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A basic guide of Mallorca

Majorca is a perfect island to travel to in summer. It is one of the most unique destinations in the Mediterranean. With this being said, we have a partnership with a very special tour guide who offers travel tips for guests of the Blau Punta Reina Resort, a resort for families and couples in Porto Cristo, Majorca.

This is the best way to explore the island of Majorca the way you want to.

Majorca’s emblem

The Palma Cathedral, called la Seu, is Majorca’s most emblematic building. Located facing the Bay of Palma, it welcomes thousands of contemplating visitors every year. Wrapped by the city’s walls, the Palma Cathedral has the world’s largest Gothic rose window. This is an element that in winter offers a magical image, due to the rays of sun passing through the coloured stained glass window.  The Cathedral is surrounded by gardens and is next to the main buildings in the centre of Palma. Its interior holds Miquel Barceló’s mural and a museum. Visiting hours vary according to the time of year, although it is open every Saturday all year round from 10:00 to 14:15. On Sundays it is only open during mass.

Underground Majorca

Majorca is an island with a particular orography, inside and out. Its subterranean side hides dozens of impressive caves that offer its visitors a unique experience and vision of nature and the passing of time. The most famous of these caves are the Drach Caves, located in Portocristo. The Artà Caves, in the region of Capdepera, are also spectacular, as well as the Campanet Caves, located in the region of the same name. For potholing enthusiasts, there are cave in Majorca that are less known but just as interesting when it comes to formations and subterranean routes: the Pirate Caves in Cala Falcó, the del Hams Caves in Portocristo and the Mare de Deu Caves in Portals Vells.

The Drach Caves

The Drach Caves are the most famous subterranean formations in Majorca. Located on the island’s oriental coast, specifically in the region of Portocristo, the Drach caves offer an unequalled tour through shapes and sounds. These caves are 2.4 kilometres long and can reach up to 25 metres in depth. Its interior displays an almost magical vision; the Martel is an underground lake where a classical music concert is held for every group of visitors. This concert and the impeccable light show projected over the water offer a unique experience. Visitors have the option of taking a small boat ride through the lake at the end of the tour.

Cuevas del Drach Mallorca

Cuevas del Drach Mallorca

The Artà Caves 

The Artà Caves are Majorca’s most spectacular subterranean formations. Located in Cap Vermell, in the region of Capdepera, the caves are framed by a mountainous landscape overlooking the sea. They are a mandatory visit for potholing enthusiasts, since its formations are especially significant due to their age, size, volume and location… It all seems to have been designed with the utmost care and harmony. What is most surprising when visiting the Artà Caves is its majestic vault, a structure with winding and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Its length has winding galleries and caves where visitors can walk around and discover this phenomenon of nature.

The Campanet Caves

Located in the depths of the Sant Miquel valley, the Campanet caves are a passageway to the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains. Its privileged location matches the beauty of its interior, divided into several areas and galleries. The Campanet subterranean caves are 3,200 m² in size, offering its visitors a 400 metre trajectory that takes approximately 40 minutes. These caves reach a maximum depth of 50 metres and its galleries hold lakes and ample spaces; the perfect place to feed one’s imagination.

A lighthouse route through Majorca

While in Majorca, you can enjoy a beautiful route of the lighthouses that light up the island. Many of them are very old towers and true monuments overlooking the Mediterranean. One of the best examples is the Porto Pi lighthouse, in Palma. Located next to a naval base, right in the Palma Port, it is the third oldest functioning lighthouse in the world, after the Hercules Tower in A Coruña and the Lanterna in Genova. The most impressive lighthouses in Majorca are the Faro de Ses Salines, which can be seen from Cabrera, and the one in Formentor, a construction that crowns the Tramuntana Mountains. Others that are also worth visiting due to their special beauty are the Aucanada lighthouse in Capdepera, and Sa Creu, in Sóller.

