Design rooms only for adults

Adults only hotels are characterised, among other things, by having an exquisite taste for design and landscaping. Well aware of the segment they address, design is another element of the decision making process, these hotels have been specifically designed for people over 16 years old, with spaces that are very hard to find in traditional sun and beach hotels or family hotels.

The image is essential in these cases, as a hotel for couples or adults only have to conquer a more demanding public with its spaces: they do not only travel seeking comfort (the take it  for granted) but they are searching for exclusivity, different atmospheres, attention to details…

Adults only hotel Marina Luz

Adults only hotel Marina Luz

There are hotels that have worked hard over the past two seasons to provide clients with spaces that they want to “photograph and share”. In destinations that are particularly touristic, like Ibiza or Majorca, you can find many examples worth mentioning, as is the case of the Don Carlos hotel in Ibiza, that offers only Suites in Ibiza, divided in living rooms and bedrooms, with a modern decoration, simple lines and bright colours, that make the difference.

Another example of adult rooms only can be found in Palma’s Marina Luz hotel, with Junior Suites that represent a comfortable space, not too large, but cozy and with a tasteful classic elegance. The rooms facing the bay of Palma have been designed thinking of the business travellers that usually stay at the hotel, but they are also perfect for a weekend with your partner.

Also in Majorca, hotel rooms for couples of the Iberostar Royal Cupido hotel have been recently renovated, according to this design hotel concept for adults. From budget rooms to their Junior Suite in Playa de Palma, they all have a fresh décor, fun and elegant, where practical furniture, white colour and small details predominates.

Design hotels for all

The importance of design in hotels has not only been centred on this segment of exclusive adults only travellers, but has been extended to others:  There is an increase in family hotels in Spain that offer refurbished spaces with changing decoration each year, modern furniture and details with the latest technology.

The boutique hotels of the hotel chain FERGUS Hotels is an interesting example in this sense, regarding both its hotels in Majorca as those available on the coast of Barcelona. And, if we look at the major cities in the country, we can not forget to mention a few pioneers of hotel and resort design: Petit Palace and Confortel Hotels. Here are some examples of the work they have done in their city hotels.

Petit Palace's design hotels

Petit Palace’s design hotels