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Mutua Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open, a tennis classic

Next year I’m not going to miss it. This time I wasn’t able to go and had to settle for watching it on TV, but during the Mutua Madrid Open in 2018 I will be one of the live spectators in the audience. This magnificent sports event, a true tennis classic, deserves to be experienced in person at least once in a lifetime.

 In 2017 the attendance record was broken and the brilliant final between our own Mallorcan Rafa Nadal and Austrian Dominic Thiem has made me even more keen to go, even if other greats will be playing next year in this Spanish Masters 1000.

 In order to get the planning started, I’ve already began to check what accommodation options there are in Madrid. The excuse of the Madrid Open suits me perfectly; I’ll be able to use it as an excuse to enjoy a trip to the Spanish capital as well: a city that is beautiful and very much alive during the month of May.

 Even if the tournament is held at the facilities of the Caja Mágica, in the Usera district, I’ve decided that I’m going to stay to stay in the centre of the city. It’s going to be more comfortable for me to be near all the shopping and leisure on offer. There are several interesting possibilities there, but one of them caught my eye, and then especially if I end up going there with my partner.

 The hotel  Petit Palace Triball is a very cosy place. It’s located in a charming 19th-century building and just a stone’s throw from the Gran Vía I love. If in the end I decide to stay at this establishment I might even consider renting one of their bikes so I can go to the matches feeling that I’m keeping ‘in shape’.

 After I had seen this hotel on-line, I saw that the same chain offers another two very central hotels. The question is still whether I go with family or with friends. If I go with the little ones, I’d stay at the  Petit Palace Opera, which is another very cosy hotel that’s been recently renovated. It’s also very near the Puerta de Sol and Plaza Mayor, where there is good food to be had for sure, as well as entertainment that will suit all our tastes, because it’s impossible to walk far with the kids in tow.

 Another possibility is the Petit Palace Plaza de España, not far from the square with the same name, or the mythical Callao. The choice will fall on this full-featured four-star alternative if I can convince a couple of friends or my brothers-in-law to join us. That way it’ll be cheaper to rent a car between us four and we get to see the other parts of Madrid between matches. Mutua Madrid Open 2018, bring it on!


Petit Palace Triball, much more than a city hotel in Madrid

Can you imagine sleeping in a king-size bed with the whole of your Madrid spread out before you and the best hotel services you can imagine? Well, leave other to imagine it because this is a possibility. Where? In the Petit Palace Triball, one of the urban jewels the Petit Palace Hotels chain has in the heart of the capital Madrid.

Those who see the photos in our article and are loyal customers of the chain will see that we are not talking about a new hotel, but the old Petit Palace Italia. With a new new name, with improved services and the best location in the entire city, the Petit Palace Triball is the best choice for those who are on the hunt for deals in the Gran Via in Madrid.

A hotel with a myriad of services

Located next to the main artery of the city ( Madrid’s Gran Via) and situated in a beautiful mid-nineteenth century building, this charming hotel Petit Palace is much more than just accommodation as shown by the many services the brand offers its customers. Beyond what is normally offered in any hotel, what is there to delight visitors? Let’s review:

Rooms designed for families

If you have chosen this hotel for a romantic weekend with your partner don’t be scared off by the title. No, the Petit Palace Triball is not just for a hotel for families, but families can book one larger room instead of needing to book two (as they used to in the past). So, in addition to spending days off with their children nearby in the room, Dads can keep a closer eye on their little ones.

Free iPad in every room

In addition to the free WiFi available in the Petit Palace Triball, this hotel (as in almost every hotel in the chain) offers customers a free iPad in every room during their stay. This is a perfect idea to enable us to surf the net in our moments of relaxation or to share our holiday photos on social networks.

Free bikes for all

For anyone who wants to visit the city by bike (to get to know the center of Madrid on two wheels is a perfect choice), this hotel offers free bikes to all its customers. Isn’t that just great?

