Nordic Walking in Islantilla

The privileged natural setting of Islantilla in the heart of the coast of Huelva, has become one of the best prepared destinations for the practice of hiking and nature walks, where the practice of disciplines such as Nordic walking and routes adapted for all ages stand out.

With the growing demand for this simple sport, the department of Tourism of Islantilla has launched a program for Nordic Walking routes that will begin this coming March and will continue for the rest of the year, every third Saturday of the month.

The practice of Nordic Walking is recommended for all types of people, from people who are not used to exercising to people with a conditioned muscle tone. The rhythm of the walk and the chosen path mark the effort and it is important to be always accompanied by a guide who can adjust the physical demands to the requirements of the trip, especially if one is a beginner.

The secret of the success of Nordic Walking routes in Islantilla is the natural surroundings offered by this coastal area Huelva, close to Lepe and the beautiful region of Cartaya, located between two areas of great natural beauty: the marshlands of Isla Cristiana and the marshlands of the river Piedras, that flow into the beautiful beach of El Rompido.

The first Nordic Walking route in Islantilla for 2013 will be the so called route of the Chamaleon. route the call chameleon. Departure is at 10.00am, from the Office of Tourism Islantilla, all along the coast until the beach Casita Azul. The journey takes about two and a half hours and is suitable for all ages.


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