Luxury gastronomy in the centre of Madrid

Eating in Madrid is a pleasure for the five senses: tasteful, varied and cheap gastronomy. The capital is one of the places with the best gastronomy of Spain and with exquisite dishes at cheap prices. Even the luxury restaurants in the centre of Madrid have affordable prices, so you can take pleasure in one of these places without spending a great quantity of money, specially if you compare their prices with those of Barcelona, where gastronomy is much more expensive.

Cuisine d’auteur

You will find one of the best gastronomic spaces of the cuisine d’auteur in a hotel in the area of Las Letras. It is a 4-star restaurant in the middle of Gran Vía, close to the Parliament building and with  some of the most typical specialties of Madrid, cooked by one of the best chefs of Spain: Paco Morales. This cookery master offers its traditional cuisine prepared with innovative techniques and tastes from all over the world to all those who want to live a unique experience. The menu includes a wide range of options for all tastes. Besides, the hotel features a roof terrace with views to Gran Vía and a luxury bar ideal for lounging during a leisure or a business trip in Madrid.

 Ibersotar Las Letras rooftop terrace, Madrid

Ibersotar Las Letras rooftop terrace, Madrid

Gourmet dishes and tapas

You cannot leave Madrid without enjoying a tapas and beers route in La Latina, going through San Miguel Market, near Plaza Mayor square. This market has created a tendency in the whole country, becoming a model in the refurbishing of local markets started in many cities of the national territory. These refurbishment works keep the markets’ originality and their special ambience. There are many different establishments in the market, including those offering an international cuisine and many typical Spanish specialties elaborated with care and innovative details, like the croquettes, Spanish omelette, pickled vegetables or the traditional canned food. Everything prepared with first quality products and with a wide variety of vegan and bio cuisine options.


Exclusive international cuisine

One of the great features of Madrid’s gastronomy is that it offers a perfect combination of the traditional stew and international restaurants that offer delicious dishes with tastes from all over the world: Japanese, Asian, Mexican, Peruvian, Creole, American, Russian cuisine… Everything can be found in Madrid. But if you want to make the most of your accommodation and then have a tour around the city, there are many hotels in Gran Vía that offer you a delicious gastronomic service at a good quality price ratio. For example, the chef Jesús Trujillano’s restaurant, located close to Las Letras neighbourhood and Cibeles, is one of the best ones of the area. Although it is located in a hotel, it has nothing to do with the buffet cuisine normally offered in these establishments: new tastes, dishes from all over the world with surprising touches, an exquisite selection of wines, complete breakfasts… Everything at good prices.