Welcome pets
Yes, We no longer have to leave our pets alone or depend on our long-suffering neighbor to care for our pet. Why is this? The hotel Petit Palace Triball is a pet friendly hotel so you can travel with your pet and enjoy the rest with her at your side.

Recommendations to visit the historical Madrid

Madrid is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Many people visit Madrid every month just to go shopping avoiding stress and visiting top international brand boutiques.

Madrid is a one of the best cities where to enjoy famous green areas like El Retiro park, the amazing natural paradise in Spain. For many people Madrid is culture, a place where you can discover and learn many things.  It has a wide range of museums, which are unique in the world, such as  Museo del Prado or the contemporary museum of Reina Sofia.

Ideal en cualquier época del año, aquí te damos algunos consejos para disfrutar Madrid de la forma más divertida y sin dejarte nada:

A capital full of monuments and churches

If you want to visit and enjoy Madrid, you should include in your tour list some of the following best monuments and churches in the city:

●       Cibeles fountain: it’s Paseo del Prado’s main attraction also called “La Cibeles”. It shows the goddess that takes care of the land, and the place where Real Madrid commemorates its victories.

●      Puerta de Alcala: main focus of poems and songs intersecting with 4 streets of the city centre.

●      Museo del Prado: it’s one of the most visited museums in Spain. It boasts some of the best art works.


Walks and Parks all over

If you have already seen some of the main emblematic places and buildings of the Spanish capital on your city break, take some time to walk across its well-kept green areas, the afterwork meeting point for lots of locals, where they spend time chatting, doing sport, walking:

●      Paseo del Prado

●      Parque del Retiro: one of the biggest parks with impressive green areas. It’s an icon for the city, where you can walk, relax or eat an ice cream accompanied by a special person. uno de los parques más grandes, con áreas verdes de inmejorable visual.

●      Casadecampo: it’s a must-see place. It’s impossible to describe its beauty. We can just say that it’s much bigger than Central Park in New York.

Accommodation recommendations

There are four interesting options if you need a good accommodation in Madrid. WE detail you below a list of some of the best hotels you should bear in mind while choosing your accommodation. We choose Vincci’s chain because of its amazing design. They guarantee you a memorable experience:

●      Vincci Capitol hotel

●      Vincci Soho hotel

●      Vincci Centrum

●      Vincci Soma Hotel

Madrid: City of design

Today we are going to propose a trip to Madrid… but a unique getaway. A stay at a very special design hotel in the capital of Spain, so you can enjoy a really fun accommodation and boast a trip to Madrid with everyone.

We begin with a movie hotel. Yes, a hotel from the movies, or rather a hotel where where to relive all the movies that we have grown up with. A space to discover those film scripts which are rooted in our  conscience and with which we have learned to travel the world in our imagination. A hotel with so many experiences that will guide through the some of the best moments in film history and that allows you to transform a short escapade to Madrid into a dream.

Room Skylight at Hotel Vincci Capitol

Room Skylight at Hotel Vincci Capitol

The Vincci Capitol, located in the same building of the great room that gives it its name. Set in the film world, this hotel boasts rooms inspired by films of all times. It has the great advantage of being an accommodation in the heart of Gran Via, next to Callao and the shopping street Preciados, next to the Fnac and just a few steps from Puerta del Sol. Modern but without losing its classic air of old cinema, the hotel connects directly to the history of the Capitol room and proposes a real film trip to Madrid. Services are very complete (it is a 4-star) and prices are very reasonable with respect to their quality and attention.

In the same line of original and careful design, the Vincci Hotels chain has other 4 hotels in the centre of Madrid which are also really worth it:

–          Vincci Soma

–          Vincci Vía 66

–          Vincci Centrum

–          Vincci Soho

Musical weekend in Madrid

Excuses to prolong the summer, party, laughter, trips. Here’s one for this post-holiday, tortuous September: weekend getaway to Madrid to enjoy good music, good ambience and Vermouth against Sunday hangover. Take your money, buy tickets and pack that we’re going to the DCode Festival.

