Destinations 2013: Egypt

Culture, antiquity, exoticism, mystery, beaches, history… Egypt is a destination that has everything and where to discover part of the past that still today, impregnates many aspects of our lives. Although its insecure reputation has slowed down for years many Europeans on their travels, we must recognise that security in the country has come a long way and that their adaptation to tourism and services to foreigners have improved in a remarkable way.

Camels Egipto

Accustomed now to receive thousands of visitors every year and better prepared to meet their needs, the main cities of Egypt are a destination for passionate travellers, that should visit it at least once in a lifetime.

Its monumental buildings, evidence of a unique civilisation and way ahead of its time, their learning centres and libraries, the history that permeates its streets… Egypt offers a cultural trip that could not be done anywhere else: the destination itself is the real history.

But if this claim was not enough, the country has created a network of tourist attractions throughout the country which forces the traveler to schedule a long holiday as one week may be too little time.

Map Egypt

The places that one should visit on a trip to Egypt are, undoubtedly, Alexandria, for lovers of culture, anthropology and archeology; Luxor, an example of the combination of past and present, Aswan, at the first cataract of the mythical Nile, the southernmost city of Egypt;  Cairo the bustling capital, and Sharm El Sheikh, a paradise located on the coast of the Red Sea, essential in the agenda of all diving enthusiasts.

The accommodation in the country is very varied, with all kinds of prices, but to travel safely and with certain commodities, especially if one organises the family trip, a good option is to opt for a renowned hotel chain.

One of the Spanish hotel chains that have a presence in Egypt is the brand Sol Hotels, with hotels in Sharm El Sheikh for families and group travel. These are 4 star hotels in the Sinai Peninsula, facing the Red Sea, near the international airport and with all services:

· Sol Cyrene

· Sol Sharm

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