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Colombia is the buzz word at the moment

Colombia is in vogue. Colombia is taking advantage of the fact that it is the protagonist of one of the series in vogue about the controversial Pablo Escobar to get rid of its bad reputation and promote itself as a destination of stunning landscapes, of a thousand-year culture, an intense gastronomy, idyllic nooks; of cities with history and colonial villages; of magic music, happiness and humble people. Colombia is much more than what we see on television, it is the alive and lush nature of its jungles, the vitality of its “cafetales” and its sugar cane fields, the craftwork made by the elders and by talented youngsters, the life in the streets, its museums, its theatres… Colombia is its past, tough and real, but it is also its welcoming present and its encouraging future.

4 or 5 years ago Colombia tried to break with its past: with the insecurity, with crime and violence. “Colombia, the risk is that you want to stay” was one of the most famous tourist promotion slogans. A courageous campaign that wanted to promote the idea that an unsafe country is a country that does not evolve. Thus, the campaign was accompanied by videos that showed all the virtues of Colombia that have traditionally been overlapped with other less attractive issues.

Adventure, huge beaches, good weather, heritage and culture, music, modernity, comfort… These are the values that were celebrated in the videos and that have also inspired the new promotion campaign, aimed at promoting the country as the cradle of magic realism, offering unique experiences in its incomparable landscapes. Thanks to both campaigns, tourism in Colombia has not stopped growing, and it has earned different awards for being the first international tourist destination chosen by travellers from all around the world.

Discovering the charm of the so-called Eje Cafetero, the beauty of the famous Garden City of Colombia (Fusagasugá), the eternal Cartagena, San Agustín, the Colombian Caribbean… The tourist attractions in the country are endless, like the hospitality of its people and the magic of its nature.

If you are thinking of visiting Colombia, do not hesitate: the country is in vogue and prices shoot ski-high. Make the most of the trip and accommodation discounts or plan your own getaway with enough time for enjoying the sales with the Early Booking of the hotels in Bogota. Medellin and the Colombian Caribbean. Some of the most luxurious hotels in Bogota, the historical hotels of Ibague and the large resorts of Bucaramanga or Popayán are a great opportunity for discovering this magic land, enjoying its charms with a privileged attention and with safety and guaranties.

Dann Carlton Quito: “Life is luxury”

Life is luxury… This is the slogan of the emblematic hotel chain Dann Hotels and, especially, of their more exclusive line: Dann Carlton Hotels. Today we are going to visit one of the few accommodations managed by this Colombian company in another country, a hotel located in the Ecuador’s capital: the famous Dann Carlton Quito, where this phrase about life and luxury really makes sense.

It is an accommodation full of style, with classic details and avant-garde design conceived to please the most modern travellers, without giving up to a charming place for those who enjoy the lifelong pleasures and the historic elegance with certain baroque touches. Its lines and architecture have a European influence, without losing the essence of the city where it is located. A combination of luxury that only few chains have known to combine with such harmony.

Luxury accomodation in Quito

Luxury accomodation in Quito

The hotel especially stands out for its wide and detailed rooms. Its executive and suite rooms in Quito are some of the most recommended ones, since they allow you to rest with comfort right in the financial centre of the capital.

Another of its best appreciated spaces is an exclusive swimming pool with crystal roof, surrounded by deck chairs, with specialised staff looking after guests. It is very close to the gym, to the squash court and all you may need for a quiet and healthy stay and a business trip.

As this is a special business hotel in Quito, this accommodation offer services conceived to provide companies and managers with all the facilities they need: special rooms, wifi connection, meeting rooms, business days, business centre and executive menu.

For further information, hotel has its own website allowing you to book directly online, without intermediaries or extra charges, guaranteeing the best prices: Dann Carlton Quito Hotel.

Hotel Dann Norte, Luxury and exclusiveness north of Bogotá

The prestigious Dann Hotel chain offers a variety of hotels in Colombia specialized in the business customers. One of them is the renowned Dann Norte Bogotá hotel.  It’s a 4 star hotel located north of Bogotá, a place where exclusiveness and elegance combine to offer you the best quality service in a deluxe environment.

Located north of Bogotá, close to one of the most important business centres of the capital. The perfect location along with a unique service designed for the business customers make it one of the best options for those who are looking for a business hotel north of Bogotá.

4 star hotel in Bogotá

4 star hotel in Bogotá

These events hotel in Bogotá has seven meeting rooms up to 400 guest capacity, fully equipped with sound, light, and communication systems ideal to any business meeting. And if you need any advice to prepare your celebration the hotel will help you with any kind of event.

At the end of the day, our guest can relax and enjoy in their comfortable bedrooms, every room is furnished with a simple but modern style, creating a nice and elegant atmosphere. Plus, the natural daylight imbues the space giving a warm and familiar feeling, making you feel like home.

