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Recommendations to visit the historical Madrid

Madrid is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Many people visit Madrid every month just to go shopping avoiding stress and visiting top international brand boutiques.

Madrid is a one of the best cities where to enjoy famous green areas like El Retiro park, the amazing natural paradise in Spain. For many people Madrid is culture, a place where you can discover and learn many things.  It has a wide range of museums, which are unique in the world, such as  Museo del Prado or the contemporary museum of Reina Sofia.

Ideal en cualquier época del año, aquí te damos algunos consejos para disfrutar Madrid de la forma más divertida y sin dejarte nada:

A capital full of monuments and churches

If you want to visit and enjoy Madrid, you should include in your tour list some of the following best monuments and churches in the city:

●       Cibeles fountain: it’s Paseo del Prado’s main attraction also called “La Cibeles”. It shows the goddess that takes care of the land, and the place where Real Madrid commemorates its victories.

●      Puerta de Alcala: main focus of poems and songs intersecting with 4 streets of the city centre.

●      Museo del Prado: it’s one of the most visited museums in Spain. It boasts some of the best art works.


Walks and Parks all over

If you have already seen some of the main emblematic places and buildings of the Spanish capital on your city break, take some time to walk across its well-kept green areas, the afterwork meeting point for lots of locals, where they spend time chatting, doing sport, walking:

●      Paseo del Prado

●      Parque del Retiro: one of the biggest parks with impressive green areas. It’s an icon for the city, where you can walk, relax or eat an ice cream accompanied by a special person. uno de los parques más grandes, con áreas verdes de inmejorable visual.

●      Casadecampo: it’s a must-see place. It’s impossible to describe its beauty. We can just say that it’s much bigger than Central Park in New York.

Accommodation recommendations

There are four interesting options if you need a good accommodation in Madrid. WE detail you below a list of some of the best hotels you should bear in mind while choosing your accommodation. We choose Vincci’s chain because of its amazing design. They guarantee you a memorable experience:

●      Vincci Capitol hotel

●      Vincci Soho hotel

●      Vincci Centrum

●      Vincci Soma Hotel

Spring in El Retiro

El Retiro in Madrid is a great oasis of the Spanish capital, a corner where you can forget the traffic, purchases , stress and frantic life that confront us every day in this large city.  It is beautiful during the whole year, but in spring it boasts its highest splendour and, on weekends, it is a meeting point for those who visit or live in the centre of the capital.

Gardens of El Buen Retiro, with lake, boats, exhibitions in El Palacio de Cristal, puppeteers and jugglers, form a unique attraction in Madrid that must be enjoyed with calm, as when you savour a delicious dessert.

El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park

A good option to experience it is organising a picnic day, an ideal plan both with partner or children.  If you stay in some hotel close to El Retiro, it is likely that they make you something cold to take-away  or there are a lot of shops and take away restaurants where you can buy a sandwich or a lemonade to recharge batteries before going to the park.

For this flowers time, when plants offer their best side, one of the most interesting areas of El Retiro is the botanical path, which passes along 8km and from where you can watch almost a hundred of species of different trees, among which you will find the oldest tree of Madrid.  Giant sequoias, orange trees, Japanese maple, almond trees, acacias, olive trees, strawberry trees… If you really want to make the most of the trip and live near to the charm of this park area, you can book a room with views to El Retiro next to the Alfonso XII street.

Other of the most comfortable places for a spring picnic in El Retiro is the pier area, next to the botanical route and Fuente de los Galápagos, or Palacio de Cristal, where you will find several nooks to lie down and relax under the trees shade.

Petit Palace Hotels

Petit Palace Hotels

Spring art in El Palacio de Cristal

El Palacio de Cristal in El Retiro has an exhibition room which is one of the two seats of the Reina Sofia Museum.  Free entrance all the days of the week, from April to September (except May 1th), in a uninterrupted schedule from 10 to 22 hours.

If you get accommodation close the El Retiro park for this Easter, you could enjoy the art exhibition of the French Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster named Splendide Hotel. It intends to be an interactive exhibition where public is who gives meaning to it.  The subject is about literature and cinema as art forms and their limitations when it is time to transmit sensations.

The exhibition, opened the last March 14th, will keep open until August 31th of this year.

Accommodations in Madrid linked to this area of the city: