Posada del Peine: An historical hotel

If you’re one of those who seek new experiences and travel to know different cultures, we have the right place for you. This charming place will show you a piece of Madrid’s old city, located in Plaza Mayor, La posada del Peine, is the oldest hotel still open in the capital.

It began as a road inn in the centre of Madrid, hosting travellers coming from Alcalá Street, Posada del Peine is a hotel that made his way through time and grew with the city without losing its unique essence.

Warming rooms, with highly detailed furnishing, history and mystery hidden behind a colourful decoration, elegant amenities, with the modern and bohemian touch it always had.

The changes made by the Petit Palace hotel chain, praised by the hotel architecture industry, because it keeps the antique sensation but it also became into a comfortable, versatile and sweet remembered.

It’s true that some rooms are a little bit small, but it compensates with its location and unique design, plus, it has the best 4 star hotel service in the city: bedrooms with free Wi-Fi in Plaza Mayor, iPod and device connection, hydromassage shower.

To book in Posada del Peine, we suggest to visit the hotel website, since it guarantee the lowest online price, and also made unique offers often, like free breakfast, free iPad, or flexible schedule.

Don’t forget your camera, take as much pictures as you like, you will discover a timeless spot, the hotel worth the experience, trust us.