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Tibidabo Story

It might seem, at this point, that it has always been there. That it was born when the continent formed, which is older than the sea, that anyone else, ever, lived without having it to the side, without thinking, today we go to Tibidabo… But the truth is that its story, although old, is relatively recent. The amusement park par excellence of Barcelona was born in 1900, opened in October 1901 and during its first decades was just a great fair of games with a railway (Tramvia Blau and a funicular, one of the most important elements of the Park and that, since its beginning, marked a milestone in the city.

Tibidabo funicular was its first great attraction, people got to it as if it were a roller coaster and even today is one of the keys that make this park one of the most magical places in Barcelona. Going to Barcelona and not getting on Tibidabo funicular is not going to Barcelona.

 Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel

photo: Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel

In the past, the division of the Park was made by neighbourhoods that little by little, responding to the needs of the progress of the Park, were transformed at current levels. For example, Barrio de la Atalaya, Barrio del Avión and Barrio de las Atracciones are now level 6; then Barrio de la Montaña Rusa, which remains today as one of the main ones is level 5; the Cars Crash – formerly Barrio de los Coches de Choque- is level 4; Barrio de Aladino is 2 and Barrio del Castillo, Hurakan, Pirata and Barrio del Bosque are 1.

The most outstanding attractions, in addition to the funicular, are Camí del Cel, Plaça dels Somnis, Cars Crash, Dividabo and Muntanya Russa.

To get to the Park, if you are staying at a hotel in the centre of Barcelona, the best is approaching the area of Ramblas, where there is a line of public transportation that connects to the enclosure. If you have accommodation in Barcelona’s Plaça d’Espanya, you can also take advantage of this line that runs throughout the day from the 10.15 pm, with frequencies of 20 minutes.

If you are staying in hotels in Barcelona away from the downtown, you can opt for going to the Sant Genís parking area, where you find another line of transportation to the park.

For those who travel by car, the area of Sant Genís is also the best: there is a parking area in front of the Vall D’hebron Hospital with high capacity, where they sell the park entrances and where you can take a free bus. A very convenient option for those who go to spend a day with their family and do not want to get too complicated.