Ibagué, Colombian capital of the music

The music is a magical element that can transport us to unique places, it is a trip through the notes of histories that resound in the memory and fill heart with moments, emotions and memories. For those travellers who love the music, there is a destination where everything revolves around songs, dance and culture. This destination is Ibagué. one of the most lively cities of Colombia, where everything, absolutely everything begins and ends with music.

Always included in the tourist routes in Colombia, Ibagué is especially famous for being the city that receives all those wanting to study music. There we find the conservatoires of Tolima and Ibagué and every year in June, the Colombian Folklore Festival is celebrated.

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The residents’ passion for music is reflected in all types of monuments embellishing parks, squares and emblematic buildings.  This liking for music is also evident in one of the most complete cultural events calendars of Colombia.  Thanks to the university atmosphere in Ibagué, every day you can enjoy a different plan: performances, dances, concerts, shows…

One of the usual events is the Festival of Sacred Music of Ibagué celebrated every year in Holy Week in churches and temples, combining the religious devotion of these dates with the musical passion of the city.

If you have been thinking of a trip to Colombia during your holiday, do not hesitate to include in your plans a couple of days in this beautiful village.  Booking a hotel in Ibagué is really easy, there are many options and well equipped accommodations such as Dann Combeima Ibagué, with rooms next to Tolima theatre business services, massages, gym, free wifi… And delicious local cuisine.