A day trip to the Waterpark

Majorca has some of the best water parks in Europe. The island’s excellent climate in the summer is an invitation to spending as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying a swim in the sea or a dip in the swimming pool. A day at Aquapark is the perfect option for some fun, quality time with your family. Majorca has a total of four water parks, one in El Arenal, in the Playa de Palma region, two in Magaluf and a fourth in Alcudia. These water parks have amazing attractions like paintball, mini golf, games specific for different age groups, rest areas, grassy lanes, sun loungers and theme restaurants to regain one’s strength. It’s guaranteed pure fun in the sun.

A bicycle tour around the Bay of Palma

The Bay of Palma has one of the best bicycle lanes on the island of Majorca. The boardwalk connects the city’s centre with the residential and tourist area of Can Pastilla and takes you through areas of great natural beauty. This bike route is approximately 13 kilometres long and runs along the sea, offering typically marine scenes, diverse landscapes and people of all ages on a stroll or doing sports. The bicycle lane is protected from transit, making it an ideal path to enjoy a relaxing bike ride or an excursion with the entire family. Along the path, you will find small inlets, perfect for taking a dip, natural and unique areas like Es Carnatge, and lively bars and restaurants next to the sea.

Magaluf, the best party in Majorca

Parties in Majorca have a name: Magaluf. Bars, all types of restaurants and shops, Irish pubs, clubs and the best discotheques on the island are focused in this small region. The best destination for those looking for guaranteed fun. Located in the tourist municipality of Calvià, Magaluf is the perfect place to watch the sun rise after a night partying and lay on the sand of its two kilometre long beach. Shops, supermarkets, scuba diving schools, water sports, large terraces facing the sea… this is a place designed to make sure you enjoy every minute of your vacation. One of the main nightlife attractions is the famous BCM Planet Dance discotheque, one of the largest music venues in Majorca. Every summer, the best national and international disc-jockeys like David Guetta or Carl Cox make nights even hotter; experience the true Ibiza sound in the heart of Majorca’s nightlife.

Palmanova for all

The ultimate destination in Calvià for a family vacation is Palmanova. This small beach town in Majorca is very close to the lively nightlife in Magaluf, but its focus is more on tranquillity, rest and family fun. This is the perfect summer location for families with children and the elderly. The secret of Palmanova is the fact that it’s a welcoming town offering everything any type of visitor might need. Assorted restaurants, bars, play areas for children, beaches, parks, a marina, numerous shops, water sports… Palmanova Beach is a quiet place for those travelling with children; its waters are shallow, the white fine sandy beach is approximately 500 metres long and has a security service and easy access. You can take a stroll along a beautiful boardwalk full of shops, terraces and restaurants. Right next to this beach, connecting Palmanova and Magaluf, is Es Carregador, a smaller beach surrounded by lovely Mediterranean pine trees.

On a boat trip in the Palma Bay

Seen from the sea, Palma looks like a freshly painted picture. The Cathedral in the background, surrounded by gardens, monumental buildings and quaint roofs. So you can enjoy these magnificent views, take full advantage of your vacation and make a reservation for a quiet boat trip around the Bay of Palma. In the city’s Port, numerous businesses organize small boat or catamaran trips around the bay, from Palma to the Cap Blanc. These boat trips around the Bay of Palma usually last three to four hours and are appropriate for all age groups. On these trips, you have the option of going for a dip in a hidden inlet and savouring a real paella over the Mediterranean and toast with a glass of fresh sangria. These trips are with varied groups of people, allowing you to make new acquaintances. They run February until October and need to be reserved in advance.

Es Trenc, the essential beach

Es Trenc is one of the few remaining unspoiled beaches in Majorca and its beauty is almost intact. Many consider it to be the island’s paradise beach; the perfect place to disconnect, leave stress behind and swim in the bluest waters of the archipelago. Es Trenc, located in the Campos municipality, is made up of four kilometres of coast declared a protected, undeveloped area. This beach is surrounded by the typical leafy Mediterranean vegetation, which holds up to 170 different bird species and small dunes. Its fine sand is pristine and of the purest white, its shallow and transparent waters are always calm, like in a huge swimming pool. Es Trenc beach is very lively in the summer, so much so that visitors need to get an early start to find a parking spot. On each side of the beach you’ll find the family areas with sun loungers and sunshades, and in the centre there’s an area for nudists. All along the beach, kiosks hold lively parties that last well into the summer nights.

