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Wedding in Majorca

Marriage is back in fashion, although traditional weddings are now very scarce. Nowadays, weddings are planned in detail in order to surprise guests. First, the engaged couple choose the location for the celebration and there are more and more people who opt for celebrating the wedding abroad, in a Caribbean paradise or in a Mediterranean island.

Majorca is, undoubtedly, one of the favourite wedding destinations in Spain for both Spaniards and foreigners, even behind Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Tenerife –which are some of the main wedding destinations in Spain. Majorca boasts some of the best wedding planners in the world and has been the venue of choice for prestigious ceremonies of the European upper class and Spanish celebrities.

Iberostar Son Antem

Iberostar Son Antem

The Russian, British and German markets have opted for Majorca as the wedding setting and have created companies specialized in weddings and events in Majorca which organize any type of celebrations.

Hotels for weddings in Majorca have also been outstanding in this sense by creating more specialized spaces and services and by designing wonderful proposals so that clients see their dream wedding become reality. Very positive comments about it have reinforced the wedding tourism in Majorca and have boosted a very profitable market.

The most sought after locations for celebrating weddings in Majorca are usually traditional Majorcan country houses, hotels situated in natural spaces with big gardens and, of course, luxury resorts close to Palma: the nearness to the airport of the capital of Majorca is a key element for those who organize these types of events, in order to provide guests with a complete service, short journeys and good connections.

Most of the wedding planners companies in Majorca have agreements with luxury hotels and restaurants in the island, so the organization of events is easier: hotels usually provide their own advisory staff, they have a big logistic support, well equipped and exclusive spaces, and flexibility to offer a package of celebration + gastronomy + entertainment for all ages + accommodation + transport.

Below, we have made a short list with some of the favourite hotels for weddings in Majorca.  They all offer the possibility of booking the date and space long in advance.