If you travel and enjoy your accommodation, you will surely want to book again the hotel or apartment that produced that memorable experience. Customer loyalty is essential in tourism industry, not just for the destination -increasingly more-, but for hotel chains. Major companies are working on it, offering special plans and discounts to returning customers, apart from an excellent service to every guest.

The loyalty key is the traveller first stay at the hotel. If this first approach goes well and the customer is satisfied, then it will surely return, not necessary to the same hotel, but to the same hotel chain. In order to achieve this, the hotel chain must clearly convey the values that identify the brand, so as the guest to know that he will experience the same great stay at any of the chain accommodations.

Along these lines, many medium-sized national chains have made great efforts in recent years to create a strong brand with well-defined products, but differentiated to distinguish them from their competitors and be perceived by their customers as consolidated companies with an excellent range of offers for many different holiday experiences.

An example of this is the case of FERGUS Hotels chain, which designed so complete products as THE FERGUS Resort in Magaluf, by completely converting two hotels, one traditionally familiar and the other themed and oriented towards young people, into a spectacular and exclusive beach resort, where every space offers different experiences. Besides this design hotel, FERGUS has promoted its STYLE hotel line in Mallorca, Barcelona coast, Almeria, Costa de la Luz and Ibiza, building a whole network of different destinations and accommodations in Spain, recognized for their excellent services and their great customer care. Modern spaces designed to provide maximum comfort.

This strong brand strategy, based not only on traditional values, but also modern added values, usually works independently through a good marketing campaign, but in order to ensure its success, it is increasingly necessary to combine this strategy with price adjustments, special discounts and the improvement of direct selling as the main sales channel.