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Fuerteventura and golf, a successful combination

If you are looking for something completely new and entertaining for your next holiday, take note of our summer suggestion: what about a golf holiday on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands? If it were up to us, the answer would be a resoundingly loud and clear “Yes, that’s exactly what I want”.

We are of course aware of the fact that the southern and eastern parts of our country are the favourite destinations for all those who practise golf, but actually there are other places, like  Fuerteventura, where you can experience a relaxing holiday filled with golfing pleasure. Fuerteventura is an emerging destination in this area of sports tourism and it really is a destination to consider, thanks to aspects that we are highlighting this month:

A place where you can disconnect

Thanks to its location, climate and peculiar atmospheric pressure, the island of Fuerteventura is a destination where you can experience first hand the pleasures of the dolçe far niente – the joy of doing nothing. It also makes enjoying any outdoor activity a fantastic experience.

Campo de golf

The magic of a unique landscape

Considered one of the crown jewels of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is proud to offer visitors a unique landscape where there is no shortage of volcanic formations and extremely beautiful beaches.

These two aspects have been well taken advantage of by the main golf hotels in the area. The result? 18-hole golf courses with truly magical views.

A thousand and one plans for day and night

Fuerteventura is a place to enjoy a thousand and one plans during the day as well as at night, and not all of it is going to be playing golf. Among the ideas we would like to point out especially are the volcanic hiking routes and water sports sessions in the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

Just like on the other islands that make up the Canarian archipelago, Fuerteventura is a place where hotels offer maximum quality. There is a range of hotels that boast lovely views near the sea or a direct link to golfing (a theme that we’re paying special attention to this month).

Even if there is a variety of gold hotels offering good value for money, this month of July we would like to recommend these three hotels that belong to the Mallorcan chain IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts: IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas and IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park.

Mutua Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open, a tennis classic

Next year I’m not going to miss it. This time I wasn’t able to go and had to settle for watching it on TV, but during the Mutua Madrid Open in 2018 I will be one of the live spectators in the audience. This magnificent sports event, a true tennis classic, deserves to be experienced in person at least once in a lifetime.

 In 2017 the attendance record was broken and the brilliant final between our own Mallorcan Rafa Nadal and Austrian Dominic Thiem has made me even more keen to go, even if other greats will be playing next year in this Spanish Masters 1000.

 In order to get the planning started, I’ve already began to check what accommodation options there are in Madrid. The excuse of the Madrid Open suits me perfectly; I’ll be able to use it as an excuse to enjoy a trip to the Spanish capital as well: a city that is beautiful and very much alive during the month of May.

 Even if the tournament is held at the facilities of the Caja Mágica, in the Usera district, I’ve decided that I’m going to stay to stay in the centre of the city. It’s going to be more comfortable for me to be near all the shopping and leisure on offer. There are several interesting possibilities there, but one of them caught my eye, and then especially if I end up going there with my partner.

 The hotel  Petit Palace Triball is a very cosy place. It’s located in a charming 19th-century building and just a stone’s throw from the Gran Vía I love. If in the end I decide to stay at this establishment I might even consider renting one of their bikes so I can go to the matches feeling that I’m keeping ‘in shape’.

 After I had seen this hotel on-line, I saw that the same chain offers another two very central hotels. The question is still whether I go with family or with friends. If I go with the little ones, I’d stay at the  Petit Palace Opera, which is another very cosy hotel that’s been recently renovated. It’s also very near the Puerta de Sol and Plaza Mayor, where there is good food to be had for sure, as well as entertainment that will suit all our tastes, because it’s impossible to walk far with the kids in tow.

 Another possibility is the Petit Palace Plaza de España, not far from the square with the same name, or the mythical Callao. The choice will fall on this full-featured four-star alternative if I can convince a couple of friends or my brothers-in-law to join us. That way it’ll be cheaper to rent a car between us four and we get to see the other parts of Madrid between matches. Mutua Madrid Open 2018, bring it on!


Majorca is your best choice for your sport holidays

If you already know the biggest island of the Balearic Islands, you should know the reason of today’s title Do you love outdoor sports and you never visited the Mediterranean island? You should then visit Majorca on your next holiday break. This island is much more than just a sun and beach destination and a party island.

Apart of its Mediterranean natural beauty and its quietness, Majorca is perfect for sport lovers (indoor and outdoor) due to its contrasting landscapes and the different microclimates in specific areas (such as Tramuntana or the north side of the island).