Es Trenc Mallorca

Cala d’Or beaches

Cala d’Or is one of the most distinguished tourist areas in Majorca. Located on the island’s southeast corner, in the municipality of Santanyí, its coast is characterised by exquisite inlets, rocky cliffs and a varied selection of leisure for all likings and age groups. Cala Gran is its most important inlet, due to its size and flow of visitors. Its quiet, family atmosphere is very convenient for those travelling with children, allowing for a safe sun and beach vacation. At a close distance, you’ll find Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena, Cala des Pou, Cala Esmeralda and Cala Egos. All of them smaller in size, welcoming and family oriented. Its sea beds are very rich in fauna and flora. The service offered in these inlets is excellent, making them some of the most sought after places to spend a summer vacation in Majorca.

Alcudia, the great bay

One of the nicest bays in the Balearic Islands is hidden in Majorca’s northern shore. The Alcudia and Muro Beaches are extended along the coast, creating a real natural maritime boardwalk facing the Mediterranean. In total, almost nine kilometres of fine, pristine sand, shallow waters and a natural environment make Alcudia one of Majorca’s most attractive destinations. Perfect for disconnecting from everyday stress, the Alcudia Bay is a lovely place where you’ll find all the services needed for an ideal vacation; tranquillity and relaxation in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sports, fun, relaxation, sun and beaches, nature… You’ll find all of this in this special spot on the Majorcan coast, a place next to Formentor cape in the west and the mountain range in the east.

Muro lakes

The natural park at S’Albufera in Majorca is, along with Mondragó, the essential place to get in touch with nature. 100,000 years old, this area in the municipality of Muro is the largest wetland in the Balearic Islands and is characterised by its lovely lakes and canals.

S’Albufera is right next to the sea and offers the contrast of dunes, the Mediterranean and the Bay of Alcudia. While on one of the four routes that cross the park, you’ll be able to enjoy views of Muro Beach and the typical tillage houses of Sa Pobla village. This is the real Majorca. These wetlands are a protected natural park holding numerous regional species that live on its islets and canals: lizards, fish, migratory and water birds like the Bittern and the Heron, as well as Majorca’ autochthonous flora.

Sailing and kite surfing in Majorca

Majorca is an unequalled destination for all types of water sports. You’ll have access to sailing lessons, kite surfing on the beach, scuba diving, fishing, catamaran sailing or going on a kayak excursion around the coast. The calm waters of the Mediterranean make this island a year around paradise for water sport enthusiasts. The Port of Pollença, Alcudia and Cala Estancia, next to Playa de Palma, are the most popular beaches for fast-growing sports like sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Majorca has several professional schools that teach sailing and kite surfing all year round, since the Bays of Palma and Alcudia have the perfect weather conditions for these types of sports.

Blau Punta Reina Resort

Blau Punta Reina Resort

A dream route through the north of Mallorca

There are places where the quicksilver drops dramatically as September arrives, and then there are places like Mallorca: a kind destination in terms of climate where a very comfortable temperature prevails all the way until the first week of November. I can be trusted when state this, because as those who read my blog regularly will know, I have been in love with the island for many years now.

Since summer has to be sent off in style (so we won’t miss it too soon), I’ve decided to cross the Mediterranean yet again – always beautiful and so very turquoise – to enjoy a couple of relaxing days with family in the northern part of Mallorca. The reason? Filling ourselves up on island magic, experiencing first hand the rich nature that characterises the northern part of the largest of the Balearic islands.

Although I’ve gone for hotels in the south and the east when I’ve been to Mallorca in the past, this September I’ve gone for the experience of Garden Hotels, a leading brand on Mallorca with famous hotels such as the Playa Garden Selection Hotel Spa and the Cala Millor Garden Hotel, our choice for this mini holiday.

