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Travelling in September with pets

One of the best months of the year to schedule a short trip has begun, perfect to take a trip with our pets and go to the mountains, discover some hiking routes and explore different destinations in Spain. It is always difficult to organize a trip with children but it is far more difficult if you’re travelling with your pet. Raise your hand he who hadn’t have any trouble with it.

In order to avoid any problem or any last time surprise, it is better to choose a pet-friendly destination, close to natural areas and in a pet tolerant society. It might not be many places like this in Spain, but there are.

The Barcelona coast, for example, The Maresme is one of our favourite places to travel with pets in September. If you have a dog, take a pen because we have the list of  hotels that allow pets to resolve your accommodation issues when you bring your little friend. In here, it is easy to find pet-friendly hotels in Calella as well as pet-friendly accommodations in Pineda de Mar and the surrounding areas. The advantage is that this sun and beach areas are really close to Natural Park and rural areas that allow you to plan different activities to enjoy with our loyal companions.

Pet-friendly hotels in Maresme have the characteristic of bringing a personalized service and the only condition is that they have a weight-height limitation, and that the owner of the pet have to be responsible for the animal the whole time, in this way, it would be necessary to prove that the animal is perfectly healthy, with the vaccination record updated, the information of the last visit of the pet to the veterinary and that is trained to live with strangers without problems.

It’s an owner responsibility to guarantee the harmony inside the building. Do not cause any loud noises, beware that the pet made its needs where it should be, not letting it alone in the bedroom or in the common areas, to keep it clean a watch him. Etc.

Many places offer special services for the pets, room amenities (pet cots or bowls) and spaces specially designed for them.