Despite you can practice indoor sports (such as spinning, rowing, swimming,etc), outdoor sports are much more popular in Majorca. Which are the most popular outdoor sports you can practice in this Mediterranean island?

 landscapes of Tramuntana mountains

landscapes of Tramuntana mountains

Trekking at Tramuntana mountains

The landscapes of Tramuntana mountains are just amazing and attract many trekking lovers who choose Majorca as their holiday destination. Beautiful landscapes, elevated and difficult routes and amazing views make your sport holidays memorable.

Amateur or professional cycling

Whether you ride across Tramuntana mountains or the so-called Pla de Mallorca (in the flattest area of the island), Majorca offers you fabulous cycling tours. Many professional cyclists travel to Majorca during preseason, but the island is also great for those who want to enjoy riding without time pressures.

Running with the Mediterranean breeze

Majorca is one of the most popular destination for running due to the fantastic Mediterranean Sea breeze. You cannot miss the opportunity of running along Palma promenade, Port Alcudia or Can Picafort on your next holidays.

What if you let the hotel sport services help you?

You should not worry about anything when you go on holidays (you just need to rest and have fun). However, we usually have to plan our holidays in advance in many cases, but the Majorcan hotel chain Ferrer Hotels is specially committed to guarantee you the best leisure and sport holidays.

This hotel chain has many outstanding hotels in Port Alcudia like Ferrer Maristany Aparthotel. An aparthotel which -apart of the common transport services, gym, pool and spa- has a 25 metre long olympic pool.  What could be a better way to start your day?

Can Picafort is also a perfect destination for those who want to practice special activities. In this area, Ferrer Janeiro Hotel is really popular and offers guests special activities like unique hiking tours, diving, nordic walking, MTB or beachvolley among others.

Holidays and sport together: Huelva and Mallorca

I don’t know who indicated that holidays mean just absolute relax, spa, meditation and resting all day and walk around the room in your underwear, from the beach to the TV and not much more. It’s becoming increasingly common for a lot of tourists to experience themed holidays. Among the most demanded themed holidays, we stand out those which include sport activities. Although there are agencies offering sport events packages, Garden Hotels has gone beyond that, so you will enjoy sport activities while spending a first class holiday at exotic places.

Garden Sports offers

Garden Sports offers

In Mallorca: available sports and hotels

Playa Garden Hotel & Spa, located in the north side of Mallorca is perfect for cyclists. It has parking for guests and a free bicycle repair garage so you can repair or modify your bike before starting your tour across the island. After your cycling tour you can clean your bike for free. Therefore, if you are a cycling lover, this is the perfect place for you. Also Alcudia Garden in Mallorca, where cyclists will have the same services as in Playa Garden.

Moreover, both include exclusive menus for athletes, which they can modify depending on their caloric requirements.

In Huelva: offers and sports

In Huelva and more specifically in Rompido’s region, there’s an only adults original hotel surrounded by lonely beaches. It’s the Hotel Garden Playanatural, located just a few meters from the beach where you can run along the seashore to recover your neuromuscular system.

Hotel Garden Playanatural offers a personalised and varied menu for athletes such as gluten free dishes, vegetarian meals, high carbohydrate content dishes and dietetic food.

Available sports

  • Team sports: football, basketball, volleyball.

  • Individual sports: golf, tennis and surf.

In addition, the hotels of Garden Hotels offer gym and pilates areas.

The trip of the month: A guided bike tour of Madrid

You have probably visited Madrid a thousand times. Or maybe not, and it is one of those destinations that you have on your travelling must visit list. Well, wether you have visited or not the capital of Spain, this month we recommend a fun trip to Madrid, like you have never imagined. A guided tour of Madrid, on bike!

Walking through Madrid, strolling and watching people come in and out of the metro, discovering its shops, bars and taverns, its markets, park next to a terrace and enjoy a drink in the sun… All this without leaving your bike. To some, it may seem almost impossible to move around Madrid freely on bike, in a quiet and relaxed manner, in spite of traffic and the crowds of people that swarm the streets and avenues. Madrid is a beautiful chaos, but very accessible on bike, as odd as it sounds.

Bicycle tour of Madrid

Bicycle tour of Madrid

Proof of this, are the tours proposed by Tourism Madrid that, leaving the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, offer the possibility of visiting famous landmarks such as the Park of El Retiro on bike or biking to the Casa de Campo.

In total, there are currently available 4 cycling routes from the Tourist Centre of Plaza Mayor, with an average duration of two hours :

· Historic Madrid on bike. – It is scheduled for Sundays at 12 pm (Saturdays at 12 pm in English) and it is the perfect tour to discover the centre of Madrid, the very heart of the city, on two wheels. From the Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Oriente through the square of Santa Ana, the neighbourhood of Las Letras, the great promenade of El Prado, El Retiro, Puerta de Alcala and then back to the Puerta del Sol.

