The season begins: Opening Party at Marina Barracuda Hotel

The Hotel Marina Barracuda has scheduled for the weekend of the 25th to 27th of April a great Opening Party Weekend, the inauguration of its summer season with a theme party based on the popular song Gangnam Style, which will bring together young people from all Europe to celebrate the beginning of summer in Majorca.

How can you get tickets? To participate in the party, simply book a hotel room through the official website of Marina Hotels for the last weekend of April. There are booking options for groups, double rooms or twin rooms at special prices thanks to early booking offers.

Cartel Gangnam Style Party Hotel Barracuda

For those who want to try their luck, the Majorcan hotel chain has enabled a contest on their Facebook profile Hotel Marina Barracuda with which participants opt to win a complete stay in Magaluf for 3 people with all inclusive at a FUN4U room.

To achieve this, the proposal by Marina Hotels is very simple: the participant simply has to meet with his friends and organise a photo shoot dressed to the Gangnam Style theme: glasses, blazers, bow tie, tap shoes or shorts or mini-dress … The best of the photos uploaded to the contest Facebook application and is shared on the wall to obtain the votes of friends and acquaintances. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

The contest is only active until 1st April, so considering that there is only one stay for 3, the best is that anyone wishing to come to the opening reserves their ticket as soon as possible.

The ticket for the Opening Party Weekend includes group activities, sports, entertainment and 2 Pool Parties at Hotel Marina Barracuda to be held outdoors on the sun terrace of the hotel, by the pool and next to the beach of Magaluf.


Then, those who want to may continue the party at the disco BCM Planet Dance as the official opening of the club is also the same weekend.

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