Golf, sport and health at any age

Golf is one sport that most doctors recommend today thanks to its remarkable health benefits at any age. Its practice requires calm, mental focus and a good physical technique, but does not require the athlete excessive efforts which prevents the body, especially the joints and vital organs, to suffer an unnecessary and unhealthy overload.

Opting for a healthy sport in the open air that can be practiced throughout a lifetime, without making a large investment, are some of the reasons that has made golf a popular sport that is gaining more followers every day in our country.

Today, in response to the growing demand for golf, there are golf courses for professionals and amateurs in almost every corner of the Spanish peninsula. However, if you are a great lover of golf and have the opportunity to travel, there are places in our country that have a real devotion to this exciting sport and should be visited at least once.

This is the case of the Valle del Golf, where you find the best hotels for golfers in Marbella, a spectacular natural area, well maintained and in which the sea and mountains are combined in a unique way.

The advantage of scheduling a golf getaway south of Spain is not only the climate, but having access to the best golf clubs of the moment and also to enjoy the health benefits and treatments offered by prestigious spa hotels in Marbella, some of which are located in this dreamland.

Valle del Golf is synonymous of care and enjoyment. Simply book a hotel in Marbella and let yourself go, the experience worthwhile.

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