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Objective? To thoroughly live the Lloret de Mar of the rich sea-traders

Seasoned travelers and experts say that to get to know a destination really well, it is not enough just to scratch the surface and enjoy the obvious. To show we are real travelers, to drink in and enjoy the essence of each place we are supposed to throw ourselves into the unknown side of those destinations that we consider “basic” or simply “sun and beach”.

In all this you can take note of a doyen destination in our country such as Lloret de Mar, one of the jewels of the Selva region, in the province of Girona. It is this part of our country that is a magnet for those seeking sun and beach and it is an authentic temple of history. In fact, did you know that thousands of locals crossed the seas to make their fortunes and then return to Lloret de Mar?

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

The presence of the Spaniards who returned rich from the Americas resulted in a unique architectural heritage in the area and centuries of history have subsequently formed a perfect tourist tour to give that special touch to some relaxing time in Catalonia. What are the highlights?

The Town House

One of the greatest exponents of the ‘Nabob’ presence in Lloret de Mar is the local municipality. With a clear neoclassic style, the council came to life in 1872, at the height of the rich sea-trader’s return. With its yellow facade, its windows and wrought iron bells, it is no wonder it is one of the most photographed spots in Lloret. .

The Cemetery

While visiting a cemetery is not one of those plans that will seduce all travelers, strolling through the cemetery in Lloret de Mar is an experience, especially if one follows the path of the returned sea-traders. Remodeled in the late nineteenth century, the place retains some of the graves of those who dared to reach the Americas.

The Maritime Museum

Beyond its Catalan essence, this town is pure sea (hence its name). Since the sea was what started Lloret de Mar’s success, few places have put together so well the sea-traders presence as the Museum of the Sea, a unique location overlooking the Mediterranean that becomes a real walk through local history.

Hotels in Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar is a place that can boast of having a range of first class hotels. Although some may have more or fewer stars and more or fewer services, there are those that give exceptional value for price such as the FERGUS San Juan Park or FERGUS Style Plaza Paris SPA, both with the FERGUS Hotel’s seal of quality.

An escapade to the heart of the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava covers the whole of the coast of Girona and offers one of the most authentic views of the Mediterranean. As well as bustling touristic towns typical of the Spanish Levante, one can still find those areas that maintain the charm of the old fashioned summers.

Cadaques Girona

One storey buildings, in front of the sea, with winding narrow streets with children playing in the open air, swimming in the sea, running towards the pine trees to looking for shade…. A memory of past times that is more difficult to find as progress and development has swept through the area. Nevertheless, many maintain their essence and thus make them the ideal destination to enjoy with the family. A relaxed summer, just like the ones in the old days.

Cadaques, Banyoles, S’Agaro, Begur… The Costa Brava extends from Blanes until the border with France and it is dotted with scenes of dense vegetation that descends from the mountains to the sea, that create beautiful and charming beaches of fine white sand.

Beach Santa Sussana

In many of these towns we can find natural harbours from which neighbours set off to fish aboard their small boats. The majority do so just for fun: the Mediterranean is a calm sea where sailing is a pleasure, especially during the summer, with its warm waters and with hardly any swell.

In order to enjoy these little towns, the best is to plan a car trip that allows the traveller to stop and spend the night in the different places of the Catalonian coast where to enjoy and discover the customs of the Mediterranean.

Fergus Style Cala Blanca Suites

Along the coasts of Barcelona and Girona there are number of accommodations with full services, it is enough to choose those that are closer to the towns we wish to visit. One of the hotel chains with a larger presence in the area and better valued by clients is Fergus Hotels, that has 5 hotels along the coast:

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