The summer time is a time for rest, leisure, relaxation and of course, the time for holidays. The choice of a holiday destination varies depending on the taste of travellers, the vacation time and the number of people you are travelling with. Holidays with the family, friends or your partner are the most common holiday types and all of them usually choose the option of sun and beach tourism.

One of the most demanded destinations, year after year, are the Canary Islands as they have an extraordinary climate, fabulous beaches, a wide range of hotels and complementary services in line with the destination.

Terraza Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

The Iberostar Grand Mencey is the most representative of gastronomic hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Set in an idyllic setting, the facilities of the hotel are unique on the island and offer the highest quality. The Grand Mencey has 4 restaurants, Los Menceyes, an excellent gourmet restaurant in Tenerife, the restaurant and terrace Los Laureles, bar and terrace Casino and the Mencey Cookery Classroom, ideal for all kinds of events and celebrations.

During the summer months, the kitchen becomes an essential role in the enjoyment of guests. Being able to enjoy a delicious cocktail in good company and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, sitting in one of the magnificent terraces of the hotel, with good background music while you decide what to dine…. in one of the best restaurants in Tenerife.

restaurant in tenerife

And the possibilities are wide and varied, where the care and affection for flavours of the island, the quality of local product and the traditions of an island that welcomes visitors with open arms, hungry for new experiences. Chef Juan Carlos Clemente, a reference in gourmet restaurants in Tenerife surprises both island residents and guests of the hotel with its careful seasonal menu.