The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel: 5 star luxury hotel in El Poblado

The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel

5 star hotel located in the Lleras Park in El Poblado, Medellin

The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel is a 5 star hotel in Medellín, located high in the mountains of the prestigious neighborhood called El Poblado. The hotel seeks to recreate a unique atmosphere for all of its guests; focusing on high quality services that go in hand with a helpful and warm attention from all the staff.

The space at the Envy Roof Top, located on the 17 and 18 floor, is ideal for celebrating any type of even: next to the pool and with the best views of a hotel in Medellín. But this is not all, you and your guests can enjoy cocktails of all kind and the hottest tunes, thanks to the DJ.

If you crave good food, visit the Lucía Restaurant at the hotel in the Lleras Park: a small taste of Tuscany in the capital of Antioquia. But take your mind of traditional Italian pastas, the Italian Steak House type restaurant, under the close look of French chef  Cyril Cheminot, will surprise you with the best steaks and accompaniments.

Luxury hotel in Medellin

Regarding the facilities, at the luxury hotel in El Poblado you’ll find comfort and tranquility in the Mezzanine, where you may relax reading a book or simply resting. To all these features we have to add the spaciousness of the rooms of the hotel in Medellín. In it, you’ll have to chose the one the best fits your whims. Be sure to experience new sensations of all kinds at The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel.

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