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Stories of Madrid and routes to discover it

Madrid is a unique city. A capital city globally known for its culture and heritage, its bars and restaurants, and its immense joy of living … Spain’s capital allows visitors to enjoy a very unique territory, full of curiosities and places of interest.

The history of Madrid is, however, recent and in this relatively short history is part of the reason why they are so open. From an almost anonymous existence in the Middle Ages, Philip II made Madrid the capital of an empire on which the sun never set.

From the ephemeral splendour of the American gold and silver to an age of misery and hard times honoured with the pride that led the rebellion against the French troops and began the War of Independence, an enormous event in history and consciousness of Madrid and its citizens.

From Principe Pio to the Plaza Mayor, and from the Royal Palace through the Sabatini Gardens … the historical legacy of Madrid invites you to visit the city through a story that has dates, artwork and names burned with fire.

The hotels Petit Palace Mayor Plaza, Petit Palace Puerta del Sol or the Petit Palace Londres are excellent starting points for exploring the city by foot or with the free bicycle service in Madrid, in addition to the information staff offers its restless travellers.

Madrid is a cultural temptation to be discovered at any time of year, not only in museums like El Prado, Sorolla or Reina Sofía, but also on the cobblestones of the Madrid of the Austrias, which will talk about another day.