Since this is a three-day trip (more than enough, taking into account the fact that my family and I already know the island well) we’ve already made a plan and lined up all the visits we’ll make and routes we’ll take, to make sure there’ll be time for everything we want to do (yes, for sleep too). If you fancy getting to know the north of the island during a long weekend, this is my schedule for those days:

Albufera Alcudia

A route through the S’Albufera Natural Parc

Apart from being the largest wetland on Mallorca and one of the most interesting natural parks throughout the country, the S’Albufera National Park plays a fundamental role in the island ecosystem.

It’s a park located between Playa de Muro and Alcudia (at the very north) where you can find plants and animals native to the Balears and where you can spend an amazing day with your family walking along trails showcasing all the wealth provided by mother nature.

Beach life in Son Serra de Marina and sports in Playa de Muro

Far from being the typical Mallorcan beach with fine, white sand, the beach at Son Serra de Marina is a natural paradise well worth enjoying. It’s a very clean, extensive and natural beach showing you that authentic side of things so highly praised by those of us who consider ourselves ‘Mallorca Lovers’. Since we are fond of long days on the beach in my family, this beach plan basically just contemplates a meal at one of the beach bars in the area; there are many of them, and they are very good.

As there will be time left over we’ve decided to spend a couple of hours doing water sports in Playa Muro. The kids love kayaking and I love paddle surf so we’ll try to bring the hobbies together and then put the icing on the cake with a paella at La Ponderosa.


Objective? To thoroughly live the Lloret de Mar of the rich sea-traders

Seasoned travelers and experts say that to get to know a destination really well, it is not enough just to scratch the surface and enjoy the obvious. To show we are real travelers, to drink in and enjoy the essence of each place we are supposed to throw ourselves into the unknown side of those destinations that we consider “basic” or simply “sun and beach”.

In all this you can take note of a doyen destination in our country such as Lloret de Mar, one of the jewels of the Selva region, in the province of Girona. It is this part of our country that is a magnet for those seeking sun and beach and it is an authentic temple of history. In fact, did you know that thousands of locals crossed the seas to make their fortunes and then return to Lloret de Mar?

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

The presence of the Spaniards who returned rich from the Americas resulted in a unique architectural heritage in the area and centuries of history have subsequently formed a perfect tourist tour to give that special touch to some relaxing time in Catalonia. What are the highlights?

The Town House

One of the greatest exponents of the ‘Nabob’ presence in Lloret de Mar is the local municipality. With a clear neoclassic style, the council came to life in 1872, at the height of the rich sea-trader’s return. With its yellow facade, its windows and wrought iron bells, it is no wonder it is one of the most photographed spots in Lloret. .

The Cemetery

While visiting a cemetery is not one of those plans that will seduce all travelers, strolling through the cemetery in Lloret de Mar is an experience, especially if one follows the path of the returned sea-traders. Remodeled in the late nineteenth century, the place retains some of the graves of those who dared to reach the Americas.

The Maritime Museum

Beyond its Catalan essence, this town is pure sea (hence its name). Since the sea was what started Lloret de Mar’s success, few places have put together so well the sea-traders presence as the Museum of the Sea, a unique location overlooking the Mediterranean that becomes a real walk through local history.

Hotels in Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar is a place that can boast of having a range of first class hotels. Although some may have more or fewer stars and more or fewer services, there are those that give exceptional value for price such as the FERGUS San Juan Park or FERGUS Style Plaza Paris SPA, both with the FERGUS Hotel’s seal of quality.

The hotel trade in Colombia

The hotel industry in Colombia has made a huge leap forward in the last years. The number of hotels has significantly increased and their quality has improved in such a way that it is up to the same standard as the most thriving and visited countries in the world.

More buildings, more safety, more internal mobility, best air connections… It is a perfect environment to create a strong industry, and national and international hotel chains are abreast of this. Nevertheless, it seems that demand numbers are not so positive, especially in the regions situated far from the coast.

