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Petit Palace, the firm of the urban hotels

The Basque hotel firm High Tech has decided to give its backing to its firm Petit Palace, making it the leader and symbol of the urban hotels in Spain.

Habitaciones High Tech Petit Palace Hoteles

Modernity, elegance and personal attention: these are the values this firm has cultivated and showed around Spain, in each of the hotels which has been incorporated in its portfolio in recent years.

Its hallmark is the refurbishing of old buildings and noble palaces which have represented a vital element in their society. These buildings have been turned into unique accommodations especially thought for those travellers who are searching for something more than a simple hotel to stay at.


One can visit some of these jewels of the Spanish hotel industry in almost any part of the national territory of Spain, from the beautiful city of Salamanca, with its emblematic Petit Palace Las Torres Salamanca Hotel, to the lively city of Malaga, where the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga Hotel lies.


In the Basque Country, native town of the firm, we find one of the most recommended Petit Palace hotels by travellers: the Petit Palace Tamarises Hotel, which stands out for its excellent cuisine and that unique atmosphere one can only feel in the beautiful Ereaga beach, in Getxo.

Nevertheless, most of the Petit Palace hotels are located in Madrid: they are all located in the most central streets in the capital, close at hand from the most universal places of interest in Madrid, from Puerta del Sol, to Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor and Serrano.

Among these hotels, we highlight those designed to offer the guest a unique experience which is more than relax and rest, as it is the case of the Petit Palace Embassy Serrano Hotel, the Petit Palace Londres Madrid Hotel or the Petit Palace Alcalá Torre Hotel, located in the first skyscraper in Madrid.

Travelers 2.0, hotels with free wifi

Reality and society have changed considerably in recent times and travel is no longer conducted in the same way as before.  Today, any time is good to reserve flights and start to dream about a destination thousands of miles away.  Internet has erased the remaining  boundaries and has converted travellers’ experiences to global, from the moment when planning a journey up to the return home, sharing the details with friends and family.

Look for destinations, compare prices, check distances and connections, read the opinions of hotels to find good accommodation, book a room, car hire and even the entrance tickets for museums.  All this can be done with just a few clicks.

This is the age of the traveller 2.0.  We feel more comfortable organizing our own trips, deciding and managing all the details from the beginning to the end.  As connections improve and the price becomes more affordable, the number of operations via internet that we are prepared to undertake increases.  Not only before departure but also during the trip, we can find out about cultural plans for the same day in our chosen destination, check out a route or find a recommended restaurant.

habitacion hotel con ordenador
Since internet is gaining territory as the great universal tourist guides, many hotel groups are offering internet access in all their hotels in order to improve the users experience and capture new clients who search directly for hotels with free wifi in Valencia or hotels with internet in Madrid.

In fact, some of these chains have gone a step further and offer the latest services such as portable computers in the room, the possibility of DSL connection or wi-fi throughout the hotel.  This is case of the Basque chain, High Tech Hotels, for whom new technology is a priority and who have an outstanding portfolio of boutique hotels in Spain.
Habitacion con wifi gratis en Madrid

The Hotel Petit Palace Italia Madrid – perfect for families, the Hotel Petit Palace Mayor Plaza Madrid – built on the land of the house where Lope de Vege was born, the Hotel Petit Palace Londres Madrid – a few steps from Puerta del Sol, or the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara Madrid – the former Palace of the Marqueses de Quintanar – are some examples of hotels with the latest technology that High Tech have in Madrid.