Petit Palace Guide of Bilbao

This contemporary art center opened in 1997, changing Bilbao’s looking and becoming one of its strongholds.  Located in one of the most representative areas of the city, on the estuary, this 24,000m2-building was designed by renowned Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry.

Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum is one of the 5 centers that the Foundation Solomon R. Guggenheim has throughout the world and it is particularly admired for its innovative roof materials.

The Arriaga Theatre is one of the most characteristic buildings in Bilbao, also known as the Village Theatre (“Teatro de la Villa”).  Opened in 1890, it was built in honor of the Spanish composer who shares its name: Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga.  Opera, memorable classical music series… Its programming is a musical jewel and its internal structure is really beautiful. Designed by Joaquin Rucoba, this is an excellent example of nineteenth-century neo-baroque architecture.

The so-called famous “Seven Streets” shapes the ancient villa from which the city has grown: Somera, Artecalle, Tendería, Barrencalle, Carnicería Vieja, Belosticalle and Barrena.  They concentrate most of the city’s historic monuments, museums, libraries and some of its most lively places, such as the Plaza de Unamuno.  It is a long established commercial area with small shops and typical Basque tapas and traditional bars. The Petit Palace Arana Bilbao Hotel is located at the old town.

Bilbao’s gastronomy, and in particular, the pintxo tradition, is one of the symbols of the city: Modern and traditional pintxos, “cazuelitas” … Find the best examples of Basque cuisine in its bars and restaurants.  There are several places where you can try pintxos in Bilbao.  The most characteristic and touristic area is the Old Town, bringing together many bars in only 7 streets, but don’t miss Indatxu and Abando new districts. Enjoy Basque gastronomy at Petit Palace Tamarises Hotel.