DCODE Madrid

DCODE Madrid

What is DCode?

This festival prior to the autumn is being consolidated as one of the must-attend indie music events of Europe. In a single day (Saturday 12) and in a privileged location, the campus of the Complutense University of Madrid, the capital welcomes the new season with a luxury lineup for almost all tastes and ages: Sam Smith, Foals, Crystal Fighters, The Vaccines, Suede, Flo Morrissey, Wolf Alice, Izal, Supersubmarina… For 60 euros and the possibility of organizing a complete weekend in Madrid.

It is one of the few festivals that propose a day plan, with food trucks to liven up the stomachs of the festival-goers and shops and merchandising for fans. It is a custom little exploited in the music festivals in Spain, which tend to have most of the concerts and activities from 16: 30 in the afternoon. In this case, Dcode is making a strong bet on the day plan, with stages running from 11: 30 hours.

There will also be an extravagant sports plan: a football league involving sports journalists and some of the artists of the festival poster… And it is possible that a fan can enter into the official 11, so it is important not to lose detail of the news on the blog of the event.

And for fashionistas, Fashion Market with the presence of some of the most important designers of the moment in Spain, bright young hopes, consolidated brands, handicraft, gifts…




As always, the fastest option in Madrid. If you haven’t been in the capital for a long time ago, you will notice that individual tickets are quite more expensive than a few years ago. Buy 10 If you are going to be 2 or 3 days in the capital. See schedules and when in doubt, pass by the box office.

●       Metro: CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA STATION LINE L-6 “Circular 1Y 2”


Another interesting, but perhaps less quick option because of the Madrid traffic, but more entertaining because you can see the city. The route from the centre is short, but passes through interesting areas. Departs from Cibeles and offers night service for those who finish early in the morning.

●       Buses: C ARTE C: U, G, 46, 82, 83, 132, 133, 162

●       Buses: C. D. CANTARRANAS: Línea N-20 “Cibeles- Peña grande neighbourhood”


The most expensive option but more direct. There is nothing like stopping a taxi in Madrid to take you to your destination. At night tend to be less, but it is still one of the cities in which this service is best provided.


More fashionable than ever. If you’re a modern person, this is the option for you. There is a public bicycle service provided by the city council: you can consult all the information on its website. You can also opt for booking a hotel in the centre of Madrid with free bikes, such as the Petit Palace hotels, which also have rooms with free wifi situated in Gran Via, Puerta del Sol, Chueca and the best neighbourhoods in the heart of Madrid.

Accommodation in Madrid: good, nice and at affordable prices

On the website of the festival you will find several hostels and hotels near the venue. Booking there is perfect for those who only go to see the festival because you save in transportation and get comfort. Try to book in advance because there are few rooms available.

For those who want to experience something more in the city… Hotels in the centre of Madrid have enough offers at this time and are the most convenient option: although you have to travel by metro to the University, the rest of the time you can experience the wealth of leisure, gastronomy and culture that provides the heart of Madrid without stress or rush. There are 4-star hotels in Madrid that, additionally, propose you a different experience to plan a fun getaway: cinema-inspired hotels in Madrid, hotels in the middle of Plaza Mayor, hotels in Puerta del Sol, gastronomic hotels in Las Letras neighbourhood… But it is difficult to choose because, as you can see, variety is not missing.


Las Letras, a new hotel for a new Madrid

Among the summer 2015 hotels we have decided to break our rules and be on a completely urban hotel. The new IBEROSTAR Las Letras hotel in La Gran Vía, Madrid. An accommodation that seems to make the difference. Why? For a start, it is an unusual hotel in the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts group, different from the usual beach resorts except in the big variety of services that offers, which is not frequently found in a hotel in the centre of Madrid.

