Rome, the perfect getaway destination

With an always present smell of basil, its people and its history, Rome is the perfect getaway for a short trip this fall. Flights to the Italian capital have significantly reduced its price from the main European cities, and hotels are not as expensive as other Italian cities like Florence or Venice, where the quality of the accommodations is faced with its high rates.

The capital of the ancient Roman Empire, still reigns in the European tourism map as an ideal place to combine three forms of travel very closely linked: gastronomy, culture and luxury. Rome is theatre, opera and parties on the streets, its is a gourmet city that looks after like no other the Mediterranean diet, and it is also a place where the visitor can feel a part of its everyday life, flowers, vegetables, spices…

Barcelo Aran Mantegna Hotel

Hotel Barcelo Aran Mantegna

In every corner, Rome hides a surprise, even for those that have already visited it. The Coliseum, the gardens of Villa Borghese, the Palazzo Barberini, the Pantheon, the Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, Santa Maria del Popolo, Campo de Fiori… its monuments, churches and the remains of the old empire, forged by the river Tiber continue to impress, year after year, century after century, demonstrating that humanity’s great art is timeless.

Hotel rooms in Rome

Hotel rooms in Rome

But Rome is much more. Rome is the life of its streets, its delicious restaurants with small tables and plaid tablecloths, the heat of its Mediterranean nights with a taste of Lambrusco…. The best to discover it is to improvise and let yourself go through imaginary routes. The key is to choose a hotel in Rome with free WiFi and to make it your headquarters and rest after long days of walking around the city.

Having internet access in the hotel allows to plan each day according to time, mood and how much rest you got the day before. It is essential, for example, to spend a night in Rome to tour the centre in light of the street lamps, have dinner at a restaurant next to the river, relax with a drink around the Piazza de Espagna or the area of Piazza Navona and Via Pace, or directly go out to party until dawn in the neighbourhood of Testaccio, where you find all the famous night clubs in Rome.

Another day (or two, if possible) should be reserved for some culture sightseeing in Rome, visiting the most emblematic places of the city, visiting its catacombs, admiring the altars of its churches and cathedrals or passing the Vatican walls to the glorious work of Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. You can simply organize a series of small tours through the centre of Rome to go see some of the world’s jewels regarding architecture and sculpture, that still remain firm after so many years.

Gastronomic tourism is the third essential part for a trip to Rome: pasta, risotto, anti pasti and Italian sausages are a delicious invitation to the senses. Most traditional restaurants (far away from the most touristic spots and hidden in small and less busy streets) are of an excellent quality. Dedicating a day to try different dishes is a must.

To enjoy an updated and fast schedule with which to organise your escapade to Rome, the best is to visit websites like Time Out Rome or