Family holidays to Fuengirola

If there is a perfect coastal area for intimate and quiet family holidays that is Fuengirola. This town of Malaga, known for its huge sandy beaches and excellent climate, is one of the favourite destinations to travel with children as it combines safety, attractions for children and a full range of activities for parents.

Family holidays Fuengirola

Book a hotel right on the beach in Fuengirola, rent a car for trips around the beautiful surroundings, buy tickets for a day at the water park or book some surfing, diving or sailing lessons. These are some of the activities and services available and are affordable and fun for the whole family.

Hotels with wellness centre in Fuengirola are also a good alternative, especially if children are older and can entertain themselves freely in the mini club or taking a sailing lesson while the parents enjoy a day of relaxation and care for the body and soul.

Family hotels Fuengirola

The natural environment, the warmth of the locals, the cultural offer and the comfort of beaches like Los Boliches – with all kinds of additional services, are some of the key elements that have made Fuengirola one of the most interesting destinations for families in the south of Spain.

To all this, you can include a looked after and taste gastronomy, typical of the south of Spain: fish, vegetables and fruits, roasted and grilled meats, good olive oil, white wine and that special touch that is part of Andalusian culture.

Many hotel chains in the area, such as Confortel Hotels, have managed to include this charm to its services, directing their hotels to a constant personalisation and trying to provide specialised proposals for its main client: families.

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