Gastronomy in the south of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura tastes like pure tradition. Like the more essential life in the Canary Islands, stories of villages lost among the mountains, small fishing enclaves, wines and exotic fruits. One of its most international products is the majorerocheese which has managed to rise to the category of Designation of Origin, exported to foreign markets as one of the great delights of our for its exceptional taste and craftsmanship.

Traditional papas arrugás, mojo, fishes, seafood and stews are combined into an essential cookbook for anyone who consider himself a real gourmet. One of the best places to discover all their flavours is the south of the island, in particular, the fishing village Morro Jable, where the traditional Canary pubs continue to stand the test of time and modernity offering an atmosphere characteristic of other times where good food was one of the essential elements in the society of the island.

Hoteles en Playa Jandia

In these pubs of Morro Jable and in the restaurants that are next to the small harbour you can enjoy some truly exquisite dishes for very affordable prices. It is true that, to eat at any of them, it is essential to book in advance since, especially in high season, it is completely booked throughout the day.

Fresh grilled fish and seafood are some of the most recommended delights for tasting in this area. Morro Jable is still a sea village and boats are leaving every day to return home full of gastronomic treasures of the Atlantic.

Tapas are a perfect solution for an appetizer or light meal in any pub. But to celebrate or have a quiet dinner, the ideal is to book in a restaurant overlooking the sea. If you can, request the special house dish in advance, so they can manage the product and ensure you that it will be fresh.

If you are staying in one of the hotels in Playa de Jandia or Costa Calma, you can arrive in less than half an hour to the centre of Morro Jable. If your hotel is next to the Matorral beach, you can even walk through the promenade that connects the hotels area known as Playa Gaviotas to Jandia’s lighthouse and the village.