In addition, it was conceived as a design hotel for those travellers that choose the destination as a life experience, not only to spend the night in the city, and that’s what we love about Las Letras Hotel, because it is a place you don’t want to miss if you visit Madrid. It also has one of the best restaurants in the capital, the perfect lounge areas for a pause in your trip through the city and a breathtaking rooftop.

The location is perfect too, just a step away from everything you need, especially the area for partying or going out for some tapas, and the government institutions: the parliament building, the city hall and the Círculo de Bellas Artes. The rooms, the bedrooms and common spaces are designed for visitors with sense of art, quietness and exclusive environments, without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

Aimed to be a hotel for events in Madrid, it’s specially designed to host corporate meetings, product presentations, cocktails and parties, it also boasts the service of the chef Paco Morales, Michelin star, for its catering services for companies.

Without leaving the charm of an antique building in Madrid, the strategies, similar to the Petit Palace firm, take the best of the building but preserve the old façade, Its coffered ceilings, the inner stairs, creating a balance spirit between tradition and a modernity and avant-garde halo that will cover you.


Being right in the centre of Madrid, the location shouldn’t matter but we want to emphasise in this one because it is a hotel next to the Parliament and Las Letras neighbourhood, an area not only close to everything, but also with the best transport services, comfortable and simple, making easy the shift to outside the city or the airport

Best way to travel in the city is through the public transport (taxi or metro). If you bring your car, there’s a parking (extra fee) near the hotel. You can also rent a bicycle which is trendy nowadays and run through the centre of Madrid, and know the parks in two wheels, a lovely experience, we can assure you.

Amenities and services

As we mentioned before to the Catering service, we can add the event counselling in Madrid, the bar, the chill out area in the terrace, in the 7th floor with a beautiful view to the Gran Vía.

Another remarkable service that caught our attention was the Wifi & Walk service, it allows you to be online inside and outside the hotel, another plus is the customized service, the gym and the room service.


Something astoundingly is the opportunity to book an accommodation with terrace in the Gran Vía and… Jacuzzi, beautifully decorated (not to mention the area, not a single room with less than 24 square metres, an exaggeration in the centre of Madrid, where we used to have tiny rooms) and some other services: minibar, Plasma TV, reading lamps, wardrobe, private bathroom.

The most exclusive bedrooms are the double deluxe and the double superior with terrace, located on the top floors of the building, and offer you some spectacular views to the city


Booking in Las Letras Hotel is quite simple: even though you can make the reservation through its website, we suggest you to make it through the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts official webpage, there you can find guarantee at the best price, plus some other hotel offers in Madrid, that you can exploit if your schedule is flexible, Check the availability before making any reservation.

A route around Madrid’s rooftop terraces.

It is an in style plan in Madrid. Either you live in the capital or you go on holidays or on a weekend trip you should not miss the new routes around Madrid’s rooftop terraces, which allow you to enjoy all the charms of Madrid’s terraced roofs, its skyscrapers and the beauty of some of the most emblematic buildings of the capital.

The fashion of the rooftop terraces, together with the fashion of the Gin Tonic and the Afterwork (having a drink after work but with a cool style) keeps growing year after year, and it has gained many followers. Others have simply fallen in love with photography: from these spaces, especially in the evening, you can enjoy fabulous views and light of Madrid.

Tourists and locals meet in these terraces of the sky of Madrid. The most famous route is the official route of the rooftop terraces of the Circle of Fine Arts, located on the seventh floor of one of the most important buildings of Madrid, declared historic monument 2 decades ago. The entrance ticket costs 2 euros and it gives you access to the exhibition and the conference rooms and to the cafeterias. It is a meeting point for having a drink before having dinner in the centre, located on Gran Via, near the petit Palace Alcalá Torre Hotel, near the Puerta de Alcalá and Cibeles.

Another of the in style terraces of the city is the Reina Sofia Museum’s one, located in the Nouvel building, in the Triangle of Art of Madrid, with free entrance. It stands out for being one of the largest rooftop terraces of the capital and for its eclectic atmosphere.