At least, that is what the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia, Cotelco, says. The average occupancy of hotels located in Santander, for example, does not exceed the 45-50%. A very limited number if we consider that it is an area that covers the famous Ruta del Sol and where there is a strong potential in the MICE and business meetings industry.

Although prices are lower than in 2012, around $132 per night, the main destinations keep their quietness: Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales y Cali. In other cases, such as San Andrés island (an incredible paradise in the middle of the Colombian Caribbean), average prices per night are around $200, similar to the hotel rates in Cartagena.

Hotels in Bucaramanga, which are in the third place in price per night, were some of those that registered an important drop in the average price of the stay per night, with 129 dollars, 27% less than in the previous years. However, in this city we find some of the most exclusive and well-designed hotels in the country. A few 5-star hotels stand out, such as Dann Bucaramanga hotel, specialised in high level tourism and business trips.

Dann Bucaramanga Hotel

Dann Bucaramanga Hotel

 The same hotel chain has hotels in Bogotá with a similar, and even superior, level, such as the emblematic Casa Dann Carlton Bogotá, with spa and services for events in one of the best locations in Bogotá. Along with it, Dann Carlton Bogotá and Dann Norte make part of a range of accommodations in Bogotá, ideal for those in search of rest and service in a luxury space.

Cali, where we can find many rural and eco hotels, or Medellin, are some of the strongest destinations which show a good development in the hotel trade in Colombia.

Taste for classic details

Elegance, spacious rooms, classic design, personalised attention… The characteristics of luxury hotels in Colombia have some meeting points with Europe, but it is more traditional, more focused on the classic elegance with baroque details and court essence, in contrast to the fashion of the Nordic design which has pervaded the most modern hotels in the south and centre of Europe.

A good hotel in Colombia offers professional staff, spacious rooms with tailor-made services, (from the traditional bathrobes and slippers, to the breakfast in the room service, shoe cleaner and luxury welcome amenities), functional spaces such as the dressing room, hall, living rooms, meetings room…

Booking is very easy and most of the chains offer all types of facilities to those who live in the same city or those who come from the US or Europe. Taking advantage of early booking is a good option, although price differences are not as drastic as in the Mediterranean coast.

Ibagué, Colombian capital of the music

The music is a magical element that can transport us to unique places, it is a trip through the notes of histories that resound in the memory and fill heart with moments, emotions and memories. For those travellers who love the music, there is a destination where everything revolves around songs, dance and culture. This destination is Ibagué. one of the most lively cities of Colombia, where everything, absolutely everything begins and ends with music.

Always included in the tourist routes in Colombia, Ibagué is especially famous for being the city that receives all those wanting to study music. There we find the conservatoires of Tolima and Ibagué and every year in June, the Colombian Folklore Festival is celebrated.

Dann Combeima Hotel Rooms

The residents’ passion for music is reflected in all types of monuments embellishing parks, squares and emblematic buildings.  This liking for music is also evident in one of the most complete cultural events calendars of Colombia.  Thanks to the university atmosphere in Ibagué, every day you can enjoy a different plan: performances, dances, concerts, shows…

One of the usual events is the Festival of Sacred Music of Ibagué celebrated every year in Holy Week in churches and temples, combining the religious devotion of these dates with the musical passion of the city.

If you have been thinking of a trip to Colombia during your holiday, do not hesitate to include in your plans a couple of days in this beautiful village.  Booking a hotel in Ibagué is really easy, there are many options and well equipped accommodations such as Dann Combeima Ibagué, with rooms next to Tolima theatre business services, massages, gym, free wifi… And delicious local cuisine.



The best flamenco in Madrid

Some of the best flamenco tablaos of Spain are situated in Madrid. Visiting the Spanish capital is a stupendous occasion for experiencing a show of this centenary art and live the emotion transmitted by every guitar chord and foot-tapping.

If you stay in a hotel in Madrid, we recommend you to visit some flamenco tablaos, they offer shows every night, where besides enjoying the music and dance, you can taste some of the most traditional dishes of the Spanish cuisine or a good glass of wine.

