Hotel for tech lovers

Travelling is not like before. We want more and more. Needs change and our demands and requests too. We don’t only see prices –which is unavoidable- but also services offered by every destination and accommodation. We look for places that give us different experiences and, at the same extent, hotels, hostels and apartments that allow us to live them. So, we are usually prepared to pay more if service is important for us.

This is the case of tech lovers, those who cannot live without being connected to Internet and those who experience a real drama if Wifi is not working. Businessmen, business travellers and adventure lovers want to share experiences even with people who is not travelling with us.

Petit Palace Barcelona Hotel

Petit Palace Barcelona Hotel

Many hotels in Spain have noticed these needs. Especially urban hotels in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia –as well as other capitals in Spain– have worked during the last years to create spaces where technology is conceived to offer maximum comfort. We are not talking about impersonal hotels, filled up with devices turning the accommodation into a spacecraft, but about hotels, as many hotels in the centre of Madrid or Barcelona, where you can enjoy a good Wifi connection, computer, business corner to work in case of unexpected events, or iPad to organise your activities and routes for every day.

Certainly, there are not many accommodations like these, but there are more and more hotels in the centre of Seville, Salamanca, Bilbao or Valencia that have understood how important is this market. The best hotels are combining new technologies with a design conceived to surprise, please and give the most complete comfort to their guests.

Nowadays is relatively easy to find rooms with free Wifi in Barcelona, hotels with business facilities in Madrid, accommodations with spaces to relax and organise small informal meetings… Prices are still higher than in the rest of the hotels that do not provide these services, although they are more and more adapted to the average expenses of travellers.

Most of these hotels are located in big cities –as the previously mentioned ones– but there is still so much work to do in holiday resorts in Fuerteventura, Tenerife or Majorca, where most of them are still charging a fee per Wi-Fi hour.  This is eventually counterproductive, since the best time to ask for an online review to a client is when s/he is in our hotel.

Allowing a guest to stay connected for free in exchange for a comment, review or feedback is a good solution offered by many accommodations in Spain. Nevertheless, many are the hotels that still think a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and prefer 5 Euros for daily internet connection than a strong online reputation work. Reviews made in the hotel, right in the moment guest is enjoying the stay, have an incalculable value, but many hotels haven’t seen it.