Hotels with à la carte services

Urban hotels are always in the vanguard of offering the most unique and innovative services to their clients.  The necessity to stand out from their competence offering an added value in their destinations is precisely the reason that they are ahead the coast hotels, where the product is often based on sun and beach.

hoteles a la carta

In this context, one of the firms that has developed a broader and more innovative product positioning strategy in Spain is the Basque firm Petit Palace, especially in boutique hotels and urban accommodations with history in the main Spanish capitals.

We can highlight some hotels from its portfolio which are unique architectural jewels, historical restored  buildings which are an essential part of the local lifestyle. Hotels like the Petit Palace Arena Bilbao Hotel or the Petit Palace Tamarise Beach Getxo Hotel are key elements in Bilbao society, which considers them emblematic meeting points of the capital of Biscay.

The High Tech hotels combine the history which has made us what we are now and the future which will determine who we will become: pillow menu, hydromassage shower, laptop in the room, iPod and iPhone docking stations, flat screen TV, free bicycle rental… The innovation and the consideration of their clients’ needs are the hallmark of this firm.

Bicicletas gratis hotel petit palace tres cruces centro madrid

From this interest in getting to know their clients, luxury accommodations with a unique quality-price relationship have been inaugurated. Madrid is the destination where the firm has a broader hotel offer, some of them being key elements of the Petit Palace portfolio:

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