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Change of name at the Petit Palace Italia: now it is Petit Palace Triball

The funny, different, personalised and modern Petit Palace Italia, in the centre of Madrid, changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball. It keeps being a 4-star hotel offering a perfect stay to families and travellers with pet. In addition, now it offers a 25% discount for reservations made through the website.

Petit Palace Hotels has become so famous that when somebody tells us that he has booked a vacation in one of the hotels of the chain, we turn green with envy. And we are not sucking up to the chain, we are just being honest. At few hotels in Madrid like those of Petit Palace you can enjoy rooms with a design worth of Instagram collections or an iPad for yourself.

We must praise the chain for this and much more. That is why when we heard that the hotel had changed its name we decided to announce it here: the Petit Palace Italia does not disappear, we have not lost it, it simply changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball.

It is a hotel of modern and functional design, with minimalist touches and details for every guest. You will always find somebody at reception looking forward to helping you: whatever the question is, a smile and kindness are guaranteed (at least that was our experience when we stayed there).

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

The hotel has a great architecture: a large building with diaphanous spaces, high ceilings, large windows… In fact, it was built in a building from the XIXth century and it has the classic layout of the old and majestic Madrid.

For friends, couples, children and pets

This hotel with rooms in the centre of Madrid, near Gran Via, has always been one of our recommendations for trips with friends and for couples who travel to Madrid, but even more for family trips, as it offers many services to children.

And the most important thing: it is also a perfect hotel for those who travel with their pet everywhere: the Petit Palace Triball admits pets. In addition, the hotel offers special beds for dogs and bowls for free, so that our pet enjoys a stay as pleasant as ours at the hotel. It is a wonderful detail, isn’t it?

Free services

The Petit Palace Triball (before Petit Palace Italia) keeps offering very interesting services that will allow you to make the most of your stay in the  capital:

  • Free bike rental for you to make a tour to Casa de Campo, El Retiro, La Latina…

  • Free Wi-Fi for you to connect in any area of the hotel and in the rooms (in this case with computer included).

  • Internet in the entire Madrid… Yes! Petit offers MIFI to all its clients, that is, mobile connection so that you move, see, walk and visit Madrid without spending your mobile data.

  • Gifts and games for children: leave their stuff at home, as the hotel will offer you entertainment for everybody. And free stroller!

  • Complete buffet breakfasts. You will wake up eager to try all the delicacies of the breakfast we serve in the dining room. In addition, now breakfast is free for reservations made on the website.

Reminder: make your reservation in advance, as the hotel is normally fully booked during spring. In summer you will have more options to get a room, but do not wait until the end if you want to choose one of the hotel’s best rooms. You can choose a room for two, three, four, five or even six guests! And everything in the heart of Gran Via.

Recommendations to visit the historical Madrid

Madrid is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Many people visit Madrid every month just to go shopping avoiding stress and visiting top international brand boutiques.

Madrid is a one of the best cities where to enjoy famous green areas like El Retiro park, the amazing natural paradise in Spain. For many people Madrid is culture, a place where you can discover and learn many things.  It has a wide range of museums, which are unique in the world, such as  Museo del Prado or the contemporary museum of Reina Sofia.

Ideal en cualquier época del año, aquí te damos algunos consejos para disfrutar Madrid de la forma más divertida y sin dejarte nada:

A capital full of monuments and churches

If you want to visit and enjoy Madrid, you should include in your tour list some of the following best monuments and churches in the city:

●       Cibeles fountain: it’s Paseo del Prado’s main attraction also called “La Cibeles”. It shows the goddess that takes care of the land, and the place where Real Madrid commemorates its victories.

●      Puerta de Alcala: main focus of poems and songs intersecting with 4 streets of the city centre.

●      Museo del Prado: it’s one of the most visited museums in Spain. It boasts some of the best art works.


Walks and Parks all over

If you have already seen some of the main emblematic places and buildings of the Spanish capital on your city break, take some time to walk across its well-kept green areas, the afterwork meeting point for lots of locals, where they spend time chatting, doing sport, walking:

●      Paseo del Prado

●      Parque del Retiro: one of the biggest parks with impressive green areas. It’s an icon for the city, where you can walk, relax or eat an ice cream accompanied by a special person. uno de los parques más grandes, con áreas verdes de inmejorable visual.

●      Casadecampo: it’s a must-see place. It’s impossible to describe its beauty. We can just say that it’s much bigger than Central Park in New York.

