Dubai, much more than a tourist destination in the Middle East

Experts say that few things help us disconnect as effectively as starting to plan for our upcoming holidays. Even if it’s more than a month until it’s time for Easter to knock on our door, planning our spare time in advance in order to enjoy a great trip at a good price isn’t a bad idea. Are you looking for something different? This month we’ll suggest an exceptional and unique destination: how would you feel about a mini holiday in Dubai?

Dubai: the jewel of the Persian Gulf and the undisputed queen of the United Arab Emirates is a unique and different destination where luxury reaches a higher level. It’s a place for relaxation where you can combine romantic dinners fit for a fairytale with expeditions to extraordinary landscapes that you’ll never forget.

With more than two million inhabitants and an urban area that looks to be taken straight from a sci-fi movie set, Dubai offers the perfect hotels and just the right balance between quality and price. This is proven by hotels such as the beautiful Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, one of the 4-star hotels in the centre of Bur Dubái, the most exclusive hotels in the city.

Beyond booking exclusive hotel rooms in Bur Dubái, the capital offers other interesting tourist spots that can be visited and enjoyed during a 5- or 6-day trip. These are some of the highlights:


Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa building

163 floors and more than 800 metres high – the Burj Khalifa building is one of the capital’s main attractions and the tallest building in the world to date. It’s an impressive skyscraper with a lookout point located on the 124th floor, offering an exceptional view of the city.

Dubai Aquarium

Even if swimming with the sharks is the most adrenaline-filled visit you can opt for, an ordinary visit to Dubai Aquarium is an experience in itself – this is the largest aquarium in the world. Here you can enjoy more than 30,000 aquatic animals from around 150 marine species.

A flying visit to Palm Jumeirah

One of the most impressive visits of all in Dubai is that of the Palma Jumeriah. It’s an artificial island (recently created) as big as nearly three thousand football fields. Even if you can enjoy it from the ground, more or less, the ideal visit would be taking a helicopter tour to fully appreciate it.