Hotels with adapted cuisine

Holidays are always a good excuse to skip your diet, please yourself and enjoy the pleasures that daily routine holds us from. A full and varied breakfast every morning, specialities from the chosen destination, ice creams an desserts, pasta or meats….Temptations can be counted by the dozen but many are those that, although on holidays, can not give up on looking after themselves and follow a healthy diet.


Many hotels, aware of the problems and eating customs of its guests, have responded to the demand by offering more specialised restaurant services: vegetarian buffets, gluten-free food, sodium-free meals and cooked in the owen, a variety of vegetables, fruits and meats, a wider range of fish, whole wheat products and special menus for children.

At present, the variety of foods that can be found in the hotel’s restaurants can even be surprising, as many include all these health options in their All Inclusive service. This is the case with the Majorcan hotel chain Marina Hotels, that after assuming the management of the Continental Park Hotel in Playa de Muro, it has renovated its food offer at the hotel with a more natural concept, of elaborated and authentic cuisine that include local specialities, meals for children, vegetarian buffet…

The advantage of choosing an accommodation with all these possibilities is the tranquility and comfort of being able to enjoy a holiday without the worries of not keeping to a special and healthy diet.

At the same time, for the family holidays, choosing a hotel with children’s menus is always a wise choice, as with special and fun meals it is much easier to get the younger ones to enjoy their holidays, even at the feared lunch time.

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