Accommodation recommendations

There are four interesting options if you need a good accommodation in Madrid. WE detail you below a list of some of the best hotels you should bear in mind while choosing your accommodation. We choose Vincci’s chain because of its amazing design. They guarantee you a memorable experience:

●      Vincci Capitol hotel

●      Vincci Soho hotel

●      Vincci Centrum

●      Vincci Soma Hotel

Selection of hotels to stay in September (II)

Continuing with our selection of hotels to stay in September, we already suggest you the islands, perfect for holidays as always, but now we’re moving into a different alternative for those who want to rest from the peninsular area and go to a peaceful coast.

Málaga, Marbella, Canela island, Barcelona coast – Maresme, Cádiz… they all are destination that get more expensive during September, since the weather is still fresh, great to swim, but without getting crowded. This will guarantee you a relaxing quiet holidays with the opportunity to enjoy the beaches peacefully, the reservation is not a problem, since there are all kind of hotels, affordable but with high quality.

–       Beach hotels in Costa de Barcelona.- If you want to stay in a hotel in Pineda de Mar or in the Calella or Santa Susanna, there are plenty of hotel chains who have been there, providing high quality services, with well-furnished buildings and a good and polite service. This coast is a traditional touristic, familiar and peaceful area, and you can sense it from the accommodations. Prices are very affordable, high quality, and it’s a memorable place, in general, since many people like to come back even for decades.

–       Marbella and Málaga hotels.- first glamour and celebrities and then peacefulness, all this in Marbella and Málaga coastal areas, famous for being frequented by celebrities, from musicians, actors to European politicians or even football players. When September begins everybody relax and the south andalucian area becomes a real paradise. If you want to sunbathe, taste delicious food, and enjoy your holidays the way you like, book in a all inclusive hotel in Marbella and live September as you deserve it.

–       Hotels in Chiclana, Cádiz.- more quiet, away from the crowd, with one of the most spectacular andalusian beaches, the Chiclana municipality is a place you wouldn’t want to leave ever. The surrounding nature, the beauty of it and the joy of the locals make a perfect combination if you’re planning to travel with friends or couple. A place where you will find tons of activities to enjoy: Gastronomy, art, music, coves, sports, and if you like golf, book in a golf hotel in Chiclana where you can be happy to stay and play. Prices are really affordable and the cared golf courses are perfect to practice that swing.

–       Huelva hotels.- One of the most beautiful provinces in Spain and one of the unknown. The beautiful natural places are like a peace and calm oasis. In the coastal area, with fine sand and transparent sea coves we can find some of the best andalusian golf courses, surrounded by mountains, rivers and marshes, creating the perfect atmosphere to practice. Regarding the accommodation, there might not be a large quantity of hotels, but those who are have great quality, in both service and assistance, we suggest the golf hotels in Isla Canela and the Adults Only El Rompido, if you’re trying to disconnect yourself.

Hotels, children and competitive economy

Hotels for children are gaining ground to the traditional family hotels. More specialised in the little ones, with services conceived for their fun, entertainment and even learning, this type of hotels are attracting those parents in search of an accommodation where children can really make the most of their holiday. The advantage of these hotels for children is that they also provide spaces for adults, in a more independent way than family hotels where everything is mixed and more impersonal.

This model has been created in order to open a business sector and reactivate the competitive economy of the hotel trade, which has been at a standstill with beach and urban hotels until some years ago. Now, small and huge accommodations have understood that focusing on a specific public profile is more profitable than being a Jack of all trades.

Being competitive in a trade as developed as this, where innovating is difficult because almost everything has been invented, has led hotel chains’ managers to create spaces more and more adapted to a specific traveller model. In the case of hotels for couples travelling with children, the clear tendency is to offer attractive services for the little ones, since it is the key of the choice parents make when opting for an accommodation. If hotel has pools with water games, if it offers specialised instructors with different mini clubs according to ages; if it is an all-inclusive hotel for children with spaces for adults, then that’s the one.

The big losers are those hotels who have opted for remaining in the past: they have opened a spa, they have improved the gastronomy… but concept is the same: a beach hotel where guests, with children, alone, with friends, with couple, share a space, services and life during a few weeks.

Such a mixture of profiles leads often to a dissatisfaction from all the guests: couples look for a quiet space that families with children cannot guarantee. A perfect example of a successful All-inclusive resort that hasn’t lose its essence is the chain Olé Hotels, which has renovated its portfolio and is offering an interesting option of accommodations specialised in children: Galeón Ibiza, Tropical Tenerife y Olivina Lanzarote are a few examples of this.

