Chiclana, a destination to visit again and again

There are destinations we could visit over and over again while discovering new places and enjoying different experiences. Endless destinations that expand and grow as we know them more, as we unravel their secrets. One of these magical places is, undoubtedly, Chiclana, in Cadiz. This municipality in the Cadiz coast, located in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Spain, combines everything that a traveller can wish for a holiday of relaxation, sport and fun at any age.


Chiclana is pure life outdoors, tradition and gastronomy. Its culture influenced by diverse civilizations offers an inexhaustible range of proposals allowing you to design thousands of different trips. For example, if you want to relax, to enjoy a few days of well-being and luxury, an excellent option is to book one of the spa hotels in Chiclana or a 4 star golf hotel in Chiclana which is located on the famous beach La Barrosa. They are very complete accommodation providing the possibility of resting at good price and explore the coast of this municipality full of life and natural harmony.

Iberostar Royal Andalus golf hotel

Iberostar Royal Andalus golf hotel

Visiting the Sancti Petri harbour, walking the old centre of this small fishing village, getting lost in the woods and fields that surround the coast and paint the cliffs of bright green. Contrasts of light and colour that mix with the best winds of the south of Spain for practicing sports such as surfing or windsurfing or spending a week hiking and discovering the essence of its pristine nature: Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park, Roche coves, La Barrosa, Pinar del Hierro pine grove, La Espartosa pine woods…

You must also visit its salt mines, and stop to contemplate the beautiful lakes that turn Chiclana into a point of reference for lovers of native flora and fauna. An excursion by the banks of the Iro river, visiting the Jeli lagoons and natural reserves of Montellano are plans that should be in all the schedules of those who visit this town in the coast of Cadiz. A destination qualified as sustainable municipality ideal to connect with nature. Today, tomorrow and always.