In order to make this experience just perfect, the hotel offers many services to make you enjoy your time while you’re in Bogotá. The Dann Norte Hotel offers a spa access to its guests where they can enjoy the sauna, the Turkish bath, perfect to eliminate the stress in the afternoon, and for those who have exercise routines, the hotel counts with a gym, with all the equipment you need.

The Dann chain goal is to offer the most comfortable environment to make their guests relax and enjoy, something you will find nowhere else. Come enjoy our unique services, made it for those business travellers or those who travel with family and want to spend a few days in the capital of Colombia.

The hotel trade in Colombia

The hotel industry in Colombia has made a huge leap forward in the last years. The number of hotels has significantly increased and their quality has improved in such a way that it is up to the same standard as the most thriving and visited countries in the world.

More buildings, more safety, more internal mobility, best air connections… It is a perfect environment to create a strong industry, and national and international hotel chains are abreast of this. Nevertheless, it seems that demand numbers are not so positive, especially in the regions situated far from the coast.

At least, that is what the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia, Cotelco, says. The average occupancy of hotels located in Santander, for example, does not exceed the 45-50%. A very limited number if we consider that it is an area that covers the famous Ruta del Sol and where there is a strong potential in the MICE and business meetings industry.

Although prices are lower than in 2012, around $132 per night, the main destinations keep their quietness: Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales y Cali. In other cases, such as San Andrés island (an incredible paradise in the middle of the Colombian Caribbean), average prices per night are around $200, similar to the hotel rates in Cartagena.

Hotels in Bucaramanga, which are in the third place in price per night, were some of those that registered an important drop in the average price of the stay per night, with 129 dollars, 27% less than in the previous years. However, in this city we find some of the most exclusive and well-designed hotels in the country. A few 5-star hotels stand out, such as Dann Bucaramanga hotel, specialised in high level tourism and business trips.

Dann Bucaramanga Hotel

Dann Bucaramanga Hotel

 The same hotel chain has hotels in Bogotá with a similar, and even superior, level, such as the emblematic Casa Dann Carlton Bogotá, with spa and services for events in one of the best locations in Bogotá. Along with it, Dann Carlton Bogotá and Dann Norte make part of a range of accommodations in Bogotá, ideal for those in search of rest and service in a luxury space.

Cali, where we can find many rural and eco hotels, or Medellin, are some of the strongest destinations which show a good development in the hotel trade in Colombia.

Taste for classic details

Elegance, spacious rooms, classic design, personalised attention… The characteristics of luxury hotels in Colombia have some meeting points with Europe, but it is more traditional, more focused on the classic elegance with baroque details and court essence, in contrast to the fashion of the Nordic design which has pervaded the most modern hotels in the south and centre of Europe.

A good hotel in Colombia offers professional staff, spacious rooms with tailor-made services, (from the traditional bathrobes and slippers, to the breakfast in the room service, shoe cleaner and luxury welcome amenities), functional spaces such as the dressing room, hall, living rooms, meetings room…

Booking is very easy and most of the chains offer all types of facilities to those who live in the same city or those who come from the US or Europe. Taking advantage of early booking is a good option, although price differences are not as drastic as in the Mediterranean coast.

Dann Hotels, the business hotel chain in Colombia

Dann hotel chain born 45 years ago in Colombia with the opening of its first hotel, Dann Avenida 19 Hotel in the financial centre of Bogotá.  it was built with the objective of hosting many guests who came to the Colombian capital in 1968 because of the visit of Pope Pablo VI to the city.

Although at the beginning the project wast to build apartments in that land, they reconsidered it and took advantage of the religious demand. It was a wise choice. Now, 46 years after, Dann chain has eight hotels located in different cities of Colombia, and a hotel in Quito, Ecuador.

Dann Carlton Quito Hotel business center

Most of them are business hotels in Bogotá.  This chain has specialized in this sector in order to become established in the Colombian hotel trade, which has experienced a strong growth in last years, despite the international crisis. In fact, nowadays Colombia has one of stablest hotel industries in South America.

This chain has clearly turned the business travellers into its main public and, in fact, this sector represents around 85% of the total guests. For this, its hotels are designed in order to meet the needs of this type of public, equipped with facilities or events celebrations, a wide range of services, good restaurants, spa, gym, among others.

Additionally, the company boasts two different business lines. On one side, the Dann hotels, with which it was born and started to expand, and on the other side, Dann Carlton Hotels, characterised by offering elegance and luxury to the guests.

Dann  Carlton line is made up of four hotels situated in Colombia, with the exception of Dann Carlton Quito Hotel, a modern business hotel located in Quito, capital of Ecuador,

More than 40 years of experience endorse this chain which has never stopped its expansion project, which will probably continue in next years with the opening of new markets in other countries.