Foto de Flamenco web

Besides, there is a wide offer of accommodations close to the centre of Madrid, from where you can visit the most important flamenco tablaos of the capital. Here you have some of the most traditional tablaos in Madrid.

–        Corral de la Morería: It is a tablao located in Calle de la Morería, number 17, whose decor reminds the first flamenco tablaos. It was opened in 1956 next to Palacio Real and since then it offers to the visitor the best flamenco of the country.

–        Torres Bermejas: This tablao is placed in an incredible room which is a reproduction of Torres Bermejas in The Alhambra, Granada. The great artist Camarón de la Isla performed here for 12 years. Calle Mesonero Romanos, 11.

–        Café de Chinitas: The most representative flamenco artists have performed in this important tablao in Torija street, (number 11). It is located in the ground floor of a XVII century palace in the historic centre of Madrid. It is worth visiting just for its decor.

–        Las Carboneras: This tablao is placed in the ground floor of an old palace of the Count of Miranda and located in MIranda street, number 1, in Madrid. Here we find an exquisite combination of the traditional and most modern flamenco.

–        Las Tablas: Located in Plaza de España, number 9, in this tablao you can feel the emotion transmitted by an authentic top quality flamenco show.

Foto de Mas flamenco radio

If you are looking for a hotel in Madrid for a business trip or for pleasure, we recommend you to check the shows schedule to take the opportunity to live the emotion produced by the flamenco.

The best areas for booking a hotel in Benidorm.

Benidorm is one of the most tourist areas in Spain, and its offer of hotels is huge.  There are accommodations for all tastes and all budgets offering from basic and cheap rooms to the most exclusive services in rooms with awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean.

The hotel choice depends on the user’s tastes and needs.  There are hotels in the entire city and in its surroundings but, obviously, some areas are best prepared for the tourism than others.

Foto de Benidorm Spot Light

Benidorm has more than 6 km of coast, whose bigger extension covers its two main beaches, Poniente and Levante.  Almost in the middle, both beaches are divided by the centre of the city where are situated a considerable part of the hotel offer.

One of the best area for booking a hotel in Benidorm is the city centre.  This area is right in front of the Levante and Poniente beaches, so if you book a hotel in the centre of Benidorm, you can easily go to both beaches.  Another advantage of the city centre is that it allows to complement the sun and beach days with walks by the historic quarter and by the rest of the city in order to know this beautiful city of Alicante.

Foto de Benidorm Spot Light 2

You can also stay in a hotel in the historic centre of Benidorm.  The old quarter is made up of a framework of picturesque small streets, ideal to get away from it all and let yourself be astonished by its small bars, restaurants and shops.   Now, car parking in the centre and in the old quarter is difficult, so the most recommended is to stay in a hotel with car park.

If you prefer a beach hotel, one of my suggestions is to opt for a hotel in Poniente beach.  It is one of the quietest areas of Benidorm, this is why it is an appropriate option for families or people wanting to be in a peaceful atmosphere, away from the most noisy places.

Foto de Benidorm Live


Poniente beach occupies an extensive coastal area from the centre to La Cala. There is a promenade along the entire beach, it is a real pleasure walk it at the end of the afternoon, contemplate the sunset and enjoy the ambience.

Other of the recommended options is choosing a hotel in Levante beach. This area is packed with restaurants, bars and pubs.  Its atmosphere is quite lovely during the whole year, especially in summer. There, the leisure offer is plentiful. If you do not want to be in the middle of the hubbub, you can also book a hotel in Cala Almadrava, close to Levante beach and to the centre, but in a quieter area.

Business tourism in Andorra

In the last years, Andorra has been developing an infrastructure that has turned this principality into one of the best destinations for business tourism. The geographical location of the country, along with its good connections and its excellent facilities, make of Andorra a perfect place for the organisation of corporate events.

