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Beach accommodation options for 2016

New beach accommodation options for 2016: new hotels, more complete resorts in the traditional destinations and in original nooks, rooms at cheap prices and plans for every type of traveller beyond the traditional All Inclusive. One month before the FITUR (the tourism fair in Spain by excellence) many hotel chains are taking the opportunity to renovate their portfolio, invest in new destinations, improve their products and design fabulous early booking offers. Do not miss the direct channel purchase if you want to book a hotel at reduced prices.


Modern Hotels

Modern Hotels

More and more modern

The beach hotels and resorts in areas like Tenerife, Majorca or the coast of Andalusia are getting ready for a 2016 full of novelties which, in many cases, imply a fully renovation of their facilities and, in other cases, of their holiday products. Incorporating state-of-the-art services is essential for the new tourist season. Hotels with free Wi-Fi, with rooms with a functional design, with hydro massage showers, thematic television channels, special leisure services and care services for children, Adults Only services, personalised wellness… The main aim is to tend to all the travellers’ needs, who are becoming more and more demanding and who have nothing to do with the already traditional All Inclusive traveller.

Personalised all inclusive

However, these changes do not imply the extinction of the All Inclusive. The beach hotels in Majorca, the coastal resorts in Lanzarote and the large accommodations in Huelva, Almeria, Cadis and Malaga keep the All Inclusive option, but they improve it considerably. The All Inclusive is not what it used to be. Fortunately, it is much better. More included services, of higher quality, with extra and personalised details, different levels (Premium, Golden, Plus…), everything with the idea that the travellers can pay their holidays in advance without worrying during their stay but without giving up exclusive services and luxury.

Choosing an All Inclusive Hotel for families is a really comfortable and complete option. We could even say it is an exclusive option: there are 5-star hotels and resorts in Almeria, Marbella and Huelva which offer high quality All Inclusive accommodation options, with experiences and plans that make the difference. The low cost All inclusive has had its day, a quality All Inclusive has been born, which offers the traveller the possibility to make a full reservation, pay everything in advance and enjoy a guaranteed personalised holiday.

Swimming pools for children

Many of the beach hotels in Fuerteventura, like the hotels in Jandía beach, devoted to a family public, have made an investment for this 2016, improving the services for children: children are the protagonists and adults get more free time, more freedom and calmness during the holidays. Hotels with miniclub for different ages, babysitter, thematic parties and shows specially created for children, exclusive facilities and the famous splash pools.

Swimming pools with games and water attractions have become popular and have been incorporated in some of the renovations of the main beach resorts in Spain. Some have even applied this model to different facilities of the hotel, creating authentic water parks in the resort, as it is the case of the hotels for children of Sol Hotels, Picapiedra Hotels or the Katmandú Park Hotel in Magaluf, Majorca.

Local gastronomy

Gastronomy is another of the key elements in the beach hotels for the next 2016 season. A bet for healthy menus, growing alternatives for coeliac people and other travellers with other allergies, special dishes for children, diet products and a stronger link between the menu and the hotel’s buffet with the local cuisine. Some luxury hotels in Tenerife, like the Adults Only hotels in Costa Adeje, and the most exclusive resorts in Huelva, Malaga and specially Marbella offer exclusive options such as the ecogastronomy, the cuisine d’auteur and a selection of snacks, cocktails and special dinners for the most demanding palates.

There is a wider offer of local products for this 2016 season. Many hotels have signed agreements with local producers to improve their gastronomic service and give it an authentic touch. Such is the case of Garden Hotels, which have signed an agreement with Majorcan farmers to offer autochthonous products in their buffets.

Golf Hotels

Golf Hotels

The democratisation of golf

Although it is still considered a sport for high classes, golf is a tourist attraction that the beach hotels in Majorca and Andalusia have incorporated in their portfolio in recent years to bring it closer to the common traveller. Offering special golf packages at reduced prices, including discounts and direct green fees managing or creating specific services in the hotel (academies, personal trainers…) these type of hotels have democratised golf and have offered it to all types of travellers, amateurs and curious.

For example, hotel chains like Fergus Hotels have made an effort to offer golf as one of the key elements in their holiday offer in Majorca. Also hotels like the Vincci Costa Golf or the Iberostar Isla Canela have bet for this service. The greatest golf accommodations are mainly located in Majorca, Andalusia and Tenerife, as these are the tourist areas with the greatest number of golf courts and national and international championships, which makes them a reference in the golf sector.

However, some areas like Ibiza and the centre of the Peninsula are working hard on this, making their way in the golf hotel sector. Data are positive in this sense and golf hotels are expected to keep growing during the 2016.