Majorca is your best choice for your sport holidays

If you already know the biggest island of the Balearic Islands, you should know the reason of today’s title Do you love outdoor sports and you never visited the Mediterranean island? You should then visit Majorca on your next holiday break. This island is much more than just a sun and beach destination and a party island.

Apart of its Mediterranean natural beauty and its quietness, Majorca is perfect for sport lovers (indoor and outdoor) due to its contrasting landscapes and the different microclimates in specific areas (such as Tramuntana or the north side of the island).

Despite you can practice indoor sports (such as spinning, rowing, swimming,etc), outdoor sports are much more popular in Majorca. Which are the most popular outdoor sports you can practice in this Mediterranean island?

 landscapes of Tramuntana mountains

landscapes of Tramuntana mountains

Trekking at Tramuntana mountains

The landscapes of Tramuntana mountains are just amazing and attract many trekking lovers who choose Majorca as their holiday destination. Beautiful landscapes, elevated and difficult routes and amazing views make your sport holidays memorable.

Amateur or professional cycling

Whether you ride across Tramuntana mountains or the so-called Pla de Mallorca (in the flattest area of the island), Majorca offers you fabulous cycling tours. Many professional cyclists travel to Majorca during preseason, but the island is also great for those who want to enjoy riding without time pressures.

Running with the Mediterranean breeze

Majorca is one of the most popular destination for running due to the fantastic Mediterranean Sea breeze. You cannot miss the opportunity of running along Palma promenade, Port Alcudia or Can Picafort on your next holidays.

What if you let the hotel sport services help you?

You should not worry about anything when you go on holidays (you just need to rest and have fun). However, we usually have to plan our holidays in advance in many cases, but the Majorcan hotel chain Ferrer Hotels is specially committed to guarantee you the best leisure and sport holidays.

This hotel chain has many outstanding hotels in Port Alcudia like Ferrer Maristany Aparthotel. An aparthotel which -apart of the common transport services, gym, pool and spa- has a 25 metre long olympic pool.  What could be a better way to start your day?

Can Picafort is also a perfect destination for those who want to practice special activities. In this area, Ferrer Janeiro Hotel is really popular and offers guests special activities like unique hiking tours, diving, nordic walking, MTB or beachvolley among others.