· El Retiro . – Biking through the park on Monday evenings at 18.00 pm. A visit to the Retiro park that aims to provide the opportunity to do a little exercise while you learn the story of Spain’s most emblematic “green lung”.

· Casa de Campo. – The visit to what once was royalty’s country house is programmed for Tuesday afternoon, at 18.00pm. Starting at Plaza Mayor and with a 2 hour tour, it is the perfect evening of cycling and history, through one of the closest natural areas to the centre of Madrid.

· Madrid Rio. – This is a tour of the so called environmental axis, which crosses the city from north to south connecting the neighbourhoods on both sides of the river. A nice route with which to experience different aspects of todays’s Madrid.

Bike tour of Madrid

Bike tour of Madrid

How can you sign up to these bike tours in Madrid? Simply, visit the Tourist Centre in Plaza Mayor or contact them directly by email. The capacity is limited to 20 people, so the best is to book in advance. Be aware that children under 8 years are not allowed and those over 8 have to skilfully manage the bike.

You have to bring your own bike so, you either use a rent a bike bike service in Madrid or you ask at your hotel: there are many hotel chains in Madrid that have strengthen their active tourism offer and provide guests with a free rent a bike service. Some of the hotels that offer a free bicycle service in the centre of Madrid, close to the Plaza Mayor are:

La Posada del Peine. A historic hotel in the heart of Madrid.

Mayor Plaza Hotel. On Mayor Street, just steps away from the square.

Puerta del Sol Hotel and the Petit Palace Arenal, both in Calle Arenal, between Sol Square and Plaza Mayor.

Nordic Walking in Islantilla

The privileged natural setting of Islantilla in the heart of the coast of Huelva, has become one of the best prepared destinations for the practice of hiking and nature walks, where the practice of disciplines such as Nordic walking and routes adapted for all ages stand out.

With the growing demand for this simple sport, the department of Tourism of Islantilla has launched a program for Nordic Walking routes that will begin this coming March and will continue for the rest of the year, every third Saturday of the month.

The practice of Nordic Walking is recommended for all types of people, from people who are not used to exercising to people with a conditioned muscle tone. The rhythm of the walk and the chosen path mark the effort and it is important to be always accompanied by a guide who can adjust the physical demands to the requirements of the trip, especially if one is a beginner.

The secret of the success of Nordic Walking routes in Islantilla is the natural surroundings offered by this coastal area Huelva, close to Lepe and the beautiful region of Cartaya, located between two areas of great natural beauty: the marshlands of Isla Cristiana and the marshlands of the river Piedras, that flow into the beautiful beach of El Rompido.

The first Nordic Walking route in Islantilla for 2013 will be the so called route of the Chamaleon. route the call chameleon. Departure is at 10.00am, from the Office of Tourism Islantilla, all along the coast until the beach Casita Azul. The journey takes about two and a half hours and is suitable for all ages.


If you are staying in a hotel with all inclusive in Huelva you will be able to enjoy these excursions, water sports, golf and other services that include the deals for hotels in Islantilla of the hotel chain Confortel Hotels, as well as the unique gastronomic routes to recover your energy after a hard day of hiking along the coast of Huelva.

Golf, sport and health at any age

Golf is one sport that most doctors recommend today thanks to its remarkable health benefits at any age. Its practice requires calm, mental focus and a good physical technique, but does not require the athlete excessive efforts which prevents the body, especially the joints and vital organs, to suffer an unnecessary and unhealthy overload.

Opting for a healthy sport in the open air that can be practiced throughout a lifetime, without making a large investment, are some of the reasons that has made golf a popular sport that is gaining more followers every day in our country.

Today, in response to the growing demand for golf, there are golf courses for professionals and amateurs in almost every corner of the Spanish peninsula. However, if you are a great lover of golf and have the opportunity to travel, there are places in our country that have a real devotion to this exciting sport and should be visited at least once.

This is the case of the Valle del Golf, where you find the best hotels for golfers in Marbella, a spectacular natural area, well maintained and in which the sea and mountains are combined in a unique way.

The advantage of scheduling a golf getaway south of Spain is not only the climate, but having access to the best golf clubs of the moment and also to enjoy the health benefits and treatments offered by prestigious spa hotels in Marbella, some of which are located in this dreamland.

Valle del Golf is synonymous of care and enjoyment. Simply book a hotel in Marbella and let yourself go, the experience worthwhile.