A large number of hotels in the principality have adapted their facilities to meet the needs of more and more companies looking for hotels to hold a function in Andorra. To this effect, the accommodations must provide a series of essential services for the celebration of events, such as different sized meeting rooms, video and audio equipment, spacious car park area, among others.

Sant Gothard Hotel Rooms

Likewise, most of these accommodations have refurbished their facilities in order to satisfy the people who travel for business, so they have created business rooms in Andorra with specific services such as wifi, desk or work area, wake-up call, etc..

Additionally, there is also a series of meeting and conferences centres located in the principality, placing the country at the forefront of top quality and professional business destinations. This tendency has been reinforced with the creation of the Andorra Convention Bureau, which strengthens the interest of the principality in this business sector.

Cosmos Hotel Meeting Room

Andorra is also a very interesting destination for business tourism thanks to the complementary value provided by its landscape and environment, as well as to the activities we can do there. This allows us to marvellously complement a business trip with different leisure options for groups.

Fun in the heart of the nature in Naturlandia

For those who do not know it yet, Naturlandia is the most important adventure park in Andorra, which is located in Sant Julià de Lòria Parish. It is a place with plenty of different leisure activities for all the family where there is always a common characteristic: the direct contact with the nature.

Adults and kids have fun in the attractions of Naturlandia surrounded by a so wonderful environment as forest and valley can be. Those who want can stay in a mountain hotel in Sant Julià de Lòria to take advantage of the park without worrying about nothing else but having fun.


Throughout the entire park, there are a series of attractions and services for all publics. There, for example, we find the “Tobotronc”, the longest Alpine slide in the world with 5.3 km long. Those who love the heights can also climb the “Airtrekk”, the largest sky trail in Europe which features a structure of ten towers and 13.5 metres height.

Horse lovers can also take advantage of the facilities of Naturlandia to do a tour, as well as other activities such as driving buggies and quads, playing mini golf or archery.

Naturlandia 2

And to make the most of the day, they also offer restaurants, coffee shops with terraces, shops, playground, infirmary, equipment rental, wifi, etc…

Naturlandia has also an animal park where we can enjoy watching different species from the Pyrenees, such as bears, wolves or Iberian ibexes, among others. It is a complete circuit where we can discover the mountain animal world in a natural environment.

If you love the nature, the adventure and the fun, do not hesitate to look for a hotel close to Naturlandia in Andorra and discover what this park offers you.

Benidorm is nature too

The natural facet of Benidorm is not precisely the most known in the capital of Costa Blanca, but the truth is that in the surroundings of the city and just some metres away from its characteristic skyscraper, we find a varied offer of hiking or Nordic Walking routes in Benidorm.

The combination of sea and mountain offers wonderful landscapes very appreciated by those who practise these sports. Besides, we can make different routes to know the most hidden, and maybe one of the most lovely parts in Benidorm.

Foto de Visit Benidorm

Sierra Helada Natural Park, for example, is one of the best places for hiking in this area. It is the first marine and terrestrial park in the Valencian Community and is ideal for making several routes with different levels of difficulty, and for contemplating its coves, flora and fauna. You can choose among different designed routes, with distances from 5,2km to 16km in round trips.

These routes allow you to know some of the greatest charms of Sierra Helada, such as the Albir Lighthouse or Puig Campana, a mountain representing the Benidorm landscape, located in the municipality of Finestrat.

There are also hiking routes going through Sierra Cortina, whose northern part borders on the Finestrat municipality. Sierra Bernia, in Altea is also one of the hiking routes in the surroundings of Benidorm, where we can contemplate lovely views.

Foto de Wikiloc

All these routes are perfect for hiking and Nordic Walking. The Nordic Walking is a sporting discipline, more and more common in this area, it is a type of hike in which, besides  the legs, you exercise the upper part of the body thanks to the specially designed poles used when walking.

Recommended hotels in Benidorm:

–          Benidorm Gran Hotel Bali

–          Perla Benidorm Hotel

–          Brasil Benidorm Hotel

–          Prince Park Hotel in Benidorm