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Europe’s highest hotel

¿Which is the Europe’s highest hotel and where is located?  This trivial question has an answer that will, surely, surprise many, since the highest hotel in the European continent is the Bali Gran Hotel, a 4 star rated hotel in Benidorm, with around 100 feet high, located next to the Poniente beach.

It is not entirely strange since Benidorm is one of the European cities having a really characteristic skyline: if you look from the sea at the coast, you will see dozens of giants appearing in front of the beaches and boasting thousand of shapes and colours. Among them, 22 emblematic buildings of the city, authentic monuments of a ripe destination that has marked a milestone in the Spanish Mediterranean.

The highest hotel in Europe

The highest hotel in Europe

The Bali Gran Hotel is one of those historic buildings. Well-known all over the world as the highest residential building of Europe, it is the flagship of the Bali Group hotel chain, offering a viewpoint just a few steps from La Cala beach, in the Poniente area of the Costa Blanca Capital.

Visiting this great flat roof is one of the essential experiences in Benidorm, since the panorama from its 524 feet shows the true history of this sun and beach city. The Bali Gran Hotel viewpoint  is on the 45th floor, access is for a fee:  guests (1 Euros) and general public (5 Euros). In the Empire State Building style.

Views of the Benidorm city and mountains surrounding it make worthwhile paying this admission: from the high you can watch the great Puig de Campana and the mountain range protecting Benidorm, Serra Gelada, Serra Grossa, Serra Cortina and Serra Bernia. Besides, access is by a panoramic lift, allowing you to see in only one minute the entire orography of the city.

Modern, with luxury suites with views to the Poniente beach and an interior artificial lake, the great Bali Hotel is one of the establishments that can be considered an attraction in itself, a place to live a different holiday experience that does not depends on the destination.  In total, building takes up around 645,000 sq ft and took 14 years to be completely built.  Designed by the architect Antonio Escario, its big spaces are usually scene of the great global  events and sports competitions.