Melià has been one of the pioneers, dedicating its line Sol Hotels to some very specific travellers segments: hotels for friends, hotels for children and hotels for couples and adults. Although they also have hotels for seniors and other minority profiles, the most successful project has been the Flintstones Hotels, famous all around the world because of their concept, which seems more a theme park than a fashionable family accommodation.

They are not expensive accommodations, nor luxury hotels, but they allow hotel managers to charge higher rates according to this type of hotels: Do you want to find what you are looking for?  Well, you have to pay for it. Competitive economy raised to the highest power. The concept of being in the club where all people like you is, where you get what you really want, just that. No more, no less.

In hotels for children this concept has worked as well as in Adults Only hotels, their natural antagonists and eternal competitors.  It was criticized because people said that couples escaped from noisy children… but it is not just about that, it is about the possibility of being in a place where you enjoy all the services and facilities you need. You pay for it. It’s that simple and that complex, because not all the hotel managers can lose a part of their public in order to get a more specialised one: it requires a considerable investment in services, refurbishing and, of course, marketing.

It is not easy for urban hotels in Madrid and Barcelona which have to find room for a specialization that usually don’t fit in their essence of accommodation for business people or for all types of tourists that want to spend some days in the city. Limited spaces, incapacity of giving up the rest of public to turn into hotels for children and how unnecessary it is: urban travellers, with or without children, don’t want a hotel to spend many hours, but a space to rest after entire days discovering the destination. Undoubtedly, this is a very different perspective from coastal hotels.

Nevertheless, there are chains trying to achieve this successfully. Chains specialising in boutique hotels, such as Petit Palace, that has created accommodation spaces for children in some of its hotels in the centre of Madrid: rooms with bunks in Gran Vía, ideal to share with parents, adjoining rooms, laptops, games, internet connection, iPad, video games, welcome gifts, children’s breakfasts…

Combine everything is complicated.  Being successful and competitive, is even more difficult. But it seems that this sector is still trying and this is just the beginning. We have to be attentive to see its development and glimpse the ending.

Posada del Peine: An historical hotel

If you’re one of those who seek new experiences and travel to know different cultures, we have the right place for you. This charming place will show you a piece of Madrid’s old city, located in Plaza Mayor, La posada del Peine, is the oldest hotel still open in the capital.

It began as a road inn in the centre of Madrid, hosting travellers coming from Alcalá Street, Posada del Peine is a hotel that made his way through time and grew with the city without losing its unique essence.

Warming rooms, with highly detailed furnishing, history and mystery hidden behind a colourful decoration, elegant amenities, with the modern and bohemian touch it always had.

The changes made by the Petit Palace hotel chain, praised by the hotel architecture industry, because it keeps the antique sensation but it also became into a comfortable, versatile and sweet remembered.

It’s true that some rooms are a little bit small, but it compensates with its location and unique design, plus, it has the best 4 star hotel service in the city: bedrooms with free Wi-Fi in Plaza Mayor, iPod and device connection, hydromassage shower.

To book in Posada del Peine, we suggest to visit the hotel website, since it guarantee the lowest online price, and also made unique offers often, like free breakfast, free iPad, or flexible schedule.

Don’t forget your camera, take as much pictures as you like, you will discover a timeless spot, the hotel worth the experience, trust us.



Looking for a holiday where you feel at home? Dann Carlton Hotels welcome you to their hotels in Colombia and Ecuador to please, impact, surprise you. Indulge yourself in the most elegant and comfortable services available.

When you take a few days to relax, you look for a place that fills your beauty expectations, luxury, comfort, etc. Without knowing it, one seeks the comfort of your home, in another part of the world. The perfect place is here!

Do you want to enjoy a holiday with the best style and facilities? In the Dann Carlton Hotel you find the best options for you to enjoy the best moments, with the quality and pleasure that you are looking for. They want to be part of your happiness, break away from daily routine and escape to a city where a Dann Carlton hotel can offer select, exclusive and relax spaces to share and enjoy. All of their spaces features elegance and good taste, to guarantee a comfortable experience and unforgettable days.

Definitely, there is nothing like a hotel that allows you to fully enjoy your stay with activities and spaces within it, and simultaneously, allowing you to explore and discover the city you’re visiting. Come to the most important cities of Colombia (Bogotá, Popayán, Bucaramanga) and Ecuador (its capital, Quito) to fall in love with this hotel chain designed with your requirements in mind.

