of this.

Melià has been one of the pioneers, dedicating its line Sol Hotels to some very specific travellers segments: hotels for friends, hotels for children and hotels for couples and adults. Although they also have hotels for seniors and other minority profiles, the most successful project has been the Flintstones Hotels, famous all around the world because of their concept, which seems more a theme park than a fashionable family accommodation.

They are not expensive accommodations, nor luxury hotels, but they allow hotel managers to charge higher rates according to this type of hotels: Do you want to find what you are looking for?  Well, you have to pay for it. Competitive economy raised to the highest power. The concept of being in the club where all people like you is, where you get what you really want, just that. No more, no less.

In hotels for children this concept has worked as well as in Adults Only hotels, their natural antagonists and eternal competitors.  It was criticized because people said that couples escaped from noisy children… but it is not just about that, it is about the possibility of being in a place where you enjoy all the services and facilities you need. You pay for it. It’s that simple and that complex, because not all the hotel managers can lose a part of their public in order to get a more specialised one: it requires a considerable investment in services, refurbishing and, of course, marketing.

It is not easy for urban hotels in Madrid and Barcelona which have to find room for a specialization that usually don’t fit in their essence of accommodation for business people or for all types of tourists that want to spend some days in the city. Limited spaces, incapacity of giving up the rest of public to turn into hotels for children and how unnecessary it is: urban travellers, with or without children, don’t want a hotel to spend many hours, but a space to rest after entire days discovering the destination. Undoubtedly, this is a very different perspective from coastal hotels.

Nevertheless, there are chains trying to achieve this successfully. Chains specialising in boutique hotels, such as Petit Palace, that has created accommodation spaces for children in some of its hotels in the centre of Madrid: rooms with bunks in Gran Vía, ideal to share with parents, adjoining rooms, laptops, games, internet connection, iPad, video games, welcome gifts, children’s breakfasts…

Combine everything is complicated.  Being successful and competitive, is even more difficult. But it seems that this sector is still trying and this is just the beginning. We have to be attentive to see its development and glimpse the ending.

Child friendly hotels

Planning a family holiday that really feels like a holiday is no easy feat… However, it can be also an enjoyable experience. Hotel chains in Spain have understood the needs of new traveller parents and have reinvented their facilities during the last years, in order to offer a more complete and specialized service for those who travel with the little ones. That is how themed hotels for children were born.

One of the pioneers in this type of hotels in Spain is the family hotel chain of Melià, Sol Hotels. Thanks to them we can now enjoy the Flintstones hotels, inspired by the renowned cartoons series: special restaurant for kids, themed miniclub as if it were the stone age, pools designed as water parks, sport and game areas just for children, professional teams, entertainment with the series characters…

Hotels for children Sol Hotels

Hotels for children Sol Hotels

After these hotels, many other have been created: family hotels in Lanzarote or Tenerife which receive a lot of family travellers.  Although they are not as wonderful as the previous ones, they far exceed the expectations of parents travelling with children. For the, children are as important as adults, and satisfying them is their priority. At the same time, these hotels offer services and complimentary plans for parents to make the most of their time while kids are having fun.

Some urban family hotels have followed of the family resorts in Tenerife, Majorca or Andalusia and have created, as far as possible, spaces conceived for family travellers: largest rooms with special furniture for children, themed amenities, gastronomy for kids, pushchairs, free bike rental for all the family…