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The UNED’s cafeteria is one of the most welcoming and modern rooftop terraces of the city. Located at the heart of Lavapiés neighbourhood, it offers a unique experience: it is located in the building of the Escuelas Pías and it offers access to its large library. The bar has an interesting list of proposals and it is managed by the Gaudeamus Café Madrid.

If you want to combine visits and a tapas route, we recommend you visit the Casa Granada terrace, in Tirso de Molina. Good atmosphere, typical Andalusian cuisine, beers and cocktails. Delicacies close at hand from Plaza Mayor square, close to some of the main hotels of the old Madrid. If you have the chance to find an accommodation in this area between Huertas and La Latina, you will be able to enjoy one of the best night leisure programmes of Madrid near the hotel. You cannot miss the lively terrace of Cebada square: under the name of El Viajero, it offers one of the most beautiful sunsets of Madrid. It is ideal for starting a night or finishing a Sunday morning.

Nearby accommodation:

If you are looking for an accommodation in the centre of Madrid near La Latina, Puerta del Sol or Gran Via, check out the official websites of hotel chains like Petit Palace, NK, Melià or Barceló, as all of them offer you interesting promotions, specially during this time of the year, at the end of summer.

If you are travelling for business and you need comfort (without giving up good communications with the city centre) choose hotels near Barajas or rooms in Arturo Soria and Ciudad Lineal, near IFEMA, areas with good communications with Madrid city centre and with special services for business.

The holidays with children in Madrid are another thing. The best accommodation option is a hotel in the centre of Madrid with parking (if you decide to travel by car a location in the centre is indispensable). You can also choose hotels for families in Gran Via, near everything and with special services and comfortable rooms where to rest without giving up intimacy and comfort. These family rooms in Madrid are also perfect for those who go on a weekend trip with a group of friends: there are equipped rooms for up to 5 and 6 people.

Moving around Madrid.

Although the subway network is the most comfortable option, if you want to enjoy a route around the rooftop terraces of Madrid we recommend you rent a bike and visit the streets of the centre of the capital, admiring its buildings and monuments. In Madrid you can also enjoy bicycle routes specially designed for children, an entertaining, cheap and different plan.

There are many establishments that offer this service. Besides, Madrid’s city hall has inaugurated its system of public bikes (BiciMAD), which offers you the possibility to get a temporary pass for 1, 3 or 5 days with prices from 2€ the first hour to 4€ the second hour. Another option is to book a hotel in Madrid with a free bike rental. They have the advantage that they are included in the room’s price, although sometimes there might not be bikes for all users. The best option is to make a request to the hotel in advance if you are planning a route on the following day.


Stories of Madrid and routes to discover it

Madrid is a unique city. A capital city globally known for its culture and heritage, its bars and restaurants, and its immense joy of living … Spain’s capital allows visitors to enjoy a very unique territory, full of curiosities and places of interest.

The history of Madrid is, however, recent and in this relatively short history is part of the reason why they are so open. From an almost anonymous existence in the Middle Ages, Philip II made Madrid the capital of an empire on which the sun never set.

From the ephemeral splendour of the American gold and silver to an age of misery and hard times honoured with the pride that led the rebellion against the French troops and began the War of Independence, an enormous event in history and consciousness of Madrid and its citizens.

From Principe Pio to the Plaza Mayor, and from the Royal Palace through the Sabatini Gardens … the historical legacy of Madrid invites you to visit the city through a story that has dates, artwork and names burned with fire.

The hotels Petit Palace Mayor Plaza, Petit Palace Puerta del Sol or the Petit Palace Londres are excellent starting points for exploring the city by foot or with the free bicycle service in Madrid, in addition to the information staff offers its restless travellers.

Madrid is a cultural temptation to be discovered at any time of year, not only in museums like El Prado, Sorolla or Reina Sofía, but also on the cobblestones of the Madrid of the Austrias, which will talk about another day.