Hotel Dann Avenida 19 Bogotá

The warm and elegant design of the Dann Carlton hotels in Colombia and Quito make it a number one choice for travellers seeking authentic experiences, whether it is in business plan or if it’s a family holiday. It is perfect for all those seeking an escapade with adventures, rest, the best food and the best views of the city.

Its fully equipped rooms with detailed designs, restaurants, bars, terraces, swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, fitness, Turkish baths, saunas, meeting rooms, available for banquets, celebrations, anniversaries, weddings and events, free Wi-Fi in all its facilities and strategic locations make Dann Carlton an unrivalled hotel to create the best memories. Enjoy the different activities and amenities they have for you in different cities and you will not regret it. Have fun in its facilities where classic and avant-garde styles mix with the most modern of all services.

hotel Casa Dann Carlton

Enter the world of comfort, relaxation and hospitality with the ideal hotel for business and family holidays in the main cities of Colombia, and the capital of Ecuador. Its excellent infrastructure, in conjunction with qualified staff will make your visit unforgettable. Make your reservation online via the official websites and always chooses the best:

Dann Carlton Bucaramanga hotel

Dann Avenida 19 Hotel, Bogota

Dann Monasterio Popayán Hotel

Dann Norte Bogotá Hotel

Dann Carlton Bogota Hotel

La Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa

Dann Carlton Quito Hotel, Ecuador

Because life is a luxury, you have to find places that fall short of your dreams.


Dann Hotels, the business hotel chain in Colombia

Dann hotel chain born 45 years ago in Colombia with the opening of its first hotel, Dann Avenida 19 Hotel in the financial centre of Bogotá.  it was built with the objective of hosting many guests who came to the Colombian capital in 1968 because of the visit of Pope Pablo VI to the city.

Although at the beginning the project wast to build apartments in that land, they reconsidered it and took advantage of the religious demand. It was a wise choice. Now, 46 years after, Dann chain has eight hotels located in different cities of Colombia, and a hotel in Quito, Ecuador.

Dann Carlton Quito Hotel business center

Most of them are business hotels in Bogotá.  This chain has specialized in this sector in order to become established in the Colombian hotel trade, which has experienced a strong growth in last years, despite the international crisis. In fact, nowadays Colombia has one of stablest hotel industries in South America.

This chain has clearly turned the business travellers into its main public and, in fact, this sector represents around 85% of the total guests. For this, its hotels are designed in order to meet the needs of this type of public, equipped with facilities or events celebrations, a wide range of services, good restaurants, spa, gym, among others.

Additionally, the company boasts two different business lines. On one side, the Dann hotels, with which it was born and started to expand, and on the other side, Dann Carlton Hotels, characterised by offering elegance and luxury to the guests.

Dann  Carlton line is made up of four hotels situated in Colombia, with the exception of Dann Carlton Quito Hotel, a modern business hotel located in Quito, capital of Ecuador,

More than 40 years of experience endorse this chain which has never stopped its expansion project, which will probably continue in next years with the opening of new markets in other countries.




Estelar Paipa Hotel & Convention Centre: a hotel in paradise.

The Estelar Paipa Hotel & Convention Centre is the most exclusive and complete hotel of the Estelar hotel chain. It is a luxury hotel located in Boyacá, Colombia, at the shores of Sochagota lake and surrounded by more than 100 acres of woods and green areas. Its wide and varied service and experience offer make this hotel adequate for all type of profiles: family trips, business trips, celebration of weddings and banquets, sport trips, relax trips…

The Estelar Paipa Hotel & Convention Centre has prepared a wide range of activities for sport and family trips: tennis courts, water sports to enjoy Sochagota lake, golf, paintball, horse riding… Besides, if you are travelling with children you will be able to visit the farm, located close at hand from the hotel, where children will discover farm work and some of the most special animals in Colombia.

Water sports in Sochagota Lake

Water sports in Sochagota Lake

If you prefer to enjoy a relax trip, in the Estelar Paipa Hotel you will find all type of details and facilities that will make your stay unforgettable: thermal waters, spa, sauna, Turkish bathroom, massage room, hairdresser… All you can imagine in a natural surrounding for an idyllic holiday in paradise. Besides, you may take pleasure in the Estelar Paipa hotel suites, with their own chimney, bathroom with shower and bathtub and independent living room.  

