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Petit Palace Triball, much more than a city hotel in Madrid

Can you imagine sleeping in a king-size bed with the whole of your Madrid spread out before you and the best hotel services you can imagine? Well, leave other to imagine it because this is a possibility. Where? In the Petit Palace Triball, one of the urban jewels the Petit Palace Hotels chain has in the heart of the capital Madrid.

Those who see the photos in our article and are loyal customers of the chain will see that we are not talking about a new hotel, but the old Petit Palace Italia. With a new new name, with improved services and the best location in the entire city, the Petit Palace Triball is the best choice for those who are on the hunt for deals in the Gran Via in Madrid.

A hotel with a myriad of services

Located next to the main artery of the city ( Madrid’s Gran Via) and situated in a beautiful mid-nineteenth century building, this charming hotel Petit Palace is much more than just accommodation as shown by the many services the brand offers its customers. Beyond what is normally offered in any hotel, what is there to delight visitors? Let’s review:

Rooms designed for families

If you have chosen this hotel for a romantic weekend with your partner don’t be scared off by the title. No, the Petit Palace Triball is not just for a hotel for families, but families can book one larger room instead of needing to book two (as they used to in the past). So, in addition to spending days off with their children nearby in the room, Dads can keep a closer eye on their little ones.

Free iPad in every room

In addition to the free WiFi available in the Petit Palace Triball, this hotel (as in almost every hotel in the chain) offers customers a free iPad in every room during their stay. This is a perfect idea to enable us to surf the net in our moments of relaxation or to share our holiday photos on social networks.

Free bikes for all

For anyone who wants to visit the city by bike (to get to know the center of Madrid on two wheels is a perfect choice), this hotel offers free bikes to all its customers. Isn’t that just great?

Welcome pets
Yes, We no longer have to leave our pets alone or depend on our long-suffering neighbor to care for our pet. Why is this? The hotel Petit Palace Triball is a pet friendly hotel so you can travel with your pet and enjoy the rest with her at your side.

If you are in Madrid these days: Immerse yourself in the best art!

Once again: Madrid is Spain’s capital city. Both Madrid and Barcelona are the most important cities in Spain and Madrid is one of the most densely populated not just in Spain, but in Europe. However, it’s not a stressful city at all.

After a long period of Arab influence (which is reflected in most of the ancient buildings), Madrid is now a symbol of pluriculturalism, where everybody is welcome and equally treated. Baroque, classical and gothic styles are mixed all over the city. The most diverse cultures live together. What more can you ask for?

Where to go in Madrid?

Madrid is full of emblematic places to visit, such as Metropolis building or Almudena’s Cathedral and its kind people will make you feel great in this beautiful destination. We suggest you some of the must-visit places of the Spanish capital below:

Unforgettable places in the city

  • Palacio Real in Madrid: residence of the Spanish kings until the 30’s in the past century.

  • Puerta de Alcala: it’s located in Plaza de la Independencia and so famous and popular that you already want to go.

  • Parque del Retiro: a huge green area where you can walk and enjoy the natural environment.

  • Fuente de Cibeles: it’s located in Paseo del Prado. It’s also called “la Cibeles” and depicts the homonymous goddess.

  • Museo de America: it’s full of American works from pre-columbian to colonial period.

hotel close to Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid

hotel close to Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid

The final recommendation: a good place to stay

In the 18th century, the duke of Noblejas turned this place into his palace. Now this historical palace is a modernist 4-star hotel, which classical style remains alive. Hotel Catalonia Las Cortes in Madrid’s historic centre is a renovated palace offering their guests the luxury and nobility of yore in a charming place, from which to enjoy Madrid.

The glass windows, the stairs and all the frescoes have been restored and give a touch of elegance and beauty to the place. You can reach Museo del Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza Collection and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in 10 minutes walk. Close to everywhere!

room in Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

room in Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

The hallmarks of boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are a relatively new business line which is gradually expanding. Although it is still an unknown concept for many people, this type of accommodations is winning faithful clients that do not hesitate to stay in this type of hotels thanks to the advantages they offer by comparison with other types of accommodations.

Boutique hotels are a type of accommodations with a singular style and character.

Although they all are usually different, there are hallmarks that make them different from the rest. Some of these characteristics are:


  • Urban location: Boutique hotels are usually located in central areas of the city or in areas with special cultural or commercial interest.
  • Personalized attention: One of the most outstanding features of this type of hotels is that they consider the clients to be special guests, this is the reason by which they always give them a preferential and personalized treatment.
  • Not big chains: Although there are boutique hotel chains, usually they do not belong to big hotel groups. And when several boutique hotels are part of the same chain, they have the peculiarity of being different from each other and keeping their own style, in contrast with the big chains where all the accommodations are characterized by having a uniform design.
  • Elegant design: Every boutique hotel has its own style, usually boasting a modern and sophisticated design that make them very exclusive.
  • Few rooms: Although there is not a restriction on the number of rooms, these hotels are usually limited, about 50 to 200 rooms.
  • Private experience: All the previous hallmarks make the experience of the guests warm and private. Cosy spaces, personalized attention and decor allow the guests to feel really comfortable, with a sensation of privacy despite being in a hotel.

Del Mar Hotel, a boutique hotel in Puerto de Santa Maria, is a good example of what a boutique hotel is. In this hotel, we can appreciate the features that define this type of accommodations. Personalized attention, exclusive designs, strategic location… All this can be found in this spa hotel in Cádiz.