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December; Latest news of the Cookery Classroom of El Mencey

Every month, we bring you all the latest news from the Mencey Cookery Classroom and this month of December, as it could be no other way, the Grand Mencey is bustling with Christmas spirit. Christmas is just around the corner, and all the preparations for these dates have already started.

Christmas at the Grand Mencey

Christmas at the Grand Mencey

As usual, the first Saturday of each month, a new Master Class will be held, as part of the gastronomic cycle of “Women with a Star”. On this occasion, on Saturday 7th of December, the Catalan chef Fina Puigdevall, from the restaurant Les Cols, will present their most iconic dishes under the title, “The Buckwheat in our cuisine.” Those present will enjoy a Master Class during the morning and/or a tasting menu with wine pairing for dinner.

The following Saturday, the 14th of December, the Iberostar Grand Mencey will host the Winter Edition of the Mencey Fashion Room. This event brings together fashion, beauty, art, music and gastronomy, an authentic concept store in Tenerife, where you will find all the main international fashion brands and important discounts and promotions. You can’t miss this event!

Cooking courses in Tenerife

Cooking courses in Tenerife

One of the most popular cooking courses held in the Cookery Classroom of El Mencey, is the special course for Christmas desserts. It is celebrated on Wednesday 11th of December and the head of pastry of the hotel, Rayco Chinea Gutierrez, will be responsible for the lesson. Those assisting the coking course will discover the secrets to prepare exquisite “turrones” made from chocolate, “mantecados”, shortbreads, “panales de yema”, chocolate truffles and other sweets that will delight friends and family this Christmas.

Finally, it is important to announce changes in the menu card of the restaurants of Los Menceyes and Los Laureles, more according with the Christmas holiday season, to enjoy with family and friends, at one of the best restaurants in Tenerife.

Cooking classes at the Cookery Classroom of the Mencey

In Spain we enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic offer and the reputation and quality of our chefs and restaurants is continually praised internationally and year after year chef and restaurants receive many international awards.

The interest in good food has reached unimaginable levels in recent years and the number of people interested in learning to cook and take courses has increased exponentially over the years. This has led many chefs and restaurants to organise cooking courses where you can show the public both the local products used as well as the cooking techniques used in the preparation of dishes and menus.

Cookery Classroom El Mencey

This is the case of the Mencey Cookery Classroom, a unique space that is part of the stunning Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey in Tenerife. This hotel takes special care of its restoration services and without any doubt, can be considered a true gastronomic hotel. The Grand Hotel Mencey has several restaurants in Tenerife: Los Laureles, Los Menceyes and Casino.

The cooking courses at the Cookery Classroom of El Mencey are held by the Executive Chef of the Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey, Chef Juan Carlos Clemente. A reference in the Canary Islands who advocates for traditional Canarian cuisine and its local products. Certainly, the commitment to the environment is a fundamental aspect of the philosophy of the Cookery Classroom of the Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey.

Restaurant El Mencey

Through these courses you can discover all the secrets of gourmet cuisine with the guide of the well known Chef Juan Carlos Clemente.

During the month of June, the Mencey Cookery Classroom, organises the following cooking courses in Tenerife:

· June 4: Gazpacho and their garnishes

· June 12: Vegetable and fruit preserves

· June 21: Oily fish and versatility

· June 27: Express Cooking III

· June 29: Cupcake decoration for children

The courses are open to the general public, but places are limited so advance booking is recommended to avoid unpleasant surprises.