But apart from meeting all the conditions and services of a spa, a family hotel and a sport hotel, the Estelar Paipa Hotel & Convention Centre is the ideal place for the celebration of events and for business trips. With 7 multifunctional meeting rooms, an events organiser staff and all the business services you can imagine, including 24-hour room service and business centre, your own event, either the celebration of a wedding or an important business meeting, will be a complete success.

Below we offer you a virtual tour with this video through the Estelar Paipa Hotel & Convention Centre, where you will discover the gardens, the Sochagota lake and the great hotel facilities. 

Family and business Estelar Hotels in Bogota

Bogota is the capital of the republic of Colombia and the financial and economic centre of the country. It is a district which promotes the creation of businesses and diverse financial activities. Besides, there is a lot of research activity in Colombia, both in universities and in specialized centres. All this has led Estelar hotel chain to bet for its three luxury hotels in Bogota especial for families and business trips.

Precisely close to the biggest business and exposition centre in Colombia, close to El Dorado airport, we find the Estelar de la Feria Bogota Hotel, a hotel with a wide range of services for families and all type of amenities that will guarantee the success of your business: parking, built-in security service in all the areas of the hotel, transfer service to the airport, room service… Besides, the Estelar de la Feria Bogota Hotel offers you an event manager staff  that will organize your business meetings or your personal events in one of the six multifunctional and totally equipped meeting rooms of the hotel. And in order for you to relax with your family or after a long work day, we invite you to visit the wellness areas of the hotel, a complete spa and a gym for you to keep fit also during holidays.

Also in the centre of Bogota we find the Estelar Windsor House Hotel, located in the T Zone of the city and close to 93 Park. Undoubtedly the hallmark of this hotel are the Estelar Bogota Windsor House rooms, with more than 50 square metres of space for your whole family and businesses. In these rooms you will enjoy a bathroom with shower and hydromassage, a dressing table, a dressing room, a living room with a sofa bed… And to complete your relax and comfort, what could be better than relaxing in the spa of the hotel and in the Bon Vivan restaurant, managed by some of the best chefs in Colombia and where you will be able to take pleasure in a cuisine which combines the best of the traditional and international cuisine.

Bon Vivant restaurant

Bon Vivant restaurant

If you are travelling for business to the T Zone, in the Estelar Windsor House Hotel you will find a complete range of business services that will make you feel at home even during labour: library, business centre, seven multifunctional meeting rooms for the celebration of meetings, weddings or banquets, laundry… Besides, in order for you to enjoy greater freedom we offer you a 24-hour reception service with an attentive and cordial personal attention always at your service, and a room service for anything you may need 24 hours a day.

But if apart from enjoying business you want to make the most of your trips and find always a relaxing moment we recommend you the Estelar Parque 93 Hotel, located in front of 93 Park, close to the T Zone. It is a hotel with wooden finishes and flooring and diaphanous spaces with spa, sauna, a rooftop pool, chill out terrace, massage service and hairdresser. An offer that is rounded off with the fantastic business rooms in Bogota for your rest and businesses, with work area, spacious beds and large windows with views to Bogota.

A bet for wellness: Estelar Hotels with gym in Colombia.

Health and wellness have become two of the most important values for XXIst century society, both for youth and adults. There are so many ways of watching one’s health that there is no excuse to find an activity to keep fit, either outdoors or indoors. Those who love nature normally choose outdoor sports like footing, cycling, water sports, roller skating… However, due to daily stress or to the effort these sports require, today the gym is still the most common place to keep fit.

In Estelar Hotels they are conscious of it, and that is why many Estelar Hotels feature a fitness room specially designed for those travellers who do not want to give up wellness during their pleasure trips. But the gym is specially useful for business trips and long-term trips, as it allows travellers to get away from it all and recharge energies feeling like at home. 


In Colombia we find three Estelar Hotels which have access to the gym: The Estelar Calle 100 Hotel, the Estelar Suites Jones Hotel and the Estelar Blue Hotel. The three of them have totally equipped rooms with modern cardio-fitness and muscle-building machines, rest areas and TVs. Everything you need to keep fit during your business or pleasure holidays in Colombia. 

Furthermore, among the services of the Estelar Suites Jones Bogotá Hotel you will find a wide range of business services specially designed to guarantee the success of your businesses: left-luggage office, room service, laundry… And to complete a wide wellness and health offer we recommend you the gastronomic offer of the Estelar Blue Hotel, based on the balanced and healthy cuisine of the buffet restaurant in El Poblado, where you will be able to taste typical local dishes and international cuisine dishes.